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Organizational Behavior of British Broadcasting Corporation

University: ICTM College London

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Question :

A discussion is made considering BBC as an instance for identifying the role of culture and motivation in improving the performance level of individuals, team and organisations. The main objective is to establish these all aspects at the workplace for its further development.

  • Analysis of the influence of culture, power and politics on British Broadcasting Service (BBC)
  • Evaluation of factors in which teams can be motivated in British Broadcasting Service (BBC)
  • Demonstration of factors in which teams are transforming ineffective teams within the British Broadcasting Service (BBC).
  • Application of various theories and philosophies in the British Broadcasting Service (BBC).
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Broadcasting Service


Organisation behaviour refers to the study which defines about the way in which individuals are interact with others vision group or team. This concept is applied within organisations in order to make it more effective as well as efficient. It is defined as the scientific approach which is generally related with understanding, predicting and influencing Behaviour of people within firm (What is organizational behaviour?, 2017). Organisational behaviour is identified as an application of knowledge regarding how work force act at workplace. It is basically a tool that is utilised by for the benefit of manpower. It is an examination that characterizes the manner by which individuals communicate inside gathering or business. This investigation is ordinarily connected trying to make association more viable and effective. It is a logical approach that is basically worried about anticipating, understanding and impacting conduct of individual in authoritative setting. In the present assignment, chosen organization is British Broadcasting Service (BBC) which is the world's most seasoned national telecom organization that arrangements in giving flow issue and news to overall population. This report discusses the effect of culture, legislative issues and power on group and individual execution, different motivational approaches, group viability and rationalities of organizational behavior.



P1 How politics, culture & power of organisation impact behavior and performance of team

An association can be characterized as a setup where representatives by and large cooperate for a typical target. It is vital for faculty to work helpfully with others associates and convey their best in the accomplishing characterized focus inside the stipulated time span. As indicated by Davis, "OB is the application and investigation of information about how workers act in inside the organization". Fundamentally it is a human apparatus for human advantage as it were. It can likewise be characterized as association of person's conduct in regard to physical assets and means in order to achieve the coveted objectives and goals of the organization. Each firm has certain convictions and rules that shape their way of life and its way of life choose the manner by which laborers communicate among themselves with other outside gatherings. The way of life of each business concern print from each other. It is critical for the representatives to alter well the way of life and approaches of separate firm (Al-Zu’bi, 2010).

Handy’s Cultural typology:

The hypothesis was established by Charles Handy in 1999. He expresses that associations are indistinguishable to nations, each is having its own interesting society conviction, desire and normal qualities. Anyway these are tend to change section of time in this way shapes are required to change their way of life in like manner. Handy's characterize the class of culture into 4 principle classifications that are talked about underneath:

Power culture: Handy characterize control culture as a cobweb which implies exceptionally essential individual who takes choice for the sake of entire organization sit in the inside or center. There are some organizations where control stay with few individuals and just they are approved to take every significant choice. They appreciate exceptional benefit at working environment. In such sort of culture subordinates are left with no other choice as opposed to following the guideline given by prevalent. Also representatives are not having any privilege or Liberty to express their perspectives and offer thought on an open discussion (Ayyagari, Grover and Purvis, 2011). They simply need to take after and do precisely what their prevalent says. There are a few people in BBC who hold such sort of energy. Their workers are ordinarily judged based on their accomplishment rather than their execution.

Role culture: This culture is related with responsibilities, duties and obligations which are designated to laborers based on their abilities, intrigue, capability and specialization to separate best out of them. Each individual is responsible for accomplishing something extraordinary and this culture elevates readiness of individuals to acknowledge challenges. Staff individuals from BBC are very much aware their parts and obligation which empowers them to accomplish undertaking in a financially savvy and auspicious way. Notwithstanding that power accompanies obligation in such sort of work culture.

Task culture: Enterprises where groups are shaped with a specific end goal to accomplish characterize targets how understand basic issues take after the assignment culture. Under this, people with normal specializations and interests meets up and fill in as a group it for the most part comprise of 5 to 6 individuals (Ali, 2010). Each colleague contributes similarly and tries to achieve the undertaking in most imaginative and inventive way. This kind of culture is exceptionally mainstream in BBC as they trust that with right blend of abilities, identities, authority and skills a group can turn out to be very gainful which eventually prompts increment the gainfulness proportion of BBC.

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Person culture: In this kind of culture, workforce feel that they more vital than their organization. People are more worried about their own particular reasoning about association and its prosperity. The association under this kind of culture for the most part make a stride back and in the long run endures. Representatives comes to working environment just for cash. They are seldom faithful towards the organization and never takes choice to support them. One ought to dependably review that organization starts things out and everything else comes later.

In BBC, around 35000 representatives are right now working. They primarily accentuate on patching up its way of politics and culture that they can extricate best from their specialists and consequently give advantages to them which esteems their commitment or work. They additionally centers around delayering of administration i.e. limiting chain of importance level. For instance, BBC have decreased the quantity of better administrator by 40% so as than make better workplace for the staff individuals. In addition awesome weight on advancing straightforward correspondence among representatives with the goal that they can uninhibitedly talk about their perspectives and assessments. Notwithstanding that they additionally give open in safe workplace, more advantageous administration perceivability, breakdown of complex process into more straightforward one that eventually prompts amplify general profitability and productivity of their work constrain (Baum, Frese and Baron, 2014). Keeping in mind the end goal to expand the proficiency and adequacy of their workers they have orchestrated different preparing programs for them to develop and build up their expertise which is going to eventually benefits them both at individual and expert level.


P2 Explain Content and Process approaches of Motivation and motivational methods

Motivation is the term that has been inferred from word motive which implies needs, want or needs inside the person. It alludes to the way toward fortifying individuals to activity to accomplish the objectives. As per Stephen "Motivation can be characterized as the eagerness of a man to apply abnormal state of endeavors towards accomplishing business objective, molded by the exertion capacity to meet some individual lead too". There are two motivation approaches which are examined beneath:

Content approach:

This hypothesis basically centers around the variables that inspires individual at working environment. There are some activity factors that exist workspace that specifically or in a roundabout way help worker in performing successfully and productively. Speculations under this for the most part clarify the reason human needs changes with the progression of time (Coccia and Rolfo, 2013). It covers every single interior factor that immediate and empower human conduct. It covers following hypotheses:

1. Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory.

2. Herzberg's two factor hypothesis

Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory: This hypothesis was given by all around eminent Abraham Maslow in 1943. The hypothesis depends on the supposition that there is a chain of importance of five fundamental needs and the criticalness of these necessities fluctuates from each other. Following are the portrayal of these five needs:

1. Physiological necessities: These are the physical prerequisite that each human required for its survival, for example, air, water, sustenance, protect and so on. In the event that companions can't meet this necessity their body can't work appropriately and will eventually bomb in this way these requirements are the most imperative needs and ought to met first. As such essential luxuries of life.

2. Safety needs: Once the individual is happy with physiological requirements, their security needs takes need. It chiefly incorporates physical natural and passionate security and wellbeing. For example: Job security, budgetary security, individual security.

3. Social needs: After the satisfaction of physiological and wellbeing needs, individual third needs emerges i.e. Relational necessities. It include feeling of belongingness. As per Maslow, individual needs to feel feeling of acknowledgment and having a place among their social gathering regardless climate bunches are little or expansive (DeChurch and Mesmer-Magnus, 2010). It for the most part incorporate companionship closeness family love and so forth.

4. Esteem needs: It is believed by Maslow that all human have a need through being regarded by others. It is principally of two kinds when is inner and other is outer. Inner incorporate certainty accomplishment confidence opportunity. Then again outer regard implies covers feeling of acknowledgment consideration profound respect status and power.

5. Self-actualization needs: This is the last need of a person that incorporate the inclination or want to end up what one is prepared to do or can possibly move toward becoming. It include the requirement for self-happiness and development. It likewise covers want for increasing extra information inventiveness and social administration.

Herzberg's two factor hypothesis: This hypothesis was given by Frederick Herzberg in 1959. As indicated by Frederick there are different sort of occupation factors that exist at work environment. Some of them brings about giving fulfillment to worker while other bring about avoiding disappointment (Haslam and et.al., 2014). He grouped employment factors into two fundamental classifications

Hygiene variables: These are the employments factors information essential vital for presence of inspiration at working environment. Such sort of employment factor don't give fulfillment to longer period yet absence of this factor may prompt disappointment. At the end of the day, these are those variables that don't make laborers fulfilled. They are chiefly extraneous to work. It incorporates:

  • Organization arrangements and managerial strategies
  • Working condition
  • Employer stability
  • Incidental advantages pay structure
  • Interpersonal relation
  • Worker status

Motivational components: These variables can't be considered as sparks however they regularly yield positive fulfillment. Such Type of components inspires workers to perform better. These elements are natural to work. These variables symbolized as something that an individual has seen as an extra advantage (Huang and Bond, 2012). It predominantly include:

  • Development & growth opportunities
  • Sense of recognition
  • Seriousness of the work
  • Higher feeling of accomplishment

Alderfer's ERG hypothesis: according to this hypothesis needs of representative are predominantly separated into three classifications:

Existence needs: This comprises fundamental needs of a person. Physiological and physical wellbeing needs of an individual go under this.

Relatedness needs: This incorporate need of a person to keep up relational association with family and bosses. Maslow's social needs fall under this class.

Development needs: This comprises self-improvement and self advancement need of an individual. Self realization needs of Maslow's fall under this class.

Process hypothesis:

Theory for the most part underscore on deciding how and why inspiration happens. There are a few considers that exist an association and help in moving and propelling representatives to perform better. Effect of such factors is specifically relative to the execution of representative. For instance: BBC is advancing open and safe workplace that empower their specialists to don't hesitate to talk about their perspectives and proposal. It covers speculations like:

1. Vroom expectancy hypothesis: The hypothesis was established by Victor Vroom in 1964 and it expresses that inspiration originates from the conviction that choices will have their coveted result. He trusts that execution of a worker is rely on some individual factors, for example, learning capacities experience and abilities. There are three factors that advance inspiration among individual are talked about beneath:-

Expectancy: It is a conviction of an individual that more endeavors will bring about progress. It implies if a man buckles down it will bring about better execution (Hershcovis, 2011).

Instrumentality: This factor expresses that there is an association amongst objective and action. In the event that you perform well and certainly you will show signs of improvement remunerate based on your execution.

Valence: It alludes to how much a man esteems the reward, the consequence of achievement.

2. Reinforcement hypothesis: The hypothesis was given by BF Skinner and he expresses that conduct of an individual is capacity of its outcome or results. This hypothesis fundamentally ignores the inward condition of a person. It ordered into:

Positive: Under this, constructive reaction must be given to a man when an individual show positive and required conduct towards the association. For instance for coming ahead of schedule to work they should get prompt acclaim. This will in a roundabout way spurs him. Such sort of support animates event of conduct and thus representative execution makes strides.

Negative support: Under this negative prizes are given to representatives based on their work execution (Joseph and Newman, 2010).



P3 Factors which makes a group compelling rather than ineffective team

Working of group basically implies when extensive number of people cooperate to accomplish a shared objective and target. Groups are more gainful and viable as contrast with working of an individual (Kulik and Olekalns, 2012). One of the fundamental element of working in group is that it guarantee ideal use of all business exercises and in the meantime create different aptitudes and capacities in staff individuals. This assistance undertaking in accomplish its set focuses in given timeframe and give upper hand to firm.

Effective groups: All individuals from these sort of groups contain great and powerful comprehension about all colleagues. This assistance them in achieve assignment in a viable way and contribute in accomplishment of organization.

Ineffective groups: Members of these kind of groups don't speak with each other. Absence of comprehension about each other make obstructions in entire the work.

Different kind of groups with its significance:

Groups can be of numerous sort according to the last objective and target which firms needs to accomplish. It is vital for BBC to have distinctive sort of group to control and oversee business tasks. Diverse kind of groups can be comprehended by following focuses:

• Functional group: These sort of groups are shape to play out some particular assignments and exercises. These are customary groups which do work by incorporate the entire division. Each specialist convey his own particular aptitudes and capacities and contribute in entire the particular errand.

Significance: One of the real favorable position of these sort of groups is that it spare cost and time of organization. Further, this guarantee successful execution of business activities and help firm in use every one of its assets to an ideal level (Lee, Kim and Kim, 2013).

• Work group: Administrators assign out a few tasks and exercises to gathering of representatives which make the arrangement of gathering sim

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