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Organisational Culture and Workforce Motivation - Morrisons

University: UCKBC College London

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Question :

The scenario of this report determines the responsibility of the Junior business consultant of Morrison to analyze the impact of motivation and culture upon an individual’s behavior as well as performance. This kind of analysis provides a direction for business organisations to implement different strategies infirm.

  • Critically evaluate the impact of different factors as power, culture and politics upon the performance of employees within Morrison.
  • Analyze different strategies that Morrison can implement in order to motivate the team and individuals at the workplace.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Morrisons


A healthy business environment is enclosed with various elements like culture, behaviour, politics and power. Therefore, it is must for firms to understand them in an appropriate manner so that to resolve issues which are being faced by company related to these factors (Bolman and Deal, 2017). Performance of employees can directly put impact organisational culture. Morrisons which is a retailer has been taken under this report. Assignment is going to include Smith Handy's cultural typology and motivational theories in order to better realise about business environment. Further, it gives concept of motivational theories used to boost up morale of employees.


P1. Impact of culture, politics and power on individual, team organisation and their behaviour

Handy’s cultural typology:

This cultural typology was proposed by Charles Handy. According to Charles, culture can be defined as the way of people live by following unwritten rules. Along with this, in a dominant culture subcultures are also exist. These dominance sometimes improve or diminish performance of individual at workplace. This typology reflects some major points which creates impact on environment of Morrisons and other firms of UK in a wider way. In workplace of organisations, several activities are done in operational and other departments. Therefore, to perform these functions properly, employers of this present firm set up some targets for employees and assign them work accordingly. The main purpose behind these activities of management is to achieve business goals and objectives in a given period of time. It will assist them to gain strong position at marketplace as well as enhance goodwill and brand image of Morrisons. Further, to attain these essential things management need to provide and maintain healthy relations among employees. For this process, managers are needed to boost motivation level of workers, engage them in team. Along with this interact with them by proper communication in order to gain their commitment. These things help employees to work in smooth manner as well as in reducing their conflicts (Pinder, 2014).

Charles Handy has created four type of cultural typologies for an organisation. These typologies reflect behaviour of people at workplace in those companies which have high working places and diverse culture as mentioned below:-

Power Culture: Under this, it has been examined that executives of firms takes decisions by their own in order to bettering the situation of consumers right on time. Along with this, it has been examined that there are ample number of problems which needs to be resolved right on time (Cummings and Worley, 2014). In order to better serve to customers it is must for them to give opportunities to employees so that they can deliver products and services to consumers as per their needs and wants. Under this sort of typology, directors, leaders, CEO's mostly makes determinations in an appropriate manner so that to improvise reputation of Morrisons.

Task Culture: Under this sort of culture, management keeps on making alterations in teams which are being made by them. Supervisors mostly looks for staff members who have similar thinking and likes to use same sort of approaches in order to hit their targets. Along side this, it has been examined firms mostly attain goals and objectives of their own so that to gain a good reputation at marketplace of United Kingdom. Here, Morrisons used to do so as projects which are being formed by them may aid organisations in achieving aims in effective and efficient manner.

Person Culture: In order to enhance belief of workers for employees it is must for administration of Morrisons to keep on making policies so that to better serve to them. Goodwill can be enhanced through motivating employees in much effective and appropriate manner.

Role Culture: Morrison's leaders first analyse the performance which is being given by an individual worker of workstation and assign them task accordingly so that situation won't get hamper and their targets may get attained right on time.

The way culture, power and politics affect the behaviour within BBC in the recent past and today

It has been measured that there are ample of problems that can be faced by an organisation which are related to culture, performance and so on. In order to sustain at marketplace for a longer period of time environment of workplace should be properly maintained and this includes various things like culture, performances and many more. Different culture of employees at workplace can raise conflicts this may directly affect productivity of them. It is mandatory for administration of Morrisons to look into these factors so that they can run business in a successful manner (Njoroge and Yazdanifard, 2014). Leaders and management of this company should keep on conducting seminars so that better development can be done of behaviour of them. Group discussions among employees and employer may aid firms in improvising relations among them. Problems are there which are being faced by workers of Morrisons. Therefore, it is must for this organisation to keep on looking into those areas and make alterations according whenever it is needed (Paillé and et. al., 2014). Liberty of taking decisions of their own may aid organisations in hitting their targets in effective and efficient manner.

Power: Managers and leaders should adapt democratic way of style this may aid firms in hitting their targets right on time. Under this approach it has been located that workers can take decisions by their own and give suggestion to employers which directly puts positive impact employee relations.

Culture: Morrisons is considered with many sort of culture like beneath one umbrella. Among different organisations it has been examined that workers comes from various countries and follows cultures and religions as well that can put impact on behaviour of them. Situations can get hamper if they do not get to know about behaviour of each other. On the other hand, goodwill of Morrisons may also get reduced at marketplace of United Kingdom.

P2. Evaluation of motivational theories and its techniques towards goals and objectives

In today's competitive world, every organisation seeks to gain high profitability of business. For this purpose, they used to make modifications in working system and operational activities. This process arise various problems for employees and employers both as to operate on new system they have to change their techniques. Therefore, to remove such barriers managers of firms like Morrisons need to motivate workers to adopt alterations and work accordingly. Some techniques used by employers of this firm in order to achieve business objectives and goals with contribution of employees are:-

Concept of motivational theories

Motivational theories help employers of an association to encourage people associated with them as motivated employees will prove beneficial in getting their best contribution for business success. When staff members adopt changes and work in a proper manner then this will leads enterprises to get a better position at marketplace. This will also help in giving tough competition to rivals present at same marketplace with similar products or services. In addition to this, it assist managers to improve productivity of employees as well as of performance of company in a profitable way (Lyons and Kuron, 2014). Motivation and encouragement on time are necessary for all people who effect more by modifications. Therefore, employers are needed to support and motivate its employees properly so that chance of resistivity of them will reduce. In context with Morrisons, its managers used to motivate workers in opposite way like rather than benefits of changes they told workers about consequences of the same (Forte and Flores, 2014). Along with this, employers give various compensation to them which includes advance salary, incentives and more. Further, before implementation new strategies, managers organise some conferences in order to discuss employees about changes and take suggestions as well as feedbacks of them about changes which helps in taking better decisions. These activities help in boosting morale of staff members up so that they can accept modifications and work accordingly. For accomplishment of these objectives, superior of Morrisons can use following theories which may help in motivating workers:

Maslow's hierarchy of requirements of staff members : In a company, all people have their own needs related to part of work. To identify basic or psychological needs of employees at workplace, Abraham Maslow has proposed a theory named by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It includes a concept of motivation which helps in identifying wants of workers through which management of Morrison make decision and modify policies as per their needs. It concludes following needs of people:-

(Sources: Maslow's Hierarchy Need, 2018)

Physiological Needs : It is one of the most common requirements of a person at workplace which are related with needs of healthy food, flexible working hours and more.

Safety Needs : This type of want is linked with security of employees which assists management of a firm to maintain safe and healthy working area for them (Nie and et. al., 2015).

Social Belonging : It relates with emotions and feelings of people within organisation. Therefore, it is essential for employers and employees of Morrison to behave properly and affectionately with each other. This will prove beneficial in improving relations among employees and management.

Self-Esteem : Values and desires of staff members are related with this type of need. Therefore, managers used to give appraisals to employees which make them happy and generate good feelings in them (Park and et. al., 2014). Hence, this process creates positive impact on productivity of employees as well.

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