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Impact of Digital Technology on Business Activities - Exponential-E

University: UCKBC College London

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Question :

Research is carried out on the Impact of digital technology on transforming business activities and opportunities for business for expanding business operations across the globe. Change management had resulted in increased competition for business and this can be determined with the following points:

  • Determine objective & aim based on Digitalization
  • Conduct research at a small scale, gathering data in order to maximize information and support project activities.
  • Provide project performance and recommendation which are based on meaningful data that are collected from findings.
  • Reflect on the value generated from the project and its use for business performance.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Exponential-E


A business running within marketplace can become successful then only when it is being able to adopt certain technologies which in turn can ease up conductions of operations as well. Technologies adoption will create path of bringing sustainability within internal and external factors. There are various kind of tools and techniques within digital technology which company can avail and thus can attain various kind of benefits (Ahmed Dine Rabeh, Jimenez-Jimenez, and Martínez-Costa, 2013). Digital technology is a process which can provide many kind of benefits and can ease up the process running by the company. Organisation chosen for this report is Exponential-E which is digital marketing company who deals in giving out various kind of digital services. Numerous essential factors will be discussed within this report like mission and vision for the research with planning along with plan development which in turn can consist of technologies within process of company. Moreover, there is the crucial data which has to be gathered for company for research conduction in effective manner.


P1 Aims and objectives of this study

In order to make the environment of company smooth and prolong, there are certain initiatives which has to be taken by company. This can be done by adopting digital technology along with dynamics which are being mainly developed for environment evaluation. Marketplace is dynamic in nature and due to this trend and tastes are changing along with wants and needs of customers. Digital technology can help company to give maximum level of satisfaction to the customers and thus establish long term relations (Chesbrough, 2010). Adopting the digitalisation can help company to bring improvisation within production of goods and services and thus provide it to customers in ease manner. Exponential-E made research on market and thus analysed that many of the companies whether they are small or large in scale needs digital technology at some point. So , this company will help out in providing effective digital services like cloud technology, server, software, mobile application and many other services. This in turn mainly gives out the effective guidelines which in turn can mainly help out in attaining growth and success within the business activities. In modern scenario, Exponential-E has mainly been focusing upon anticipating the versatile programming which in turn can mainly enable with exercises.

Topic: Effect of digitalisation for offering help in achieving destinations of private company by the assistance of development.

Background of the Project:

There are various kind of external scenario within marketplace which has the potential for making the impact upon the running up of business along with conduction of operations within marketplace. There are various kind of certain areas where company has to work upon and bring up the evolution for making necessary changes which can be made. For a business, it is highly essential for conducting the research in catering up of services (Crane and Matten, 2016). There are various kind of benefits like for example speed and time for delivering up of services.

There are lot of small business which are working within marketplace and they are mainly focusing upon the giving out better services with the help of digital technology. This in turn can bring major improvement which are being retained by company.

Aim: “To standardise impact of digital technology for combining innovation and growth for a small business enterprise- A case study on Exponential-E”


  • Determining of computerized innovation affect on SME.
  • To measure estimation of improvement for an organization.
  • To choose the interrelationship between the propelled advancement and improvement of private endeavours.
  • Proposal of courses by which a business can grasp propelled progresses.

Research Questions:

  • What are the impact of digitalisation on business?
  • How growth and development can affect business?
  • State the relationship between growth and technology within company.
  • What are the ways by which digitalisation can be adopted within process by company?

Go through this sample: Developing Global Management Competencies

P2 Project management Plan

When the company takes up the project and when there is need of creating some value and for that it is highly essential to create the management plan. Major focus upon the management team is on making up the targets and thus completing theme in allocated time period (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010). There are certain kind of activities which are mainly utilised within the project for bringing up of strategies along with plans which are being considered by activities. Number of stakeholders within company are mainly considered as essential resources for giving out the structure.

Cost: In this kind of factor, company has to choose upon the price of the services which they are providing to the customers (Eckerson, 2010). Company has to adopt certain techniques which cost of service can be reduced so that customers will get reasonable price for the services. This will enable company to have high brand value which can help in arranging funds.

Time:In this kind of sector, there is certain time which is being given to complete the project and that deadline has to be met. This will allow customers to have positive mindset towards the company and even the organisation will not have much burden left on them if the tenure is being attained (Gebauer, Edvardsson and Bjurko, 2010).

Scope: giving out better and effective services will allow the small business to grow and thus attract large number of customers. However, to have better scope it is essential to have identification of the tasks completed within the tenure given. The major process are planning, controlling and implementation.

Risk: In order to earn profit and high brand value, management has to look out for risks which are being attached with it (Incelli, 2013). Hence, company has to look out for various risks coming with the project. Example can taken up of Exponential-E who has been dealing within risky sector of digital technology. Innovation has been helping out in reducing the risks.

Communication: This kind of procedure is highly essential in for working on project. There is need of having effective funnel of communication so that crucial data can be shared among team members and thus chances of error can be minimised.

Quality control: Main focus of company should be upon the having effective services which can be given to clients and those services should be of high quality so that company will have high brand value in mind set of customers (Jones and Lubinski, 2012). Exponential-E has its main focus upon the bringing quality services to the clients.

P3 Work breakdown structure and Gantt chart

Work Breakdown Structure:

Process of dividing the roles and responsibilities into the members along with some of the powers in order to have better outcomes and long term relations (Work Breakdown Structure. 2018). There are mainly kind of factors due to which certain issues are being resolved along with complex ones as well and the most common one is work breakdown structure which can be utilised by company. There are number of techniques which are company utilises to make the business process effective and efficient in nature. There are some of the small companies in which these kind of systems are seen less but after having growth this kind of structure if commonly seen.

(Source: Work Breakdown structure, 2018)

Gantt Chart

This can stated as one of effectual procedure which is being mainly utilised for completing the work. Henry Gantt who is the founder of this concept and he has stated that the time frame will be done along with resources for completion of tasks (Gantt Chart. 2018). There is the tool of time management which is being utilised by Exponential-E for making the time frame who are working upon certain projects. Moreover, when this tool will be utilised in effective way, it will mainly reduce the chances of error and unwanted factors from various kind of factors. Gantt Chart plays crucial role in evaluating and monitoring the activities which are being utilised by company in giving out better outcomes.

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