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Achieve Business Goals of Marks and Spencer

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/4644
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Question :

This unit state that Manager of human resource had to carry out research on various aspect of Human resource management.

  • 1.      Explore scope and purpose of human resource management in term of organisation talent and skill to achieve business goals of Marks and Spencer
  • 2.      Develop the effectiveness of elements of Human Resource at workplace.
  • 3.      Examine internal and external factor that affect decision making in compose of employment legislation at Marks and Spencer.
  • 4.      Provide application of human resource in work related context.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Human Resource Management is an approach to help in effective working of the management organization to gain more benefits. Human Resource focus on maximizing employee productivity. The report deals with Marks and Spencer which is one of the leading retailer store in UK and it is based on how the quoted company's Human Resource Management help to gain more profit. This report shows the importance of human resource in our daily life. This report also present different function of HRM and help to know the strength and weakness of recruitment and selection procedure. It also evaluates the effectiveness of different HRM practices in order to raise the organizational profit and productivity. This report also depicts the keen relation between employees and management system which help to make decision better. It also specify different types of HRM application in order to gain more productivity. This report also shows different types of key element of employment law which help to make decision better and achieve the target of company. The chosen organisation is Marks and Spencer that is considered to be a very famous retail brand. It has established their stores all over the world.

TASK 1 The purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organisation in the context of M&S

Human resource management plays an important role in M&S while it has some purposes and functions which helps the business management for the effective management of the employees .These factors are discussed as below:

The purpose of the organisation is discussed as below:

  • It helps to improve the services which are provided buy the company to their customers by building up the employee morale for delivering the quality concept which is very important and also improves their performances. HRM also provides various benefits to the workers, groups and the company itself.
  • It also establishes the aspect of trust and faith in the mindset of the various stakeholders such as shareholders, creditors and the employees for the distribution of the advantages which are derived successfully and contributes to the success of the company.
  • It employs various knowledge and skills of the workers in an effective and efficient manner fro utilising these human resources to accomplish the aims and goals of the company.
  • It also helps to provide job satisfaction to the employees so that they can provide the quality product and services as desired by the firm and the customer as well (Albrecht and et.al., 2015).
  • They keep focuses on the areas of providing several facilities and work conditions which are appropriate and helps to create an environment which is favourable to them.
  • It also focuses on the maintenance of the work life balance of every employee who is working in the organisation.

The functions of Human Resource management is discussed below:

HR of M&S seek to provide training and development to their workforce so that they can improve their work skills and also make them advance so that they can do the task in a more enhanced way which can reduce their efforts and also the time required for the completion of the task.

  • They mainly concerns on the development of the company in every aspect with respect to the dynamic world which creates an impact on the functionality of it.
  • It tries to plan various strategies and tactics related to human resource for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the company.
  • It performs necessary task such as selection of right candidate and provides him the position which suits him best according to his calibre and potential
  • It focuses on providing the assistance to every employee so that they can get appropriate solutions of the issues from which they are suffering. As these issues can create resistance in their efforts which can impact the organisation directly or indirectly.
  • It also leads to the performance of the personnel research so that HR manager can be able to select the right candidates for them.

P2. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

There are various approaches for the recruitment and selections which can be based on conduction of external and internal activities in M&S .Some of the weaknesses and strength of the internal recruitments are discussed below:

Online websites and jobs board


  • This process is very cost effective as less cost is require for the sending of job request on various websites
  • It helps to increase the speed related to the recruitment cycle and various streamline administration
  • With the help of technology one can manage several vacancies and can successfully coordinate the process.
  • These websites can provide reach to the candidates globally and can get instant applications which definitely saves he time.


  • There are large number of candidates for the procedure of selecting the right one, it took a lot of time period.
  • There can be such websites who are not designed perfectly and creates nuisance for the development and generates various technical problems which can lead to damage their brands also (Boehm, Kunze and Bruch, 2014).
  • It can be sometimes little discriminatory for those candidates who does not have computer skills.

Recruitment Agencies

There are certain institutions which provides the services of recruiting and selecting of employees and its various aspects are listed below:


  • They have specialist who has the knowledge regarding the market related to recruitment and provides effective suggestions to the recruiter who want s to recruits candidates for their organisation
  • They have dedicated staffs so the response speed is very fast
  • It only provides those individuals who are are already pre screened or pre referenced therefore provides the quality which is very high (effectiveness of different HRM practices.2018).
  • Also the provides secret vacancies for their customers which are not available to others, so that they get the first priority for the job.


  • Single agencies has the one database but they can provide advertisement of the customer's position externally on their behalf.
  • Firms which are less reputed may send too many individuals which not even meets the requirement of the individual
  • Candidates prefer a direct contact with the employer.
  • It can be very costly which may or may not afford by every other.

Recruitment events


  • It is an effective way which leads to meet the many people in a short period of time which is every cost effective if several roles are played by the single individual.

  • It can also helps to present the brand of the recruiter.
  • It also provides awareness and recognition to the company


  • There is no chance for the shift of the candidates
  • It can be very difficult for standing out among other competitors.

TASK 2 Benefits of different HRM practices within an organisation for both the employer and employee.

There are various advantages of the human resource practices in Marks and Spencer, HR managers performs various responsibilities such as protecting the interest of the employees and employer both (Conway and et.al.,2016). For the recruiter it helps to reduce the labour cost and helps to manage the relation between them. For the protection of employees, they helps to provide protection related to their roles and also makes sure that every worker works under the scope of various laws related to the employment.

Resolution for the conflict

There are various reasons such as the difference in the perception of the individuals regarding a common subject or topic which creates many conflicts between them, also there are many things such as the working policies or the introduction of the new laws can create some disputes which are mostly solved by the the practices which are involved in the human resourced management which helps the manager to manage the degree the of several. They provide solutions for resolving these issues so that a peaceful environment is maintained.

Training and Development

These are the important aspects which are related to the enhancement of the skills of the individual which helps to maintain the quality of the work and the time structure for the completion. Also the organises various programs which provides training to the workforce and also provides the scope for the development in the aspect of career as well as personal which not only benefits them buys also provides many advantages to the organisation. They also set up authorities that regulates he cycle of acknowledging the requirement of training , conduction and the analysis of the effectiveness of the programmes on the employees.

Employee Relation

Various HR practices lead to the establishment of the peaceful and harmonious relation among the employer and the employee so that the working atmosphere of M&S remains positive which leads to the great Impact on the mindset of the employees that provides the best surroundings for the production of quality services by the employees.

Developing Employees

These practices searches out various aspects which can lead to the development of the individual also they timely conduct the surveys and feedbacks so that they can recognise the lacking points of the employee and provide them the guidance for improving themselves in the aspect of the particular job which ultimately leads to the career development (Currie, Burgess and Hayton, 2015).

Promoting Positive behaviour

It is the necessity for the effective production as no individual can work in a tense environment which can create a negative impact on the employees therefore to make the surroundings light and prefect for the working , various human resource strategies are implemented that provides more peace and harmony to the environment for the better control and coordination

P4. effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity

The affectivity of the HRM practices in Marks and Spencer is very high for raising the profit and productivity of the organisation

High performing and innovative employees

HR practices helps to motivate their employees to think about of the box and promotes innovation in their work so that they may provide some better innovative ideas and also various strategies are implemented that results in the increase of the performance level of every employee and influence them to push more than their limit so that one can provide effective production in the company.

Effective execution and direction setting

It provides various guidelines and mentors for the employees so that they may be guided properly and provide the correct way of doing the work so that the execution of the plan can be executed successfully without any resistance that might be generated in the implications (Monks and et.al., 2016).

Building up the goals of the team and individual

It leads to build up an effective communication level that might facilitate or result in the building up of good relations that helps to convert the interest of the team and the individual converted towards the single goals so that there may be less chance of creation of various disputes.

Non monetory factors

These are the factors which are taken in concern by the human resource manager to retain the employees in the job such as providing various appreciation for the work, motivating them to contribute more than their potential , to be specifically more energetic and excited and be ready to any risk and challenges associated with the task so that it may lead to the excellent environment for the quality work and effective productivity (Mostafa and Gould-Williams, 2014).

Updating the skills of employees

It is them of important aspect to increase the productivity of the organisation as with the commencement of various trends which lead to the introduction of new kind of demands that lead to the requirement of different procedures for producing the product which leads to rise in the need if the update in the skills . Therefore the HR manager tries to take care of various programs that can help the company to manage the aspects that leads to the enhancement of skills of the employees such as providing training in various areas that lead to their development and improves the procedures of working which lead to the effective productivity of the organisation

Sharing and collaboration

In this aspects the practices of the human resources provides a peaceful environment that leads to he collaboration of all the individual for the accomplishment of the goals and they work in a good coordinative manager so that there is no wastage of time for achieving the task making it more time and cost effective and easy to achieve (Yassine and Zein, 2016).

TASK 3 Importance of employee relation in respect to influencing HRM decision making :

Human beings are not machine who just start with single button. They need to talk, share happiness and moment with other. In an organisation also, it is essential to create friendly environment and comfortable zone to work together as a single unit (Cascio, 2018). It is important to share healthy relation with each other and importance of employee in human resource management in M&S is quite necessary which describe below :

  • an individual cannot take all decision alone he need the guidance and advice of others. Sometimes he also make some mistake and to correct them they also need their fellows to give more brilliant ideas to achieve the targets.
  • A healthy relation comes when work load became ease and this is done by sharing the files with each other (Brewster, 2017). Responsibilities must be divided among all and assigned the given work to complete the task in given time as this help to decrease load of work.
  • An organization becomes more happy home if all the employees work together as a family in happy mood. An individual feels comfort when he is with his family. It is observed that if a person talks and discuss things with each other, automatically tension will disappear and individual spend around 8-9hours in his workplace and it is not possible for a person to do work without any break .
  • A person feel secure and confident when he his doing his work. New employee must be motivated by his team leader to feel comfort and there should be trust on the other side as it is necessary to become a trustworthy person in workplace and keeps his secret with him only if anyone share something.
  • HRM also provide a safe working environment, fair treatment and attractive incentive for doing extra work, as there should be meeting and events for proper interaction with employees (Brewster, 2017).
  • When employee fails to achieve their target then management should not scold but advise them to do this work accordingly, in workplace HRM should not be give any employee stress that is excessive workload, career goals and lack of promotional opportunities.
  • Help each other at the time of need and be nice to every one because you may never know when you need them. So always be helpful and try to make adjustment when you are on leave so that your fellow may manage work on your behalf.
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