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Information About Stationary Business

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Data analysis is considering as one of the effective inspecting, transforming and data modelling with the motive to discover valuable data information and supporting effective decision making. It has been so many facets and method that are encompassing diverse tool under a wide range of norms and regulations. Donald Duque owns a wide family stationery organisation in Northern France. On the basis of their business growth and position, they are planning to expand their operating in other market of Germany. This project is all about collecting specific information about stationary business and per capita of Writing and drawing material. Interpretation of all concern data by preparing certain charts and diagram which will assist them to attain maximum outcomes in near future time. The overall data analysis is based on getting necessary opportunity to increase profitability position of the company at the same period of time (Bardach and Patashnik, 2015).

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Overviews of stationery market in Germany

Germany is considered as one of the largest economy which is highly innovative and has positive base as compare to other nations. In maximum-selling industry for their competitiveness and international networking is the primary range of the company. it has been determining that Germany is investing about 80 billion euros yearly in research and development. During the review time period the growth of writing instrument and stationery in Germany used to continue to make decrease with maximum categories which is likely to record a weak performance during the forecasting period of time. This is being consider as amidst aspects as a favourable economic climate, high levels of consumer level and plenty of individual are searching for best alternatives means of making certain kind of investment (Charnes and et. al., 2013). Writing instruments and stationery in Germany reports can offers a well effective comprehensive regulation to overall size and shape of their writing and other stationery products at a national level. Take assignment writing help

This seems to provide latest retail sales information which allows company to determine appropriate sectors which used to drive future growth for an individual. Nowadays, it has been examining that most of the effective companies are operating towards situation and other variation. It seems to be effective availability of resources that can be useful in coming period of time as sustainability of Duque. Retailers required to operate with best possible objects that are related with stationery in adoption of their business to keep their operations for longer period of time as per the changing environments. It has been considered that present data associated with overall market size and ability and overall turnover that are generated during the time are analyse in effective manner. There are various three major trends those are required to be implemented that are making certain kind of implication seen over the stationery market. There are various trends such as:

  • It has been seen that reduction in demand for back to school products would be traditionally related with the main business.
  • Standard items that are easy to make display and sell pen, pads and found in certain shops such as drug stores.
  • The third important trend is being digitalisation of classroom with certain teachers those are moving towards latest technology like tablets and make away from paper products.

Overall sales position:

According to the MGCC report, it has been found that overall earning collected from the sale of stationary products is about 3.5% in initial stage of an accounting period. Few of them are consider as primary ways those are associated with adoption to support local as well as international location. A total revenue generated during the period of taken as 14.8 billion per annum from total sales of stationary products. Through the use of investments that are made in manufacturing of production items produce during the time (Kaisler and et. al., 2013).


Annual spending on writing/drawings material per capita

Stationery is the combination of various group of wide range of material which will be consists of various paper and officer supplies, greeting cards, pencil and other similar products. These are considering as important portion of human consumptions. This seems to be international stationery products that is serrated on the basis of various products and distribution modes. It has been related with international market for use of stationery products which is divided into printing supplies and marking devices and stencil paper. Printing supplies are sub-divided into ink & toners, inked ribbons and carbon as well as other aspects. Paper based stationery products are segregated into printing/writing and copying paper, organiser and notebooks and exercise books and other aspects. Writing and marketing aspects consists of various products those are related with use of students and other people. This has been attributed to their varied utilisation of multiple sectors as well as other school supplies.

Printing supplies is based on witness the fastest growth rate because of the forecasted duration which would owing to enhance demand for printing supplies by consumer for personnel use in household people. As per the annual report mentioned under the MGCC report, it has been determining that a total turnover of 35.2 billion is being generated in year 2016. This will be taken into account that growth in stationary products and number which has been enhancing in each year. This has been analysing that total market share collected into account through using wide range of super market and other hyper places are utmost valuable ways to perform their tasks in effective and efficient manner. The range of stationary product or markets is growing at faster rate from last couple of years (Munson and et. al., 2014). This has been analysing that German stationary market for Donald Duque is one of the effective company which is increasing their business at faster rate. As per the data mentioned in MGCC report, the Switzerland is recorded as 35.5 billion, Germany is being recorded with total of 35.2 billion. Italy is noted as 18.6 billion and so on. There are certain favourable aspects that come across in respect for further expanding of business in terms of stationary position.

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Nations Yearly spending (€) in billion
Croatia 7.9
Poland 8.5
Germany 35.2
Italy 18.6
Hungary 9.6
Switzerland 35.5
Austria 35

expanding of business

From the above chart, it has been seen that in terms of stationary position expanding of business in terms of stationary position is collected from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It means that position of these nation is must more effective as compare to other nations for stationary market.


Data indicating the sales generated during the year

(a): Data indicating the sales generated during the year

(b) Mix-pie chart

Mix-pie chart

Mix-pie chart

Mix-pie chart

C): Computation of coefficient and correlation

Computation of coefficient and correlation

Computation of coefficient and correlation

Computation of coefficient and correlation

Computation of coefficient and correlation

Evaluation of Duque financial period of sales from last three year

According to the above presented scattered charts, it has been showing certain financial information of company by increasing the every year companies position. There is health correlations among sales volume in 2015 and 2016 respectively with sufficient outcomes of 0.90088 and 0.847. The results collected in the year 2015 to 2016 is very much near and providing better growth and sustainability for the company. It has been simply reliable and valuable measure which will be related with the value of r that can be used by the account managers to boost the company and provide direction of direct relationship between the two set of data variables. It is plotted by using a scatter diagrame in respect to examine the relations among each another. Matlab Assignment Help UK is one of the most used assignment services among students.

Predication of total sales during the period of 2018-2019

As per the all data analysis, it has been seen that financial position of the company is must effective to reach a certain level of decision. The base for making plan for coming year is taken from 2017 reports of sales generated by the company (Taylor and et. al., 2014). This has been targeted to increase overall sales with mainly 2 % on a yearly sale in each yearly. In order to determine the predicated sale in next period are mentioned underneath:

2018 Sales (€) 2019 Sales (€)
22440 23000
23460 24000
18360 18870
27540 28090
29580 30171
27540 28090
32640 33292

estimated sales

According to the above mentioned trend line which is showing estimated sales which is increasing in each year. The generated outcomes are gather from all products those are being sold during the period of time. It means that their postiive sign is increasing in coming time which is positive indication for the company in long run.


Completion of pros and cons table

This has been noticed that all the mentioned case situation as per the mentioned as per the Duque which is usually carried in their operations in Norther France. It has been related with boarder sense that Germany is consider as one of the best sources for operating their activities in effective manner (Anyan, 2013). This used to deal with every crucial aspect that are decided to make appropriate research through asking questions from different people in Germany and Belgium.

Should I expand my business to Belgium & Germany?

Pros Score/10 Cons Score/10
Ability to make capitalised on the economics of scale 8 Little bit of creative thinking and inappropriate delivery time 6
Highly qualified team members 7 Budgets that are made for the purpose of maintain employee motivation 5
Flexible and dependency on proper utilisation of resources 8 Tracking ability of employee performance 4
Effective communication skills and ability 8 Face to face interaction about various programs and polices 5
Best enough in handling any kind of pressure and help in attaining better growth in near time. 7 Controlling of operations capability 6
Total Pros 38 Total Cons 26
Average Pros 9.5 Average Cons 5.2

ISO standards: There are various types of international standard which are helpful for fulfilling specific information that are followed to every company before making any further expansion of any new business. Some of them are discussed underneath:

ISO 45001: It is having international standard that used to specifies essential needs for an effective environmental management system. It used to provide a complete framework which will be managed by an organization. It used to establish eco-friendly needs that are beneficial for the company for long term process.

ISO 14000: This particular standard is used to provide practical tools and techniques those are used by the company for all looking to manage their environmental roles and responsibility (ISO 14000,2018). It is having negative affect on environment that cause adverse implication on air, water and other aspects.

ISO 31000: This seems to be appropriate standard those are related with the risk management mentioned by the international organization for development. It used to provide specific information about the principles and generic regulations on risk management. This seems to be not intended in order to promote uniformity of overall risk those are arises in the department (Fan, Han and Liu, 2014).


Calculation of certain cost for new building

(a): Calculation of monthly cost for 30 year


A*(1+r)n – 12 * X { (1+r)n / (1+r) – 1} =0


A= value of mortgage

R= rate of interest expressed as decimal

n = repayment period

x = Monthly repayment

=200000 (1.1)30– 12 (x) {1.130– 1 / 1.1 -1} = 0

=200000 (1.9756) – 12 (x) {1.9756-1 / 1.1-1} = 0

= 395120 – 12x (.9756/ .1) =0

=395120– 12(9.756) x = 0

=395120= 117.072x

X= 395120/117.072

X= 3375.017.

(b): Re-calculation of using loan interest amount

Particulars Figures
Time period (n) 30 years * 12 months (each year) = 360 days
Interest rate per month (R ) 10% / 12 = 0.00833
Monthly repayment 0.00833


Analysis of data

In accordance with making proper evaluation of all collected information, it has been found that mean value of order would be analyzed by using overall data which will be cost to 240 pounds (Sevier, 2015). However, the account managers required to keep 100 total orders in each month. In that basis, total 50 samples size will be taken into account with standard deviation of 43 pounds. The null hypothesis is the mean value of petrol that is used as 240 per month. While alternative hypothesis is that all mean value is not equal to the 240 (henceforth, it can be wider or small). This can be explaining underneath:

H0: μ = £240

H1: μ ≠ £240

Where, μ stands for the mean value.

Working at the 5% significance level.

The standard deviation of the total population is not known so researcher need to get an estimation of standard error from the sample standard deviation which is mentioned as S= 43.

Hence a sample which is wider than 30 is taken into account large enough that can be calculated the value of standard errors(SE), using the formula:

SE: Standard deviation / &radic

= 43/ √50

= 43 /7.07

= 6.08= 6.

Researcher need to work out the acceptance interval as [ μ – 2SE, μ + 2SE]

= 240- 2(6), 240+2(6)

= [228, 252].

Thus, the sample mean of 230 lies inside this interval (228, 252). Hence, the 95% of randomly-sampled means is lies within the interval range. The research would use accept H0 and henceforth, reject H1, meaning that mean value of orders received by the firm is not about 240.


Respond to customer report

In respect to make appropriate business in which new market would be successful within a minimum span of time. It is vital for Donal Duque is to adopt valuable system that used to bring a lot of benefits at singular level. There are various challenges and difficulties that are needed to be taken into considered for better decision making in accordance with expanding the overall business (Nečas and Klapetek, 2012). The essential description for each one of them development in increasing their aggregate deals that esteem and some are linked with addition to number of outcomes that are attain within limited period of time. Henceforth, every decision and plan which will be made after the evaluation of impacts that are affecting the Donald to make expansion into Germany market.



From the above information collected about the Duque company, it has been found that wholesale market for stationary business is sufficient enough for making expansion of their ongoing business. Now, this would be correctly said that overall administration of cited organisation will need to make proper planning that would ultimately assist to implement their strategies in effective manner. This seems to be already that are being related with Germany in the place in which stationery market is being used. Entire report is made through better evaluation of large number of individual that are spending in their income level on buying stationary products. By the help of proper resources one can be able to attain maximum return in near future time.


From the above project report, it has been concluded that data analysis would be consider as one of the effective measure which will reliable sources for better decision making in coming time. All the analysis is done to utilise all resources in appropriate manner and attain maximum outcomes at the time of expanding their business into Germany market. During the research process various charts and graphs is being taken into consideration while planning for huge productivity in coming time.

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