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Professional Development Plan for Organizational Growth: Whirlpool

University: Imperial College Business School

  • Unit No: 35
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3550
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: 7IB003
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Organization Selected : Whirlpool


Individual and team development are essential for organizational growth and development. With the help of high performance working, employees are involved in different activities such as conflict resolution, decision making etc. in the workplace. Through this, improving performance of team and organization (Endres and Chowdhury, 2019). This study is based on Whirlpool. Company responsible for executing organizational and strategic changes to sustain major restructuring in company crisis in 2011. This assignment will determine appropriate professional knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR professional. It will analysis completed personal skill audit and develop professional development plan. It will explain differences between learning, training and development to organization and individual in the company. Furthermore, report will analysis need for continuous learning and professional development to sustainable business performance to firm. It will analysis HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage within organizational situation. It will evaluate difference approaches to performance management to support high performance work culture and commitment.

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Professional knowledge, skills and behaviour

Professional Skills:

As HR consultant, they must have skills such as communication, time management, problem solving etc.

Communication Skill: HR consultant must have communication skill for solving problems in the Whirlpool. It is essential for building relationship with employees, so that workers involve in situation of company. Effective communication between employee and HR consultant helps in achieving goals of organization(Richards, Collins and Mascarenhas, 2017).

Time management Skill: HR consultant must have time management skill for resolving situations in the Whirlpool. It is important for giving guidance to employees for managing time for completing tasks and solving problems.

Creative thinking: For solving situation, HR consultant must have creating thinking skill in the organization. With the help of this skill, they are giving suggestion for solving conflicts and achieving goals of Whirlpool.

Decision making skill: HR consultant must have decision-making skills for solving situations of Whirlpool. Therefore, they take appropriate decisions to resolve conflicts in company.

Professional Behaviour:

HR consultant must have professional behaviour with employees in the workplace. Such as:

Coordination: HR consultant make sure that giving advices of solving conflict through coordination in work. With the help of coordination, employee are sharing ideas or thoughts for resolving situations of Whirlpool(Sung and Choi, 2014).

Self confidence: HR consultant must have self confidence of giving suggestions for solving conflicts in the Whirlpool. With the help of this, they are giving guidance to employee for strong self confidence of facing the all situations in the workplace.

Accountability: They must have accountable of giving the best advice for solving the different situation in the Whirlpool. HR consultant show accountability and expect responsibility from other in the workplace.

Professional knowledge:

HR consultant must have knowledge about managing human resources, conflicts resolution etc.

Policies and procedure: HR consultant must have knowledge about policies and procedures relating to conflict resolution, HR policies, techniques of problem solving in the Whirlpool. With the help of it, they are given suggestion to employees for solving situation in the organization(Ford, ed., 2014).

Human behaviour: HR consultant must have knowledge about human behaviour and performance that includes learning, motivation, interest, different method of managing performance in the company. With the help of it, they are giving advice to employees for solving problems in the Whirlpool.

Completed personal skill and develop professional development

Personal Skill Audit:

Personal skill audit is procedure of identify strength and weakness of individual and requirement to develop healthy environment.


Good communication skill.

Great knowledge of training.

Good self confidence.


Poor time management skill.

Poor technical knowledge.

Poor leadership skill.


To build relation with employees.

Meeting new people.


Giving presentation in front of large audience.

Poor decision making skill.

Professional Development Plan:

What are development objectives? [what skills, knowledge or experience am I missing?] What activities needs to be undertaken in order to achieve my objectives? What support/resources do I need to achieve my objectives? [what can be course offer] Target date for achieving my objectives Actual date of achieving my objectives
Time management skills Planning, scheduling and developing time frames to achieve new goals. Mobile, Calendar, Note taking diary etc. 12th October 2019 1st November 2019
Technical knowledge Learning about the technicalities of software and programming from my seniors Coaching, training from my seniors, internet etc. 17th May 2019 31st May 2019
Leadership skill Learning new leadership skills such as system theory, contingency and developing motivation techniques. Learning leadership from the help of successful leaders and managers on internet. 17th August 2019 1st September 2019
Decision making skill To take help from my seniors in order to make required decisions. Also, to make important decisions when required. Internet (to make use of applications that can develop ones own decision making skills) 18th June 2019 1st July 2019

GAP Analysis

It includes comparison of actual performance with potential or desired execution. This conception is similar to economy's production being below production possibilities curve. This analysis determines gaps among optimized allocation and integration of resources and present allocation level. It includes identifying, writing and rising the difference among requirements of business and present capacities. Gap analysis is like organizing an audit process however it is more directed on attributes of competency and rules of evidence instead of only information of particular field of the unit.

Difference between learning, training and development to organization as well as individual


Organizational learning

Individual learning


It is procedure of designing, retaining and modifying knowledge within Whirlpool.

It is outlined as capability to develop knowledge by reflection of single person.


Organizational learning is beneficial for rising profits, productivity and reducing labour turnover in the Whirlpool.

Individual learning is good for improving skills, capability and ability to effective working in the firm.


It is essential for continuous improving mindset, sharing accountability for result in Whirlpool.

It is important for increasing motivation and creating opportunities for future in the workplace (Mazerolle and Dodge, 2015).


The benefits of organizational learning is to create and organize knowledge relating to function and culture of Whirlpool.

The benefits of individual learning is to single person for learn new skills and ideas for effective work.


Organizational training and development

Individual training and development


It is defined as develop skills and knowledge of people in the organization.

It is defined as develop ability and capacity for effective working in the company.


Organization training is essential for building up relationship with staff in the Whirlpool.

Individual training is important for job satisfaction in the organization.


It is changing and improving performance and emerging human relation in the company(Breevaart and et.al., 2016).

It helps in career and personal development of employees in workplace.


It is process of increasing profits and productivity of Whirlpool.

It is procedure of developing skill and knowledge of single person.


The aim of organizational training is to create skills and knowledge of people for performing role effectively.

The purpose of individual training is to accomplish short and long term career goals and improving job performance.

Therefore, HR consultant give advice to manager for creating learning culture in the Whirlpool. With the help of it, employees are developed their skills and knowledge, increase motivation and commitment for solving all situation of company. It assists in transparent communication between team members, sharing accountability and mutual respect in the workplace. Through training and development, individual improve their performance and involving in different activities of company. So that, HR consultant give suggestion for organizing different training programs in the organization.

Organizational training involves grooming to support company's strategic business objectives and to meet tactical training requirements that are common across tasks and assist team. Therefore, HR manager of Whirlpool make sure that create learning culture for improving performance of employees in the workplace (Shimazu and et.al., 2015). Employers make efforts on changing culture for individual, team as well as organizational development with the help of learning and training in Whirlpool. The primary goal of organizational learning is to change work environment, correct uncertain premises and rising efficiency of the company.

Need for continuous learning and professional development

Continuous professional development(CPD):

CPD is the atomistic loyalty of professionals towards increase of personal skills and competency throughout their careers. It is utilized learning activities professionals involve into evolve and rise their abilities. It modifies learning to become intended and proactive instead of passive and reactive. CPD combines various methods to learning like workshops training, conferences and events, e-learning programs, the best activity proficiency and sharing thoughts and have effectual professional development (Gynther, 2016).

Importance of CPD:

Continuous professional development is essential for developing knowledge, skills and experience relating to professional activities.

  • It helps to ensure that up to date skills and knowledge of individual in the workplace.
  • CPD assures that capacities keep pace with current standards of other in the similar area
  • To deliver professional services to customer, clients and community, CPD increase knowledge and skills.
  • With the help of CPD, individual aware changing trends and directions in their profession(Continuous professional development, 2018).
  • Through this, make contribution in team work and become effective in the workplace.
  • CPD assists to increase experience, new skills and knowledge for effective work performance in Whirlpool.
  • With the help of CPD, enhancing individual confidence in professionals and their entire profession.
  • CPD sharing to improve protection, quality of life atmosphere and sustainability and economy.

Continuous professional development at workplace:

Continuous professional development is very important at workplace for developing individual, team and organizational development. It is essential in many ways such as:

Decision making: With the help of CPD, employees are developed their skill and knowledge for easily making decision of different activities such as improving performance, conflict resolution in the Whirlpool.

Career development: CPD helps in developing the individual career in specific field. With the help of this, single person enhance their experience and capacity for improving performance in the organization.

Communication: Continuous professional development assists in improving communication skill of employees in their professional. With the help of this, team members transparent interaction and sharing responsibility between them for solving problems in the Whirlpool (Yang, Zhang and Zhang, 2016).

Improving performance: With the help of CPD, workers are improved their performance in the workplace. Through this, employees are engaging to support high work culture and commitment as well as sustainable business performance of Whirlpool.

Therefore, HR consultant give suggestion to company regrading create learning and professional development culture of Whirlpool. Through CPD, employees are more committed and engaged in solving problems of organization. This assists in achieving sustainable performance and goals of business. CPD support and boost healthy learning culture for company, leading fulfilled workforce and retaining valuable workers. It displays clear commitment to self improvement and expertise. It also gives possibility for single to determine understand and resolve placeable theory to development.

High performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantages

HPW contributes to employees engagement:

High working performance is the approach that purpose is to affect employee engagement and commitment effectively in terms of accomplishing high level of performance, create to increase efforts and use skills by employees in their work. With the help of HPW, employee are more engaged in solving problem in the Whirlpool. HPW helps in rising and developing skills, knowledge, abilities and capacities for more effective and high working performance in the company. Through HPW, employees involves in many activities that happen in organization such as:

Conflict Resolution: With the help of HPW, employees are more engaged of resolving battle of organization. Team members are more committed for solving issues of the workplace. Through this, all team members are avoiding their personal conversation and make efforts on solving problems in the company.

Goals and objective: HPW contributes in employee engagement, so that workers are more committed in solving problems and achieving goals and objectives of company. This also helps in improving work culture and sustainable business performance of Whirlpool (Kapalková, Polišenská and Süssová, 2016).

Therefore, HR consultant give suggestion to team members for involving in resolution of conflicts in the Whirlpool. So that company changes and implement in HPW system for improving sustainable performance of organization. This helps in developing skills and knowledge, improving execution of employees in the workplace. There is nothing worse than completing al your college assignments, that's why many students like to prefer opting our Online College Assignment Writing Service.

HPW contribution in competitive advantages:

High performance working and organizational performance are linked for gain competitive advantage. With the help of HPW, increasing productivity and profitability of business. By decrease costs, improving ratio, create employees beliefs, HPW systems are detected value of company. The purpose of HPW is to employee engagement, creativity and voice of workers that directly impact on manpower and company presentation. HPW helps in reducing labour turnover and rising productiveness that efforts to financial performance of Whirlpool (Shimazu and et.al., 2015). This assists in increasing competitive advantages that means effective financial presentation of organization. If company has good financial resources, so that they face competition effectively but if firm has not welled resources, so that they can not face challenges.

Therefore, HR consultant give suggestion and guidance for changing HPW system for creating high performance work culture and improving sustainable performance of business. HPW practices involves self managed team, employee engagement in the competitive advantages. The system of HPW assists to improve performance of company, power full increasing team ability to supply exceptional results in the Whirlpool. HPW system is frequently utilized straight to impact both ability and motivation of workers.

With the help of HPW, HR consultant make sure that all employees are transparent communication, sharing accountability, mutual respect between team members and more committed for solving issues in the Whirlpool.

Different approaches to performance management

Performance management is function of human resource management in the workplace. Therefore, HR consultant give advice to adopt different approaches for measuring the performance of workers in company. These approaches are following such as:

Comparative Approaches: It is concept of measuring performance of employees in the workplace. In this approach, individual are ranked on base of highest and lowest. There are many methods of for comparative theory like forced distribution, paired comparison and graphic rating scale. This approach is interpreted in case of company with small team of workers with same job positions.

Attribute Approaches: In this approach, there are many parameters that workers are rated like problems solving skill, teamwork, interaction, creativity and inventions. In order to that, company utilizes graphic rating scale for ranking the lowest to highest to employees. It is the simplest approach for measuring performance of workers in Whirlpool (Shimazu and et.al., 2015).

Behavioural Approaches: This approach belongs of series of vertical scales for various attributes of the job. There are two techniques has been utilized in behavioural approaches such as BARS and BOS. BARS stands for Behavioural Anchored Rating Scale and BOS stands for Behavioural Observation Scale. This approach is suitable for reliability and truth.

Result Approaches: This approach is simple concept in which company rate workers on base of result of employee performance. Balanced Scorecard techniques is first kind that focus on financial, customer, learning, operations and growth. The second technique is productivity measurement and evaluation system.

Quality Approaches: This theory centres on improving customer satisfaction by decrease mistakes and accomplishing continuous services creation. This takes into consideration both person and system elements. Quality approach primary direction on utilizes Kaizen process in terms of continuously improve business procedures. This benefits of this approach that involves assessment of both worker and system, problem solving by team work, utilize multiple sources to measure execution and engagement of internal as well as external elements.

With the help of these approaches, HR consultant give advice to company for measuring and improving performance of team members. So that they involve and support to high performance work culture and commitment for sustainable performance of Whirlpool. Through, different approach, HR manager of company make sure that proper management of employees in the workplace.

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This report has summarised that HR professional required professional skills, behaviour and behaviour in an organization. It can be concluded that create person skill audit for identifying weakness and threats of as HR consultant and develop professional development plan for improving skills and knowledge. It can be discussed that different between learning, training and development of organization as well as individual. Furthermore, report completed that HR consultant adopt different approaches to manage performance of employees that involve behavioural, quality, attributes, comparative in relation to support high performance working culture and commitment in the Whirlpool.


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