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Learning and Professional development - TESCO

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Organization Selected : Tesco


Individual and team development is essential for organization development. High performing teams are helping in organization success. It is the connection among the effectiveness of individual, team and organization. With the help of training and development, individual is developing their skills and knowledge(Li, Mitchell and Boyle, 2016). Through it, single person working effectively in team. The success of any of company depends on improve capabilities of its employees and its ability to constant expand. This assignment is based on Tesco. It is multinational groceries and general merchandised retailer in UK. The present study will explain appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviour that are required HR professional. It will create personal skills audit and professional development plan. It will also explain differences between organization and individual learning, training and development. Furthermore, report explain importance of continuous learning and professional development in terms of sustainable business performance. It will analysis different approaches to performance management in organization.

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P 1. Determine the knowledge, skills and behaviour of HR professionals in different department.

Human resource managers are responsible to manage the moist important components of an organisation, its workforce. Human resource management plays an important role to organize and manage the people so that they can effectively work for the growth of organisation. The HR management is responsible to make strategies hoe to use people as a business resource(Mone, and London, 2018). It includes managing the employees, recruiting them, providing them effective training and development. Thus, HR department plays an important role in organisation. Its crucial for a HR manager to create and rebuild HR department. HR professional needs to have specific skills in order to manage workforce across all the departments in the organisation. He should have the knowledge, skills and effective behaviour that are required to new maintain. Following share some qualities that are required to have in an HR manager:

Knowledge: Regardless of the manager is new or experienced, he should have they know the organisation structure. The HR manager must understand the corporate governance, hierarchy. He is responsible to report to the higher authority and board of directors on the status of workforce(Kearney, 2018). According to his knowledge about organisation, her role within the organisation increases. The HR manager know his power and authority he has, and hoe to use that authority. Establishing proper creditability with the employees is important to building a productive and satisfied workforce. The HR manager must know how to influence the change in organisation and hoe to reinvest that change in organisation. Like, investing in the training program for employees can reduce the turnover but improve the efficiency of workforce.

Skills: human resource manager responsibility requires an overlapping set of skills to be successful HR manager. He has to posses the expertise ability to speak in front of the crowd and all workforce. He should be confident enough to speak in front of everyone. It a foremost important ability that a HR manager should have. HR manager should have a ability to read people. Acquiring ability to sense the employee's lies, their wants etc. he should have the ability to understand the body language, posture and attitude of the employees(Gutierrez-Gutierrez, Barrales-Molina and Kaynak, 2018). HR manager should be confident enough to deal with the manager of different department and executives. Manager should able to see the other side of any situation arises, then makes a plan and strategies to resolve that. One of the important skills that HR manager should posses is listening. Apart from what so ever the situation is, he should listen and understand what others are saying. It required complete focus mind.

Behaviour: With an effective skills and knowledge, an HR manager should have proper behavioural characteristics that can reflects their attributes in organisation. A good human resource officer should be disciplined and have the ability of a leader. They play a role of a leader when employees are having any issues in the organisation. They are the one who resolve their problems, and will motivate them. They should be honest to their employees without a fear of being judgemental.

P 2. a) analysing a completed personal skills audit of Jane Cambridge to identify what training and development needs to give.

As per analysing the personal skill audit of Jane Cambridge in the field of information technology, his communication skills, problem solving skills. It can be said that Jane has less experienced in the field of using database technology, no experience of handling specialised HR software. It can also be analysed that Jane has adequate knowledge of using excel spread sheet(Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). As per the knowledge and ability that a HR manager should develop talent in Jane through using digital training and development program. Through audit process, weak point of Jane has identified, HR manager should organise training and development program through various secessions of using information technology in working. Regular training and activities should organise to develop the knowledge of using database and HR software.

By analysing audit of communication skills posses by Jane Cambridge, it has been found that he is weal in drafting contract of employees, poor skills in listening and hearing, no experience how to deliver a training session. Low skills of resolving conflicts, interviewing and advising on HR issues. Being an employee of HR department, Jane should posses the skills and ability of proper communication, skills to listen and speak in front of everyone. He is weak in handling the conflict situation arises in organisation. Proper training and development program should be given to enhance communication skills.

As per auditing Jane's problem solving skills, it can be identified that, he has adequate skills of verbal reasoning, he has less knowledge of see both side of a situation and less motivating ability to help other employees (Reilly and Williams, 2017).

b). Creating a professional development plan for Jane Cambridge.

Skills Activity that can be used. Activity needs to implement Time Frame
Information technology Jane can take classes and training developing knowledge of IT software, he can take guidance from his seniors and through the help of internet. Jane can enhance his IT skills throughout self assessment., practising using such software at home. Within 2-3 weeks.
Communication skills Activity that can be used to increase the communication skills is by attaining seminars and conferences oh HR skills. He can study and taker demo classes to increase his communication skills. He can implement through taking demo interview, implementing non-verbal communication. Asking the seniors and colleagues for honest feedbacks. Within 1 month.
Problem solving skills He can take raining from professional development academy, attaining different workshop and seminars. Can use brain boosting strategies to work the problem backward. By always have health frame of mind, self defining the problems, self assessment of knowing when to speak and when to conveying the problem. Identifying the basic of problems and conflicts. Within 1-2 months.

P 3 Difference between organizational and individual learning, training and development

Basis Organizational learning Individual learning
Meaning It is procedures of creating, retaining and transferring knowledge within Tesco. It is defined as the capacity to increase knowledge by reflection of single person.
Importance It is essential for improvement that raise efficiency, accuracy and profits. As compare to, it is important for learning new skills and ideas that increase productivity at Tesco.
Advantage Organization learning is beneficial for creating knowledge relating to their culture of organization (Li, Mitchell and Boyle, 2016). Individual learning is advantageous for increasing motivation and involving in different activities at workplace.
Purpose The purpose of organizational learning is to decreased labour turnover and increasing profits. The purpose of individual learning is to gain experience of single person.

Difference between organizational and individual training and development:

Basis Organizational training and development Individual training and development
Meaning Organizational training is to support strategic business objectives of organization. Individual training is highly successful manner of increasing skill and ability of single person.
Benefits It is beneficial for assessing training effectiveness and keeping training capability. It is good to meet skill level of staff, flexible scheduling and costs efficiency.
Importance Organizational training is essential for identifying future manpower need, increasing productivity in organization. Individual training is important for increasing job satisfaction and developing skills as well as knowledge of single person(Lu and et.al., 2015).
Objectives The aim of organizational development is to manage conflicts which is based on daily basis at Tesco. The purpose of individual development is to build confidence, motivation and satisfaction.

Organizational training and development : In order to that organizational training is important for increasing stability and flexibility, decrease accidents, better industrial relation in Tesco. Organisation development is mode to increasing efficiency and effectiveness of company. It is primary importance is on relationship and processes between individual and groups. It is to encourage employees to avoid hold up of problems and find solution effectively. Organizational development is to utilize new approaches for improving current operation of Tesco.

Individual training and development : Individual training is essential for improving attitude, skills for further along with effectiveness of single as well as team. It is to raise capability for solving overall problems of company(Wickens and et.al., 2017).Individual development is essential for achieving long and short terms goals of employees and improving present job performance. It is improving unity and decrease staff turnover. It helps in increasing talent, potential, employability and creating wealth. Individual development is tool to help in career and personal development of single pers

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