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Managing Successful Business Project


Corporate which are generating huge revenues and profits from the society has a ethical responsibility to return the benefits from a different way. So they have to provide a social benefits to the society by which they can gain social ethics by using CSR activities which can increase their brand image in the market (Ajmal, Helo and Kekäle, 2010). The present report is based on the Marks and Spencer which is a leading supermarket of the UK. This report is having content on the CSR activities and plans which can increase the brand value of the organisation.


P1 Project aim and objectives for Marks and Spencer

Corporate social responsibility: CSR stand for corporate social responsibility. The term CSR become popular in the 1960 .CSR policy as a self regulatory. In many sector such as environment or labour low. CSR is master plan of the company. It has a neutral effect on financial outcomes. CSR master plan of businesses. ISO26000 is the identify international quality of CSR. CSR animate the company to make a positive effect on the society and share
holder including the stakeholder which are highly depended over the company. Hence its performance makes an huge impact over them. CSR distract from business economic role.

Definition of CSR: Corporate social responsibility  is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. CSR is a self regulating business model (Anand and Fosso Wamba, 2013). CSR manage the business police. It is a management concept of business.

Objective of CSR: CSR set the corporate social responsibility of business plan it supported the business master plan. CSR impact on market and society and increasing the positivity influence. There are some points of objective of CSR .

Responsibility of society- responsibility for the society . We taking the reducing the negative effects.

Good and working condition- we make the every efforts to developed and safety.

Responsibility of customer satisfaction – the main objective of CSR improve the quality and quantity of customer service. Its objective defined the relation sheep between customers and employees.

Active community life- CSR developed and promote the current stack holder . It developing the scientific approach

P2 Project management plan incorporating cost, time, scope and quality and communication

Project Management Plan:
Project management plan is a document used to define project execution like how the project is executed and project monitoring and control. It provides the techniques that are used by the project team to deliver the scope of the project (Andersen, 2010). There is a project manager who leads the project, and makes plan for the execution of project by taking inputs from project team and stakeholder. Project management plans are created progressively which leads to develop, refine, revisiting. The project management plan is not created at once but it is created in various processes.
Project management plan is used to execute the execution of the project.
Following are the components of Project Management Plan:


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Requirement management plan
Project management plan is made to execute the proper planning on the project that are assigned to team (Chesbrough, 2010). It has the combination of baseline and other associated line plans. In this manager of project management team divides the task to their team so that every aspect of project can be fulfilled. Project management plan covers every aspects as costs, scope of project, time required, quality, communication, risk
and resources.
Components of project management plan: Baseline is for the scope, cost affected in the completion of the plan.
Communication of risk to the lead manager to derive the best out comes and procurement.
Other plans are also associated as configuration plan and improvement plan.
Generally customer does not fulfil the plan, it leaves to the internal working to the organisation and organisation prepare the proper plan and deliver the project in time to the party. Senior management generally do not check every project that their sub ordinates prepared and they approved the plan (Comeig, Del Brio and O. Fernandez-Blanco, 2014). Project plan is approved by the project manager and other lead manager who are associated with the project manager and after preparation of project plan and they use the best available resources to the success of the project.
Project manager and their subordinate approve the plan just when their plan fulfil the all the requirements of the stakeholders, considering the objects and priority sector attached with the project.

Task Name






25 days



Wed 5-04-17


   Finding a research topic 

6 days


Mon 06-03-17

Fri 13-03-17



   Creating a problem statement 

10 days






   Setting a time frame for allocating resources 

9 days







50 days





   Conducting literature review 

15 days




   Selection of research techniques 

20 days




   Calculating costs 

5 days




   Analysis and interpretation of data 

3 days




   Evaluating outcomes and results 

7 days




Closure of Project 

20 days




   Presentation of conclusion and recommendations 

8 days




   Documenting the results 

7 days




   Submitting reports 

5 days




P3 A work break down structured and a gant chart to provide time frames and stages for completion

Work breakdown structure: Work breakdown structure is a hierarchical project into phase which included deliverables and work packages. It is a plant structure process that can define sub part of effort to achieve the goal and objectives (Doherty, Ashurst and Peppard, 2012). The work breakdown structure issues a common framework for the natural increase of the overall planning and control of the partition of the work into the clear out the supplement from the declaration of work can be improved and technical, schedule, price and material and labour hour reporting can be fixed. A work breakdown structure can be approval of the employees costs for objectives, material etc.,that cam increasing the higher level for each and every element of the work breakdown structure and also the describe the task can be performed is created. These method to describe and manage the range of a project. The work breakdown structure is also helps in essential map from one level of system description to another. It is a necessary device for planning and evaluated the project. It is also develop the project program. It provide a better position of WBS pattern. In this structure which can be helps to smoothly communicate the work and process that mix up to accomplish the project.

Gantt Chart: The Gantt chart is a map concept that can be done in similar and which can be done by continues. It is the combination of the project report that we can explain the trade off between the scope of work in the concept. Gantt chart can be establish the initial project system and it can be also allocate the resource or the project. And that is define the report problems. Gantt charts are not the correct all the time they can become overly complex with many activities (Gareis, 2010). It is much better to create a clear and easily plan that define the work package in short processor. Gantt chart is usually filled out the information. In this process the first step that can identify the projects essential tasks.

Sources: Gantt Chart, 2017.


P4 carry out a small scale research by applying quantitative and qualitative research method

Quantitative and qualitative research methods

Qualitative research- These are types of research which does not carry any numerical or statistical figures. The data here are very exploratory and it gives a detailed information of the research topic and defies the reasons and gives opinions about the topic. It is a kind of research which also helps in finding out what a person is thinking and also give a relevant reason of his thoughts (Kowalkowski, Kindström and Brehmer, 2011). Following things that a qualitative research let us know are-
What a Prospect is thinking and feeling about our products and services.
What are the motivating factors of the customers.
How decision making get affected by the pricing
This research is basically about the detailed information of the behaviour and attitude of the people.

Quantitative research- In this type of research a structured facts and opinion of the people are studied. Suitable figures, facts and reliable statistical are extracted by this research. Following are the things that we come to know about from this research method-

  • Do we have a suitable market.
  • Awareness of our product in the market.
  • Buying behaviour of the customers.
  • Do we have more demands for our products and services.

Methods of quantitative research are as-

  1. Aim to measure things
  2. Approach should be scientific and the objective should be fulfilled.
  3. One on one researcher
  4. Postal methods
  5. Electronic mailing
  6. Self centralised.

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By following procedure we come to know how the research is done and what all cafeterias are there to analyse the various aspects of the topic. A sample is presented below to understand the core aspect of the research study.
Survey report of qualitative research method

1) Does Mark and Spencer's CSR strategy show a positive impact?

  • Yes
  • No

2) Is there any relationship you find in between CSR and competitive benefits?

  • Yes
  • No

3) Are you agreeing that the basic responsibility of Mark and Spencer is implementing the CSR activity?

  • Agree
  • Strongly agree
  • Neutral
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

4) Which all problems were faced by Mark and Spencer?

  • Women's right
  • Child labour
  • Safety of employees

5) What are the initiatives taken by Mark and Spencer?

  • Empowering women
  • Health related measures.
  • Environmental factors.

6) What are the feasible references to enforce CSR activities?

  • Voluntary organisations
  • Charity events
  • Providing fiscal assistance.

7) Who is responsible for the CSR implementation.?

  • HR Departments.
  • Leaders and management
  • Administration.

8) Suggest some strategies to be included in CSR by Mark and Spencer?

  • Line departments
  • Trust Foundation
  • Different department of CSR.


P5 Analysis of the research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

Many of the organisations are using these techniques of researches, which are given under here:

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research

Qualitative research: Qualitative research is a scientific method of research used for knowing the answer of a question to collect findings and and evidence (Shehu and Akintoye, 2010).
Methods of doing qualitative research

  • Individual interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Observations
  • Action research

As the company wants to improve their products and services as per the customer demands so it is essential for them to make proper analysis of the customers (Meredith and Mantel Jr, 2011). So they have used qualitative method which is effective to analyse the customers view and thoughts against to the company.

P6 Communicate appropriate recommendation as a result of research data and analysis to draw valid and meaning conclusion

CSR activities are the essential element for the company to improve their brand image, so it is essential for the company to find out those causes and issues on which they can improve their products and services to provide better services as per the requirement of the customers. So they have to make proper market and customers research which can help to the managers and leaders of the Marks and Spencer to betterment in the activities. It is essential for the managers to analyse the customer's expectations so they have to conduct regularly a customer analysis of the customers which can help to the company to improve their products and services as per the change in the customer's expectations (Meskendahl, 2010). So it is essential for the marketing managers to analyse the customers which are regularly their supermarkets, and they have to take a personal feedback of them regarding to the products and services. It can help to the company to analyse those points on which they can make their improvements. As the company is having big structure so they have to make a proper research on the stakeholders which are working in the organisation so it is essential for the company to meet the expectations of the employees which are working in the organisation, it is related to the ethical responsibilities of the company towards people which are generating their efforts towards the organisation. At the last managers and leaders have to make proper decisions to select a strategy to improve their products and services and as well as they have to consider their employees also in the betterment scheme.

P7 Undertaking the research to meet the stated objectives and own learning and performance

It is essential for the marks and Spencer to manage their working activities as per the objectives which are decide by the project managers. As the Marks and Spencer wants to make a CSR activities so it is essential for the project managers to analyse their activities are going or not according to their objectives (Müller and Turner, 2010). Research is an essential element for the company to increase and improve their work as per the targeted objectives of the managers and leaders. Marks and Spencer can meet out their objectives by making a proper plan on the CSR activities. So they have to make their activities in a proper manner which can increase the benefits on the social responsibilities of the company. As the Marks and Spencer are having social corporate responsibility to impro0ve their products and services as per the demands of the customers so it is essential for them to analyse the needs of the customers and make their improvements accordingly. So in the firs they have to make a proper research on the demands, needs and expectations of the customers from them which can increase and improve the products and services of the company to provide better satisfaction to the customers. So it is essential for the company to make a proper analysis before making a strategy on the objectives. It can help them to make better working activities as per the requirements of the customers and stakeholders of the company. One more thing which is they have to use appropriate tools and techniques in the market researches and customers researches to improve their working capabilities as per the needs and demands of the consumers (Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015). As they are using a primary data researches methods which are appropriate to find out the needs and demands of the customers but they have to use a personal interviews also which can help to the company to enhance the effectiveness against their needs. After it it is essential for the managers which are working in the marketing field to make objectives which are effective for the company and as well as for the stakeholder to improve their workings. In the order to to achieve the target and objectives managers and leaders have to make appropriate strategies against to the objectives. It can help to the company to make their business activities according to expectations of the customers which wants a better product with in the cost effective prices. So they have to find out faults and causes which are consuming the finance which can be reduced by the managers and leaders to make an effective strategy on them (Shattock, 2010). So these are some points on which company can develop CSR activities to improve their products and services.


On the basis of above report it as been concluded that, marks and Spencer is an international retailing company which have to various types of techniques in order to improve their performance in international market. They have to opted Gantt chart which can bale to improve work quality and provide an opportunity to earn more profit. Researches are help them to meet their set of target and objectives. Appropriate research tools such as qualitative and quantitative techniques which are help to identify current market demand of their customer. Organization have to provide better customer services to the people in order to attract large number of customers and enhance their revenue margin as well.


Books and Journals

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