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Managing Business Activities

Introduction to Managing Business Activities

The manufacturing organization always focuses on managing their business activities or the operational activities so that the organization can achieve the desired result. Managing the business activities within the business environment will lead to improve their efficiency and effectiveness so that they can attain the objectives (Price and Smith, 2000). Jaguar is the well known British multinational car brand that exists in Whitley, converntry, England. The company always stood for quality features and its designs in cars. The company renders the quality features cars segmenting or targeting their premium customers to sell their cars. Presently, the Jaguar Company possesses 10,000 employees that cater their services in the manufacturing company to produce the cars.

The report mainly focuses on their operations or the business processes so that they can deliver the quality outcome to their market customers. The report also focuses on designing various systems that can be used to monitor and managing the quality standard in the company to improve their organizational performance in the market


1.1 Two core organizational functions of the Jaguar Company and their interrelationship

Jaguar Company is among the British largest manufacturing car company that features various activities or functions at the workplace so that they can render the services as per the requirement of their targeted customers (Pulkkinen, Naumenko and Luostarinen, 2007). There is the two core organizational function of the Jaguar Company which includes manufacturing department as well as the finance department. Both the departments have their vital role at the workplace. The manufacturing department of the Jaguar focuses on producing the various parts of the cars. The department will acquire further raw material and equipment that will help the company in manufacturing the parts so that they can contribute in manufacturing the car (Palmatier, Scheer and Steenkamp, 2007). While, the company's another core department is finance department because the main aim of the department is to generate cash so they can invest in the company to produce the product. The gathered fund by the finance department is being allocated to the different departments so that all the functions within the organization are performed effectively .

While, these two core organizational functions are interdependent of each other (Trevino and Nelson, 2010). The manufacturing process of the Jaguar highly depends upon the finance department. It the finance department that allocate the funds to the entire department even to the manufacturing department. So, that manufacturing department may procure the material or goods for producing the parts.

1.2 Justify the methodology used to map processes

Business process refers to the collection of various activities that help the company in producing the particular products for the market customers (Dowling, Festing and  Engle Sr, 2008). While, Process mapping is the process that shows the activities that are associated with the processes of manufacturing the cars it include activities like inputs of raw materials, resources functions and output. The process map main aim is to provide the integrative vision of the business procedure so that individuals can easily understand their role in the system.

The effective process mapping promotes the achievement of goals and objectives of the Jaguar company (North and Macal, 2007). The core processes of the Jaguar company include finance department, manufacturing department that focus on producing the quality parts and material for cars. The success and growth of Jaguar company instantly depends on the activities that are carried out by their production department as with the growth in quality level that ultimately leads to increase in satisfaction level of their customers. Popular cars models of Jaguar such as E type are the key results of proper management of business activities and proceeding of quality management tools (Moran, Harris and Moran, 2011). 

1.3 The output of the processes and quality gateways of the organization

Quality gateways is termed as the path through which company tests their manufactured products or parts. It check the quality of all the products and parts that are manufactured in the Jaguar. It help in identifying the improper or incorrect requirement from the processes and remove it so that it may not lead to any consequences. Their is the need of quality gateways in the Jaguar company as it will help in trapping the unwanted and defective part from the process so that it may not negatively effect the quality of the product (Nickels, McHugh and McHugh, 2011).

For the desired quality output from the processes it is necessary to adopt the quality gateways in the Jaguar. As in the competitive market scenario customers prefer to select the quality product and the Jaguar company exists in the market because of their quality features and premium cars. Hence, the output of the processes mainly depend upon the quality gateways of the organization.


2.1 Plan that promote goals and objectives for your own area of responsibilities

Planing refers to a process that ensure creating the future plan and then organizing the various activities that will support the plan to accomplish the desired result. Planning is important in the Jaguar company so that it they can easily attain their goals and objectives by manufacturing the quality cars with the advanced features to meet the requirement of their market customers (Amara, Landry and Traoré, 2008). The manager of Jaguar must design a plan that will assist in achieving the organizational goals and objectives for the own area of responsibility.

Product development is consider as an own area of responsibility that is being supported by conducting market research and conducting timely modification in the production process. So, that company can know about the current requirement of the market customers and manufacture according to the needs that will help in promoting the goals and objectives (Chen, Zhang and Zhou, 2007).

2.2 SMART objectives for the department

SMART objectives are termed as the strategic goals and objectives that can be easily understood. These are also the objectives defined by the jaguar company but these are specific and tine frame in nature. As the Jaguar develop the SMART objective that is to increase their car sales in the two years. SMART stands for:

Specific: These goals are clearly declared what to do and the ways to achieve the objectives. For accomplishing the SMART objectives of jaguar they have qualified human resource inventory and even the financial resources.

Measurable: While, this SMART objective is even measurable as with the adequate and qualified human resource within the Jaguar they will attain the objectives (Meyer, Wright and Pruthi, 2009).

Achievable: As the manager and employee agreed upon the specific goal that is to increase their sales in the two years. So it is even attainable with the adequate resources.

Reliable: while, the objective is reliable as employee are skilled enough to attain the objective in the 2 years.

Time frame: As the objectives decided by the manager and employees state the appropriate time period in which they attain the increase their sales that is in two years (Sundaramurthy and Kreiner, 2008).

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2.3 Systems implemented by the Jaguar to achieve the objectives

For achieving the objectives in the most efficient way, on time and to the budget while meeting organizational quality standard the company must implement the project management system. This system will help the Jaguar company in achieving their objectives by planning their manufacturing activities, organizing them, motivating them to achieve the goals. There are the several advantage for implementing the project management system as it will help the project to get completed in the frame time, with the allocated resources and budgets (Moran, Harris  and Moran, 2011). With the help of project management tools like Gantt chart and Critical path analysis Jaguar company will meet the quality outputs in the most efficient ways and in the budgets.

2.4 Project management tools

Project management refers to the planning of the activities, organizing and controlling the resources and equipment so that Jaguar can attain the specific goals. There are several tools of the project management such as work breakdown structure (WBS), Gantt chart, critical path analysis etc. all these tools are used effectively so that they can easily monitor and control the project operations (Tian, 2007).

As the Work breakdown structure (WBS), refers to a method that decompose the project that is manufacturing the cars into the small elements. The company opt this method as an effective because it divide the actual work into the sub parts that mainly focuses on saving the time and cost. As with the WBS Jaguar allocate the specific time in which the employees have to complete their activities.

While, the another effective tool that is used by the Jaguar company is Critical path analysis (Nickels, McHugh and McHugh, 2011). As the Jaguar is the largest car manufacturing company hence, they must adopt the critical path analysis to complete the complex activities associated with manufacturing the cars. It is an technique that schedule the manufacturing activities. The method also calculate the duration that each and every activity within the manufacturing process will take to complete. While, the critical path analysis will schedule the activities in such a manner that it will attain the business objectives effectively (Neely, 2007). Hence, it can be said that project management tools that is WBS and CPA possess the greater control on the project while, it also help the project to get  accomplished in the accurate time period.


3.1 Quality system that can be used to manage and monitor the quality standard at Jaguar

For managing the quality standard at the Jaguar Company, they need to design the quality system (Amara, Landry and Traoré, 2008). This will help the organization to monitor the quality at the workplace while producing or manufacturing the parts of the cars. With the changing requirement of the customers, the company focuses on maintaining its quality and competitive edge in the market to maintain their brand image in the market among their customers. In the present market scenario, quality helps in assuring the company's image and higher performance in the market. Jaguar presently focuses on the TQM process so that the organization can continuously improve their production process  so that it can utilize minimum resources to obtain the higher quality results (Pulkkinen,  Naumenko and Luostarinen, 2007).

Jaguar Company may also implement the ISO standard in their organization to manage and monitor the quality standard. The quality standard is the guidelines that are used to ensure that product and processes are safe and are of good quality. By certifying the standard, it will help the Jaguar Company in maintaining their products quality as per the requirement of their customers. The company must implement the ISO 9000 as the standard provides the effective guidance for the Jaguar to ensure that their manufactured products consistently meet the requirements of their market customers with the continuous improvement in the quality (Palmatier, Scheer and Steenkamp, 2007).

3.2 How the quality system will support and ensure the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement at Jaguar

Quality system refers to the standards that ensure fulfilling the quality standard objectives as per the requirement of market customers. By using ISO 9000 certification for the Jaguar company will support their quality system within the company as will monitoring the processes, evaluating and developing or changing the processes it will help the company in developing the quality culture (Werner, 2006).

 With the help of quality systems like quality assurance team and TQM at the workplace will enable the continuous improvement in the production process and center their focus on attaining the quality. With all these systems supported in the Jaguar will ensure the development in the culture. As the quality assurance team properly monitors and evaluate the manufacturing process so that any gap in the process will be identified and corrective action will be taken by the manager to remove the error (Maryska and Novotny, 2013).

3.3 Recommendation for the improvements

nsuring the quality systems in the Jaguar there are certain recommendation for the company. They can improve or align the resources with the objectives and goals which are set by the organization. The certain recommendations are:

  • Training and development: The company may align the resources with the goals and objectives by providing them with proper training and developing the skills or abilities of the workers or employees to enhance their work (Sandstrom and Osborne, 2011). The Jaguar Company requires the trained workers so that they can handle the huge machines or tools for manufacturing the parts. Hence, the company must focus on the employees training to enhance their knowledge and skills so; they can align to achieve the objectives.
  • ISO 9000 certification: Another recommendation for attaining organization objectives is implementing the criteria of ISO 9000 within the processes for assuring the quality material and machines to meet the customer’s requirement (Chen, Law and Yang, 2009).
  • Quality assurance teams: The last recommendation for Jaguar is to implement the quality assurance team within their manufacturing processes. The quality assurance team will continuously monitor and manage the quality at the workplace and which will result in producing the quality output. The team also helps to faster the processes so that company can easily achieve the objectives and goals.

3.4 The effects and implications of proposed changes within the Jaguar

While, utilizing the recommendation in the organization, the proposed change that is Intervention of the quality assurance team and providing the training sessions for the employees will impact positively in the organization (Meyer, Wright and Pruthi, 2009).

As with the engagement of quality assurance team within the Jaguar will positively impact their manufacturing process. They will constantly monitor and evaluate the processes to find out any deviation or error. This will help to implement the effective solution to remove the deviation and ensure the quality outcome (Wilkinson, 2010).

While, implicating the training and development session within the organization will also result in the positive outcome. With the planned training session they will enhance their skills and abilities to perform their tasks and it will ensure the production of quality material. With the help of training employee enhances their skills and focuses on rendering the quality products (Palmatier, Scheer and Steenkamp, 2007).


4.1 Risk assessment

While, managing the business activities within the Jaguar company and to perform better in the competitive market company need to carry out the appropriate risk assessment to reduce the hazardous issue from the manufacturing process. By carrying out risk assessment as per the legislation, regulation and organizational requirement the company will ensure the health and safety of each and every employee working in the process (Gulati, 2007). The Jaguar company ensure the appropriate action according to the legislation and regulation like, cleaning the floors so that in future it may not cause any issues, cleaning and monitoring the heavy equipment that is being used in the manufacturing the parts of the car must be reviewed in the fix interval of time so that it may not lead to any negative consequences. The risk assessment in the Jaguar will help in setting out the certain guidelines for ensuring safety within the company (Eckerson, 2010). While, carrying out the risk assessment in the Jaguar there are 5 steps it include:

  • Identifying the hazard
  • Measuring risks to the employees
  • Making the risk reducing plan
  • Implementing the plan
  • evaluate or review the risk assessment

Hence, with carrying out all these steps Jaguar company will identify the hazardous areas, reducing the risk and introduce the safe environment to their employees within the manufacturing process (North and Macal, 2007).

4.2 How the health and safety regulations and legislation are correctly and effectively applied in the specific situation

UK government have frame the numerous of the act for the employees to ensure that they are working under the highly effective environment. With the various health and safety regulations Jaguar maintain the health and safety at the workplace. By measuring the accident rate and labor turnover rate the company will ensure the implementation of the proper health and safety regulations in the Jaguar company (Drucker, 2007).

With the lower accident rate in the company it will determine that company is adopting the health and safety legislation at the workplace. For example, if the employee slip on the floor and get 10 stitches will result in improper health and safety legislation at the manufacturing processes (Dowling, Festing and  Engle Sr, 2008).

4.3 Systematic review of organizational health and safety procedure to ensure they effective and complaint

For ensuring the organizational health and safety policies are effective or complaint in nature, the company must review the environment of manufacturing process to ensure its safeness. The systematic review of organizational health and safety policies and procedure include:

  • Formal audit: Formal audit is an method for reviewing and monitoring the health and safety activities throughout the manufacturing process of the cars. This audit provide the comprehensive and formal classification with the health, safety and environmental procedure and plan (Trevino and Nelson, 2010). 
  • Process safety audit: With the help of process safety audit it will systematic review the health and safety policies or procedures at the manufacturing processes of the cars.

4.4 Practical application of health and safety policies and procedure in the workplace

The practical application of health and safety policies and procedure in the Jaguar workplace will  be carried out by developing policies regarding the improper health and safety legislation or by providing them proper tools and equipment to carry out the work in the manufacturing process (Roychowdhury, 2006).

By providing appropriate tools and equipment while manufacturing the car parts. This will help the workers to avoid any issues or consequences at the production level. By the proper equipment that is lever, it will benefit the workers to raise any heavy part in the manufacturing department.


Conclusively, it can be said that by managing all the business activities in the workplace will help in improving the company's efficiency and effectiveness. While, it also improve the performance of the business in the competitive environment. The report also design the various systems like project management that will help the company in managing and monitoring the quality standards in their processes. Lastly, the report also carry out the risk assessment to overcome the hazardous situation that arises in the manufacturing process.


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