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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results

Introduction to Business Activities

A success story of a business organization is made when the entity has sound management and control system in its organizational activities. Management is seen as the key element in a business organization because it ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the achievement of desired goals and objectives (Blyth, 2008). The present report is made to develop constructive understanding about the skills which are required to manage the business activities in adequate manner. The complete report is made within the context of ABC Company which is facing issues in managing of business processes. The report will address the problem to find the best solutions.


Lo1 Relevance Of Business Processes In Achievement Of Business Goals And Objectives

1.1 Identifying all major position in the departments and outlining the existing organization chart of ABC Company

The management of ABC Company is made of below major positions-

Managing Director(MD)- is the superior authority who takes major decision in ABC Company. He directs the actions of all departments of ABC Company and sees how overall operations of the entity are going and also has the responsibility to establish sound communication and coordination between the different departments of the entity (Institute of Leadership & Management, 2007). However, this characteristic of MD has not been seen in ABC Company in the formerMD and because of this reason issues are arising in the company.

Marketing Manager- The next major position is of marketing manager who is responsible for carrying out marketing and public relation activities.

Account Officer-undertakes the work of recording of all the monetary transactionswhichoccurs in daily operations of the business (Amha, 2010). He also makes efforts to generate business for the firm.

Administrative Officer- has the responsibility to oversee the work of support staff. In addition to that, it also ensures availability of required resource in the organization.

Recruitment Manager-The responsibility of recruiter is to bring potential candidates for the listed job and to generate the revenue for the firm (Fantinato and Rocha,2013). The recruitment manager also performs the task of refining and testing the resumes of the applicants on the basis of standard criteria.

Supporting Staff- helps in effectively carrying out the organizational activities. They make calls to the potential candidates to stimulate them to apply for the listed job.

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1.2 Listing and identifying the relationship between different functions/ processes and explaining the different functions and processes

A business organization is called as system because it is made up of different departments which perform their actions towards the accomplishment of common goal of the organization. The variousdepartments of the organization are termed as sub-systems of an organization as they works collectively to complete the organization system (Moser, 2013). A business organization cannot be imagined effective if there is no relationship exists between the different departments like marketing, accounts, human resource and operations of the entity. All departments of the organization are inter-connected with each other. For example; the financial department of the organization issues funds to the marketing department for carrying out of marketing and promotional activities (Mayhew, 2014). The marketing department promotes the business in the market which in turn brings corporate client for the firm. When the marketing department ensure availability of client then the recruitment manager contacts the potential clients through telephone calls, newspapers ads, emails and social media. The accounts department of ABC Company records the funds which come in the business from the business client and candidates (Kettunen, 2011). The operations or administrative department of ABC Company ensure that there should be proper flow of communication and coordination between the accounts, marketing, and recruitment manager so that overall business activities can be performed in the best possible manner.

1.3 Elements for quality gateways process

Organization is seeking to get the objective and achieve goals by quality gateway process according to mission statement. Gateway process is essential for ABC international to manage the quality of services (Dumas and et.al., 2013). By using the gateway process, organization can effectively monitor the functions and develop plan for meeting the criteria of proposed objectives. Following are the key elements of gateway process:

Client satisfaction: This is the key element of gateways process that supports to maintain the quality of services to meet the satisfaction level of client and craft improvement according to expectation of client.

Extent of risk: In the function of ABC, international involvement of risk is always creating threat for quality of services (Armistead, 2000). For that, it is the responsibility of management to manage risk and consider influencing factors.

Timescale: For organization, completion of projects on time is very important to meet the client’s objectives. If organization is looking to achieve goals then accomplishment of task on time will support the overall function as well as monitoring of quality.

Cost: In gateway process for quality cost of operations and supporting activity also play important role to define quality and implement system software for greater efficiency, visibility and quality outcome (Evans, 2013).

Lo2 Plan Of Action For Implementation Of Operational Plans

2.1 Plan to promote goals and objectives for ABC Company

ABC Company provides the assistants to business organization for selection and recruitments of new candidates (Adamson, 2003). For that, the main objectives of company are to meet the requirements of client, understanding of needs and follow-up of simple process to get the desired output.  Following plan will be helpful for ABC Company:

Assessment of need: To make the decision according to objective, it is responsibility of ABC management to properly assess the need of clients. This will give the support to meet the objective and goals of company as well as clients (Gallup, 2002). In this section, organization needs to consider the legal and regulatory norms for improving the effectiveness.

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Evaluation of alternative: To promote goals and objectives, evaluation of alternative is important as it will help organization to make choice from strategy. Analysis of alternative will also improve the knowledge of management.

Selection: For the promotion of goals and objectives, selection of alternative to solve the issues is important which improve the quality of desired outcome and enhances the decision making (Kohtamaki and et.al., 2012). In selection of alternatives, management has to involve the legal issues to enhance the brand image of company.

Implementation and control: In order to promote the goals and objective in an effective manner, implementation of plan and monitoring of process is required. By following this plan, ABC Company can meet the objectives.

2.2 SMART objective and recommendation for alignment of resources

ABC Company can craft improvements in the process of working by implementing plan to according to SMART objective.  Following are the SMART objectives for organization:

  • To improve the financial process by end of 2014.
  • To overcome the employee turnover ratio in 2 months.
  • To improve the communication within organization in 1 month.
  • Improvement in brand image of company in 2 months.

Recommendations for alignment of resourses:

To manage the resources, organization required keeping all the records of employees and other resources utilize within ABC Company (Baptista, 2014). For that, organization needs to implement the ERP system which offer the tools for storing information as well as help to improve the communication. By applying ERP system, ABC management will monitor the activity and increase the level of co-ordination among departments. This approach will help organization for achieving the objectives.

2.3 Appropriate system to achieve objectives

ABC Company is looking to achieve goals and objectives in the most effective and efficient ways which eliminates extra time, cost and maintain the quality of standard followed by management. In order to accomplish the objective, ABC management can implement the ERP (Enterprises resource planning) system which will help to analyse the information, store the data and improve the whole communication system (James, 2006). By implementing ERP system, management can categorize the CV that will make the tasks easy for management to select candidate according to requirement of clients. In addition to that, system will provide the storage to keep the data as well as sharing of information.

By using this system, company can enhance the quality of services and reduces the time of processing and sharing of information. In addition to benefits of ERP system, it enhances the efficiency in operations to get better output (Kruger and Mama, 2012). ERP provides the opportunities for collaboration of data and security. So, by implementing ERP system, ABC Company can achieve objective and goals most effective and efficient manner.

2.4 Work activities to meet the operational plan

ABC management can perform following activities for meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control.

Brain storming: By conducting brain storming session, management of ABC Company can generate new ideas for improving quality of operations according to plan (Tactics, tools & strategies – five steps to implement, 2010). This activity will also provide the monitoring of individual for their contribution in the plan proposed by top management.

Evaluation of alternative: To promote goals and objectives, evaluation of alternative is important as it will help organization to make choice from strategy. Analysis of alternative will also improve the knowledge of management.

Implementation of system: By using this system, company can enhance the quality of services and reduces the time of processing and sharing of information. ERP system, it enhances the efficiency in operations to get better output (Lal, 2008). ERP provides the opportunities to share data fast which will support to meet operational plan.


Lo3 Evaluate Systems For Better Organizational Performance

3.1 Required system to manage and monitor quality

To manage and monitor the quality of services provided by ABC Company to their respective clients, management can use the following system elements.

By using this quality management system tools, organization can focus on the priority and develop process to improve the quality and monitor. Quality management system involves policies, strategy and controlling of procedure which integrate the whole system and help to get the desired output (Pekar, 2001). By implementing quality management system, ABC management can manage and monitor the operations according to plan and improve quality in service.

3.2 Demonstration of the quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development

For development of quality culture in organization, management of ABC Company has to develop a systematic process which assists manager in continuous monitoring and evaluation of various business operations and activities (Enroth, 2013). In order to manage continuous improvement as well as development of quality culture, ABC Company needs to take necessary steps that will improve skills and productivity of employees. To improve skills and knowledge of workers, managers of ABC firm arranges different type of training sessions with the help of the internal manager and external educational institutions. These tactics of learning improves skills of staff so as management can easily implement alteration in business structure to enhance productivity and profitability of organization (Kleindl and Burrow, 2012).

In order to measure efficiency and outcomes of worker, the administration of ABC Company can use many factors such as productivity of employee, feedback of consumers and growth in organization. All these elements can be used by top manager for evaluation and monitoring of worker’s performance (Kohtamaki and et.al., 2012). Business entity can evaluate the job performance and decisions taken by staff for proper management of difficulties. This evaluation provides accurate information about ability to handle adverse situation as well as outcomes of workers. Another important element is job rotation. The approach assists manager in facilitation of distinct type of information to employees that will increase motivation level of workers.

3.3 Recommendation for improvements which align with the organization’s objectives and goals and elements of continuous improvement

There are various recommendations suggested below for improvement which aligns with the organization’s objectives and goals:

To increase productivity and efficiency of organization, management of ABC firm should adopt latest business approaches as well as creative ideas in various business procedures (Adamson, 2003). All new policies and tactics help management in order to increase coordination among various business operations that will provide good returns to firm in terms of satisfaction of clients as well as improvement in profit volume.

For timely achievement of business objectives in terms of increment in number of clients, organization should implement many changes in training and development of employees and candidates (Fantinato and Rocha, 2013). So, clients of ABC Company can enhance productivity of their company. This thing influences reputation of the organization along with consumer base.

The management of ABC Company needs to identify new resource of candidates such as international educational institutions and other recruitment agencies (James, 2006). So, firm can provide the best employees to other companies.

Factors of continuous improvement

There are several elements available which play important role in the process of continuous improvement in business entity.

  • Improvement in skills and knowledge of worker through proper training system.
  • Development of quality standards.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Implementation of effective monitoring and evaluation model.

3.4 Report on Implications of proposed changes within the organization

Report determines various alterations in last task so management can easily enhance efficiency of business. By using proposed alteration, top management of ABC Company can satisfy demand and requirement of client within effective manner (Kruger and Mama, 2012). If clients are satisfied with employees and their work then it will increase brand value of organization as well as build long term relation with other firm. This thing assists ABC firm in order to increase profit and goodwill. By adopting new techniques in training and skills development programs, company can provide the best candidates to other company. This approach influences skills of workers that create huge impact of morale and motivation level of workers. ABC Company makes efforts for identification of new sources employee so, company selects candidates from various education institutions (Kleindl and Burrow, 2012). So, firm can provide staff belonging from different culture and culturally diversify workforce creates great effect of customer handling process of client company. So, client organization can easily fulfill needs of consumers.

Lo4 Health And Safety At Abc Company

4.1 Advice to carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organizational requirements

There are many kinds of risk faced by management of ABC Company in various business operations. Some most of important risk are disclosed below:

Recruitment of unskilled employees: The management of business entity encounters problems in terms of selection of wrong or unqualified employees due to some certain reasons. It creates bad impression about company because unskilled worker cannot fulfill all responsibilities and cannot perform various tasks effectively (Dumas and et.al., 2013). This thing exploits brand goodwill. To handle these kinds of situations, ABC firm needs to implement strict rules and regulations in recruitment process. Company can adopt multilayer screening process to avoid these problems.

Partiality in selection procedure: Sometimes, managers of ABC Company conduct partiality in recruitment of candidates due to some personal causes (Amha, 2010). So, top management has to develop strict rules and regulations for HR manager.

Risk in implementation of ERP system: In the process of implementation of ERP system, organization has to face risk related to data management, technical risk and security risk. Business entity faces problem when manager cannot get success to manage data efficiently (Fantinato and Rocha, 2013). Failure of ERP system leads delay in services. Firm also faces issues related to distortion of workers information through viruses and bugs.

Attrition leads to dissatisfaction among employees. On the other hand employee indifference encourages conflicts and decreases coordination among staff members. So, productivity of firm is going down that creates negative image of ABC firm.

4.2 Demonstration of the correct and effective application of the health and safety regulations and legislation applicable in ABC Company

ABC Company is managing business under the legislation of UK government. So, company has to consider all the health and safety legislations in various business practices (HSE, 2003). The administration has to provide better facilities in terms of lighting, ventilation as well as other safety equipment according to norms of Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974. According to government laws, business entity provides training of latest safety equipments through experts. Business entity also arranges education programs for worker with the help of doctors and other nursing staff about proper handling of any kind of medical emergencies. With the help of above training and education, staff members can handle any type of adverse situation in terms of fire and medical injury effectively (Moser, 2013). This approach can save the life of people in situation of accidents and worker can deal with any problems without any difficulty.

4.3 A systematic review of organizational health and safety policies and procedures

The management ABC Company has implemented a range of health and safety policies for employees. Business entity makes available proper safety equipments like fire equipment and other medical facilities. Firm also organizes proper training for worker at the time of joining. The management of ABC Company develops a safety system that makes efforts in order to maintain safety equipment in running condition (Enroth, 2013). This team also develops systematic procedures in order to handle situation of accidents and other medical emergencies. The ABC Company also arranges a third party check on health and safety compliance of government before placing employees in other organization. This process assists to analyze health of workers. After evaluation of all elements related to health and safety, third party check related to health of workers is most important factor for ABC firm (Moser, 2013). An employee with good health directly influences productivity of client organization and will increase goodwill of ABC firm. 

4.4 Advice on how to carry out the practical application of health and safety policies and procedures ABC Company

In order to ensure safety and security of workers, manager of ABC Company should develop an efficient fire safety system with the help the latest electronic devices which ring alarm in situation of fire so as all workers can save their lives. Business entity needs to organize drills related various accidental situations (Kettunen, 2011). Organization should provide proper training about first aid treatment regarding to various injuries and medical emergencies. Company needs to facilitate a rest room, restaurants and medical room with primary medical equipments and nursing staff. So, employee can get good quality food within good price. The administration should have to organize an annual health check up camp for employees. With the help of this approach, company can identify serious diseases like cancer and etc (Dumas and et.al. 2013). so as workers get treatment without any delay that can save life of staff. Business entity should have to provide insurance cover to workers. So, staff can face any kind of serious injury and medical problems along with health issues of family members without any financial burden.


From the above report, it is considered that structure and culture of ABC company is important for developing quality services for clients. Report has identified functional relationships and provided details of function and process followed by company. It has evaluated elements of quality gateway process and develops a plan for promoting goals and objectives of ABC Company. In the next part, report has explained activities to meet operational plan and recommendation to align with objectives. In the end, report has demonstrated effective application of health and safety regulations and review of organizational health and safety policies.


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