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Importance of Developing Teams and Individuals of H&M

University: Westminster Business School

  • Unit No: 35
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MAN6706
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Organization Selected : H&M Company


Developing Individuals and teams is important to build internal structure of organisation strong, It will recognise as own professional development by improving the performance in which they are working such as H&M. High performance of team aids the organisation to reach on top position in market throughattaining effectiveness in their operations. It helps in determining interconnection between effectiveness of an individual, team and organization to consider as business development is an essential element for every organization (Boer and et. al.,2017). This report helps in gaining awareness of learning and determining development needs are linked in their future engagement. This assignment covers appropriate skills and knowledge that are required by HR professionals, it helps in determining personal skills audit to identify training and development. Also, bring highlight on professional development plan forJane Cambridgein HR officer role of H&M enterprise. Basically, developing of individuals and team will also able to contribute development of others and make positive contribution in sustainable growth of a business enterprise that is H&M company.

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P1. Determine appropriate knowledge, skills and behavior that are required by HR professionals

As a HR officer it is necessary to develop an appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviour that are required by HR professionals that helps them in achieving their objectives on time and maintains the performance of an individual employee. This will improves the overall performance of an individual while implementing policies and procedures to build efficiency among existing employees. It will assists in maintaininga balance of staff and develop skills by providing training in attaining their business aims or objectives. This section involves continuing professional development, it defines as an systematic approach of learning activities that professional takes part to develop and enhance their skills. This process helps to manage business development on an ongoing basis(Norros, 2014). If you want sample paper related to Entrepreneur then visit Characteristics to become a successful Entrepreneur.

The importance to determine skills, behaviour and knowledge that are required by HR officer are described in detailed as follows:

On the basis of Skills:

  • Communication: It is a fundamental approach towards skill, it will enhance the skills by listening properly what HR officer is commanding on their project work. It assist in coordinating with their subordinates which can lead to better result in maintaining harmony in their workplace.
  • Problem resolving: Without resolving issues, H&M company will not able to focus on their major project. It will bring negative impact on business enterprise and reduce the cost production. By resolving problems, it will bring optimal output by enhancing their skills.

On the basis of Behaviour

  • Coordination and cooperation: By using above effective method by HR manager in H&M, will bring a positive outcome termed as coordination and cooperation among workers and co- workers of a business firm. By engaging teamwork to their team leader will able to know their team member personally and enables their issues related to work that are assigned them (Knipfer and et. al., 2013) .
  • Teamwork: By engaging a teamwork, it will bring a positive impact on H&M business firm by attaining their goals on given time. This will enhance their skills by focusing on an individual performance that will result in higher and cost beneficial production. As a HR officer it plays a crucial role by distributing work into a team, it will bring a optimalresult in terms of business firm.
  • Equality: It is an essential element to treat each and every employee equal, otherwise, it will be a major issue will leads to a conflict in an enterprise. By treating each and every worker same, this will bring cohesiveness among employees of an enterprise.

On the basis of Knowledge

It can bring through an individual performance and their talent activities which are focused on an eligibility criteria of an individual performance (Macdonald Burke and Stewart, 2017).

  • Employees grievances: This is plays a major role in HR department, as a HR officer it is necessary to check dissatisfaction of an employees what an employee expects from a company and its management. However, employee grievances caused a gap between what employee expects and what a worker receive from an employer.
  • Legislation: It maintains laws and order of H&M company. This helps employees in providing safe and better working conditions from any organization. By using labour law in a business firm, it keep healthy environment at workplace.
  • Management knowledge: It can be used in keeping a track records of down turns and down falls of an individual basis. This emphasis on organizational moral values and manage trash of a business firm. By using HR strategies, it bring more efficiency and effectiveness among employees at workplace.

P2. Analyse personal skills audit for an employee to identify training and development needs

A personal skills audit is a better way for an individual to determine his or her capability and inevitable to develop a healthy environment(Mellor and et. al., 2011) . It depends upon the area of business in which Jane Cambridge employee is working that varies different area or department and its atmosphere. It is most an effective technique to analyse an individual performance and therefore, adopt various strategies to develop and improve the existing skills and abilities required in a business field. As per the task requirement, Jane Cambridge personal skill audit is discussed in below as:

Strengths Weaknesses

Using of internet, emails.

Minimum use of database, Unaware about the HR software, Convincing problem, Failed in delivering a proper training session.

Opportunities Threats

By working on PowerPoint, Writing reports, Produce material to support presentations

Use of excel spreadsheet, Resolving disputes, interviewing, Advising on HR issues.

Usage of database Little By doing more and more practices. Peer group 3 months
Requisite to update HR software No experience Using high and upgraded technology Experts 1Month
Negotiation skills Little By involving more with employer Senior HR 3 Months
Enhancement ofdelivering issue No experience Higher authority 6 Months

P3. Difference between organisational and individual learning.

Organisational learning Individual learning
This learning is complex and dynamic This learning is simple as compared to organisational learning
In this learning is done in the group level. This learning is done at individual level
Learning should not independent of all individuals. Learning should be independent of any specific individual.
Organisation learning is not effective as individual because of involvement of large people. Individual learning is effective because of involvement of one individual.
Every individual have their own capacity to learn new things Individual have their own human mind to learn new things.
It depends on group abilities and the the interest related to particular thing (Cherubini and Nielsen, 2016). It depends on individual abilities, interest and motivation of each learner.
In this every person in the group does not get the same thing as others. In this person get the thing on the basis of their mind.
Organisational learning decision depend on the whole group. Under this decision is based on the individual.
It a process of developing,retaining and transferring knowledge within internal environment. It a process of individualised educationtakes on the person for the own development.
This process get improves with the time as the company gain experience on how learning take place in organisation. This process generally remain same or improves slowly asit depends on individual strength and weakness(Anagnostopoulos, Byers and Shilbury, 2014) .
In this skills is generally develop only for a limited period. It develop skills and life long love for learning.
This learning may or not remain to the whole life. As every organisation have different culture and theories which person have to learn every time it go to some other new firm. This learning can change sense of things from child to adult.
One person intellectual disabilities and individual disorders can't effect this process. Intellectual disabilities and disorders can effect learning process.
This is done to survive and develop in the particular environment. This is done to acquire knowledge or skill through study or experiences. The knowledge and skills able to apply in different situations of life.

Need of Training and development

Training and development is perform in every work place and in society to improve individual capacity to perform some activity. It about generating skills and knowledge in the person to achieve effective performance and the development involves growth of employees (Córdoba and Piki, 2012) . Every organisation put their new employees in new training and development program to make them familiar with firm environment. Whether that employee is experience they need training to make them competent according to their own organisation.

Training and development is need in the organisation to-

  • Remove weakness-Every employee have some weakness which can be removed with training and development program. As a training program strengthen employee skills which need to improve for performing organisation activities .Development bring all the employees at the same level of skills .It removes all weak links which can affect the business tasks.
  • Consistency- T&D assist employees in having consistent experience and skills. The employee need to have consistent regarding company policies and procedures.
  • Employee satisfaction and change-Employees who undergone withtraining and development have the advantage over organisation structure. Expenditure on the training make employees that they are valued. Individual who are appreciated through training process feel more satisfied towards their work.

Training and development is need in the case of change. The technology which bring change ,modify the business functions and create necessity to train employees according to that.

  • Increase innovation- Training encourages employees for creativity. New ideas is generated through the process of training and development.
  • Quality treatment-The customer is know a days more conscious about the quality of the product. To serve good product to customer there is need of continuous training to workers so that they can work effectively (Bourne, 2016).

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P4. Need for continuous learning and professional development

Continuous learning takes place at individual level. Itis the invariant increase of skills and knowledge on individual level. Person expand their ability by continuously developing their skills and knowledge through learning.Continuous learning is necessary to work in change environment and for the life needs. It can be done through reading magazines,articles,publicaton. If you want assistance in your Finance assignment, then you should immediately opt for our Finance Assignment Help.

Professional development is done to increase and improvethe ability of the staff through conferences,meetings,learning opportunities,extra academic degrees etc. (Blandford, 2012) .

There is a huge need of continuous learning in business environment

  • Prepare for the uncertain thing- Continuous learning help people to deal with unexpected things which can be in form of job loss, change in work environment etc. Through constant learning employees able to work out of comfort zone and explore new things.
  • New ideas generation- New skills help in the generation of new ideas or innovate solution to problems as it open new opportunities.
  • Change human perspective- Lifelong learning change attitude and mind about the thing which individual already know. The more people learn, the more different ways get to see on the same situation.
  • Enhance performance-Learning improve the performance of the individual in the organisation. Learning should be take place in the areas which need to improve or upgrade through workshops,reading books and online study. If in the work environment some skills is needed that it can only be fulfilled through adaptability of new knowledge.
  • High retention rates-Due to continuous change in the environment people does not remain longer in the one organisation and assume to leave in 2- 3years.As they think that their personal growth is not happening in the organisation with the passage of time. But with the bases of lifelong learning workers remain in one organisation. Retention is also necessary for the business otherwise it will charge higher and hamper internal work to appoint large employee in every few years (Stewart and et. al., 2015) .
  • Happier employees-Worker feels happier when in the job boss take care of their success and goals apart from the organisation. Young employees who focuses on mentorship assist to reach new heights .As learning able to develop skillsin the employees which provide overallhuman development with organisation development.
  • Generate confidence- New learning help the individual in the development of their personality. With this they develop trust and confidence on their abilities which resultant in the increase in the power of taking challenges and exploring new opportunities.
  • Improves productivity-With the increase in learning in work environment ,employees are ready to retain in the business. Lack of opportunities for growth force employee to leave the job. As a result of learning and skill development ,top talent retains and help in achievinglong term success and profit. Advanced skilled workers are more productive for firm as compare to depressed skill worker who waste cost and time (Lyons and et. al., 2013) .

P5. HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage

High- performance work system are a groups is apart but integrated with human resource practices that is selection, training, compensation and evaluation. It is designed to enhance employee effectiveness. They should adopt better skills, motivation and other opportunities to perform HR practices which will bring harmony into a business firm. The attitudes of employees are examined that is job satisfaction, commitment towards business organization and empowerment. This will help in enhancement behaviour of the employees towards work.

The best HR mangers will understand that employees are engaged, productivity, performance and customer satisfaction helps in improving their performance motivating them. As a result, they contribute business success and willing put an extra efforts to attain tasks and business goals.

This will bring positive result by increasing their cost production efficiency and ensures the quality of H&M company. By encouraging upward communication which will assist in their ideas and input, this led to bring better communication and reduces conflicts among existing employees.

H&M develops capabilities that allow supply to be done effectively that will maximize profit of a business firm. There are two forms of competitive advantages that is cost advantage and differentiate advantage (Patel, Pettitt and Wilson, 2012).

Cost advantage involves where a firm has lower cost of goods sold. It will increase the demands of goods and services in addition to generate profit. It is a powerful flexibility that is used to drive competitors out of business world. The ordinal part of competitive advantages to differentiate firm's goods and services from existing competitors. It will bring effectiveness by using specific strategy and policies. By using innovative ideas will lose or gain the competition, by constant flow of new ideas will contributing to progress.

Improving quality which reach to customers need that meet their expectation. This will increase consumers demand and meet to specific advertisement which result in higher wealth creation. Use of excellence of services, bring enhancement in user or customer experience, by this user can buy or purchase itself through there own experience. Both employees engagement and competitive advantage will bring an optimal output by contributing high performance work system in H&M business enterprise.

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P6. Different approaches to performance management

Performance management is the activity which is done to insure organisation goals achieved or not in a efficient way. It aim is to focus on the performance of department and employees

Measuring performance of employees is necessary in every organisation so that workers does not deviate from their path. It is done in the organisation to know the contribution of employee in firm's success. There are five approaches which are commonly used in the business for evaluating performance are as follow-

  • Comparative approach:Under this approach individual performance is compared with that of other individual in the work group. Employees are ranked on the basis of highest to the lowest performer. Forced distribution technique ,paired comparison and graphic scaling technique are the techniques used in comparative approach.
  • Attribute approach:This approach emphasizes on individual traits of employees in the organisation. In this performance is evaluated on the basis of graphic rating scale and mixed standard scales. Mixed standard is represented through the statement of good,average and poor. Graphic is done through five point rating scale.
  • Behavioural approach: This approach emphasizes on how employee do the job in the organisation. There are two techniques which are used to keep record of effective and ineffective performance. Behaviourally anchored rating scales (BARS) and behavioural observation scales(BOS) (Shevlin, Winter and Flynn, 2013).
  • Result approach: Under this evaluation is done on the basis of employee result. This type of evaluation is done through balance scorecard approach. This technique focuses on four things which are finance, customer,learning and growth.
  • Quality approach:This approach aim is to satisfy the customer by reducing mistakes and continuous service. Under this employees take regular feedback on the quality of the product and employee from managers and clients to resolve performance problems. It provide help in the assessment of worker and business system and use of various source evaluate performance.

Performance management support the organisation in the form of high performance culture and commitment. This line is stated with the example one organisation in which there is no proper evaluation system make people more lazy and effect their capacity as they think no one is watching them. In this employee performance decrease as they have no on etc. keep check on them. Whereas the H&M companyfollow performance measure techniques have a better impact on employees as they are motivated to perform better. It help employees to increase or improve their capabilities or skills. Measuring employee performance increase the communication between workers and higher authority as discussion of job duties(Mittal and Dhar, 2015).


From the above discussion, hence it is concluded that, developing an individuals, teams and organisations is an essentialpart of each and every business firm. This involves various skills, abilities and knowledge regarding a HR officer that are needed in H&M company. It enhances the performance and improve their actions by using past experiences, as a result, achieving targets on specified time period. It also, includes an individual work performance and as an organizational performance which can be seen its difference at a time of attaining goals of H&M business firm. To coordinate among their subordinates this is a primary need of every HR manger to have some specific skills which are described in detailed in above task.


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