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Commercialize Innovation - Diesel Jeans

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The objective of this report is to develop understanding of individual’s in the context of innovation and its effectiveness. Main reason behind this is that in today’s competitive landscape each and every organisation continuously innovate their products and services that can assist them in gain higher competitive advantages easily.

  • Identify the concept of innovation and discuss the difference between invention and innovation.
  • Determine different types of innovation for DEASEL jeans.
  • Evaluate the process which required to commercialize innovation within DEASEL jeans.
  • Explain the methods for protecting ideas as well as determine its advantages and disadvantages.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Diesel Jeans


Multiple kind of businesses are working in modern scenario and they are operating business with motive of transforming their business vision into the reality and that is mainly being attained by adopting the methods and tools effectively. Multiple factors are mainly present in the process which has the potential of giving ample of opportunities, prototyping, marketing, sales and production (Ariga and et. al., 2013). Numerous kind of creative and innovative thoughts which mainly is being utilised with the motive of conducting the production along with manufacturing up of goods and services and thus selling to the customers within the marketplace. There are mainly two kind of aspects which is invention and innovation along with numerous kind of functions which is highly different from one another but they mainly work upon the common kind of aim and they mainly contribute in economical and social factors. Company taken for this report is DEASEL Jeans which is a Italian retail clothing company which bis located in Italy. This mainly sells out the denim, footwear and accessories. So many elements are there that in turn will mainly be highlighted within this report like difference between invention and innovation. In addition to this, there will be effectual functions for both kind of aspects which will mainly be discussed within this kind of report. There are mainly 4P's of innovation which will provide help in introducing the product within the marketplace. Therefore, three is the proper concept of innovation and commercialisation which will mainly be discussed within this kind of report.



INNOVATION: Innovation can be stated as process in which multiple kind of thoughts are mainly formulated and they are being implemented into the reality by adopting some tools and techniques (What is innovation? 2011). Those ideas and other thoughts are being put into the reality which has the factor of minimising the cost within the economical terms and thus it can help out in fulfilling the demands. In simple words, Innovation is being implemented by an idea along with having some kind of idea as per the present scenario. This kind of process is mainly helpful for certain kind of business which can help out in dealing with keen competitive market. In business process, innovation is something which is being utilised for bringing various kind of modifications so that maximum level of satisfaction can be given out to customers. Within services as well it can be implemented. This is mainly divided within two parts which are being described below:

Evolutionary Innovation: This kind of factor mainly helps out in motivation the development process when there are some of the mechanical changes which are mainly being done within certain kind of products and services (Boons and Lüdeke-Freund, 2013). This kind of procedure which can be stated as a transformation sector of development on the single kind of item.

Revolutionary Innovation: This kind of approach mainly helps out in expressing the motive of development and bringing improvisation on certain kind of products and services at sudden way.

Significance of Innovation:

There are numerous courses on which the development of organization thoroughly depends alongside apparatuses and strategies which are being connected for accomplishing expected outcomes. The real purpose for progress and development of organization is advancement which ought to be connected at starting stages (Chun and et. al., 2015). The principle focal point of cutting edge advancement is on giving upper hand along some different strategies by which improvement can occur . Development and other most recent advances are being received by the organization so as to apply imaginative and inventive contemplations inside genuine. Besides, there is a constructive attitude of individuals in regards to advancement inside merchandise and ventures and this can be an advantage to organization for having substantial number of clients alongside expanding generosity inside commercial centre. There are number of focal points which are being given for organization along staff individuals by advancement which can thusly improve level of execution for representatives. Other than this, there are more advantages which are being embraced for accomplishing the destinations in a compelling way. Significance of advancement to workers of DEASEL Jeans are:

  • Development of skills: Guidance is mainly being provided to employees in which there will be improvisation within skills, operations and thinking.
  • Efficiency: Innovation can be stated as method which can help in developing the current product sold by the company.
  • Performance productivity: New things can mainly be learnt by help of innovation by which productivity can be enhanced.
  • Creative mindset: It is very necessary to have a creative mind and thus to apply this, mind of employees will mainly have appropriate products.
  • Flexibility: There is instability within market due to which company has to adopt the flexibility and dynamic nature of market and thus can be effectively done by bringing innovation within company (Cunningham and Porter, 2011).

There are various kind of differences among the invention and innovation which are being described below:





There are multiple kind of thoughts which are implemented within this kind of concept. Creative factors are being utilised for attaining the objectives.

There are fresh ideas which are being taken out with motive of attaining the objectives in better and effectual manner.


Ideas and thoughts are mainly being applied.

There are various kind of untouched and appropriate thoughts which are implemented (Drucker, 2014).


Entire company adopts this kind of change.

This is mainly being limited and bounded within the R&D sector.

Reason of occurrence

Certain products and services should be made better with motive of maximum satisfaction to customers.

Random occurring up of fresh ideas and thoughts.

Allocated with

Different processes

Individual process


In the cutting edge situation, each sort of organization that is working inside commercial centre has set their attention level on direct the creation of merchandise and enterprises keeping in mind the end goal to have more number of clients for accomplishing the objectives which are being set (Eesley, Hsu and Roberts, 2014). DEASEL Jeans for the most part uses commercialisation to acquire advancement the items and administrations for high measure of offers. Each organisation have their own particular mission, vision and culture on which tasks are occurring. This is useful in controlling the representatives with the goal that they can fill in as a group right way. This system is basic for a business in moulding advancement and commercialisation. Development implies adjustment and modification in existing item through which client fulfilment can amplify which is useful in expanding the efficiency and gainfulness. Commercialisation is characterized as a procedure in which organization will prompt arrangement at worldwide level. For managing at world market, it is fundamental for a business to plan a dream, mission, cooperation, culture through which each task complete successfully (Goldberg, 2013). As this empower a firm in conveying quality items and administrations to extreme client of a firm. DEASEL Jeans needs to acquire advancement giving a self administration/App/PC program for picking an individual style of pants with embeddings possess estimations into particular table which will show up a 3D look.


This can be stated as one of the effective concept which is being utilised for formulation of something good for company and that too for a long tenure. This mainly needs and planning and resources which can help in turning vision into reality (Huberman and Miles, 2013). This is the long term guidance for the company on which they have to work. Major motive of this kind of factor is that it will determine the goals and objectives which in turn can mainly provide the bridge which in turn can help out in bridging the gap so that aims and objectives can be attained.


This can be stated as one of the essential factor for the company like DEASEL jeans which in turn can mainly help out in defining the structure of performance along with methods which cam help out in determining the various aims and objectives which can help in giving effective results (Jaffe and Lerner, 2011). Numerous kind of factors are mainly present that are involved like the working environment which is like vision, mission, along with the authorities, ethical processes and other main objectives. As per the culture of above mentioned company, business is mainly built which is based upon the hard work, striving and attaining excellence at which everything is being done and give contribution to the community as well.


Mainly this kind of factor is one of the mots effective factor for the company as there is the guidance which is being given for the employees for mainly attaining the activities and tasks of organisation like DEASEL Jeans. Main duty of the leader is to identify the abilities and skills of employees which in turn can help out in attaining the objectives (Jagoda and et. al., 2011). It is very necessary for the business to have the motivational skills so that high performance can be observed. Developing and training sessions can be conducted for enhancing certain abilities and skills.

Team Spirit:

Achievement and development can be expressed as element which is very basic for every single sort of organization and in this way can be connected by advancing successful thoughts and methods (Jiménez-Jiménez and Sanz-Valle, 2011). Designation can be expressed as instrument which is being used by the organization for giving inspiration and observing the collaboration. There are different sort of things which have had constructive outcomes on the generation and benefit proportions of the organization and in this way have possessed the capacity to diminish the odds of political issues emerging.

Multiple kind of businesses are mainly present which has the curiosity regarding the establishment of effectual and ethical environment for the employees for mainly uplifting the level of morale which can improvise the level of performance.



There is the element of innovation which is highly global in nature and it can be obtained at every place. To some of the people, it can be new in nature while for other it can be an usual thing. Major objective of DEASEL Jeans is innovation in providing a self service/ App/ computer program for choosing a personal style of jeans with inserting own measurements into specific table which will appear as 3D look (Ke and et. al., 2016). Along with this, they have the motive of bringing changes within certain services and products for giving up the high level of satisfaction within the ratios of profit which in turn can mainly be improved. There are mainly four kind of elements for the innovation which are mainly asceratin and they are described below:

(Source: 4P's of Innovation, 2018)

Product Prospective: This kind of factor mainly allows enterprise to have their focus upon the areas or the regions where there are very high chances of bringing improvisation and thus have the potential of attracting and retaining large amount of customers. 

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