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Evaluating Phenomenon of Whistle Blowing

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The aim of this unit is to use appropriate theory and examples for evaluating phenomenon of whistle blowing.

  • Critically review whistle blowing in analytical and concise way.
  • Develop theory and practice related to whistle blowing.
  • Draw conclusion from the argument.
Answer :


The whistle blowing is the act of disclosing any misconduct and unethical things within the company in front of higher authorities. It refers to the loyalty felt by personnel towards his and her employer (Harford, Mansi and Maxwell, 2012). The major objective of this practice is to overcome misconduct and unethical activities from the company. The current report provides detail knowledge and understanding about the Whistle blowing and social responsibilities of business.


In an organisation, while any employee raises his voice against unethical activities, then it is known as whistle blowing and the person who raises his voice against the wrong activities and unethical work is called as a whistleblower. This kind of misconduct can be in form of fraud, corruption, violation of company rules and policies. The major objective of this whistle blowing is to provide protection and safeguard to society and public for whom organisation is functioning (Tricker and Tricker, 2015). Organisation should motivate and encourage employees for raising their voice in case if they found any violation of rules and procedure. While company motivates and encourages its workers to inform them about unethical and illegal activities, then it helps company to overcome misconduct and violation.Shriek blowing is isolated into two sections: interior shriek blowing and outside shriek blowing.

An informant is a man who uncovered any sort of data or exercises that is regarded illicit, deceptive and not right inside an association that is either private or open.  Internal whistle blowing is that while an employee provides information about unethical, illegal and other misconduct to his top management and senior authority in the same corporation. On the other hand, external whistle blowing is that while an employee informs about the misconduct, illegal and unethical activities to any third person who is not member of the corporation. The third person may be lawyer another legal body (Wintoki, Linck and Netter, 2012.). Sometime, personnel fears to provide information about misconduct within the company as they have fear regarding conflicts, loss of jobs, careers, loss of friendship , breach of trust and loyalty, resentment among workers etc.

As per the research, it has been found that for providing protection to the whistle blowers within the corporation and outside business unit, government have passed the bill in 2011 by Lok Sabha. This whistleblowers protection bill 2011 was passed on 27 December 2011 and this bill was passed by the Rajyasabha on 21st February 2014 and received the assent of the president on 9 May 2014. With the help of this bill, government have provided protection to that person who has raised the voice against misconduct and illegal activities. In 1989, the US Government brought protection for all federal worker whistleblower when they introduced the whistle blower protection act (Erkens, Hung and Matos,  2012). This protected the whistle blower by keeping them anonymous and imposing more detailed performance deadline.

The Standard Theory of Whistle blowing

As per the standard theory of whistleblowing, disloyalty is morally permissible while   whistleblower have evidence that would convince a reasonable, impartial observer that their view of the threat is correct.

The complicity theory of Whistle blowing

This is another one of the significant theory of Whistle Blowing. In this theory, Michael Davis has detailed three anomalies for the received view that is the paradoxes of burdan, missing harm and failure. As per this concept, whistleblowing have two obvious advantages that are complicity itself presupposes wrongdoing, not harm. Because of this, complicity avocation naturally dodges the Catch 22 of mission hurt (Blair and Roe, 2010). Another preferred standpoint of this hypothesis is that complicity summons a more requesting commitment than the capacity to anticipate hurt does. An individual are ethically required to uncover what he/she knows to general society when individual will uncover gets from their work for the partnership. This condition recognizes the informant from the covert operative. The covert agent searches out data keeping in mind the end goal to uncover it. This hypothesis does not require any conviction about what the whistleblowing can achieve. The informant uncovers what she knows keeping in mind the end goal to forestall complicity in the wrong, not to keep the wrong in that capacity.

As per the above theories, it has been analysed that the informant eventually torn between devotion toward association and their ethical promise to the law and society on the loose. It is the great responsibility of business enterprise to motivate and encourage to workers so that they cannot involve in misconduct and illegal work within the company and outside of business entity. While company motivate personnel regarding whist blowing then this practice and activity can effectively implement within organisation. In addition to this, company should develop such impressive policies and norms regarding whistleblowing through which they can easily promote it in the company. It is a great responsibility of organisation to develop such impressive practices and policies through which misconduct and unethical activities can easily overcome from company.

Whistleblowing has now turned into an extremely noteworthy issue as it assumes a critical part in upgrading and enhancing corporate risk in organization. The enterprise all around the globe presently endeavor to hone great corporate administration, keeping in mind the end goal to as it advance incredible business relationship.

Corporate administration is the term that used to allude to the laws, principles and procedures by which organization and organizations are worked, directed and controlledIn addition to this, corporate social responsibility refers to conducting business in such ethical manner through which environment, society and economy cannot get any harm.(Giroud, and Mueller, 2010). While any association are mode in charge of their activity then this would give more corporate responsibility. The witness is finally torn between unwavering quality to their supervisor (or the subject of their divulgence) and their moral guarantee to the law and society free to move around at will. Various feels they have the most to lose, at any rate in the foremost event. It could be fought that it is stirred up for human intuition to indicate loyalty to a bureaucratic relationship since it is made out of such a noteworthy number of people. This dehumanizing condition could damage the source's perspective of their noteworthiness inside an association or their ability to affect change, likewise degrading their attention to other's desires and motivation to report.

For whatever time allotment that the source is sure that their motivations are sound and that they are certain about the structure, they should not dither to hand-off such information and be fulfilled that they are making a more secure work environment for their accomplices. The showing of whist blowing can cause a beyond reconciliation situation between the individual, legitimate and societal circles. A considerable amount of this dispute originates from the setting in which a witness is seen: paying little respect to whether as some individual sharing learning of bad behavior for the upside of others or as someone who is acting "traitorous" to their affiliation.

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Following are some strategies and practices by which organisation can engage with whistle-blowing-

  • Company should provide safeguarding to personnels who report misconduct against any form of retaliation. In addition to this company should maintain confidentiality and provide full protection to employees ho is whisteblower (Armstrong, Guay and Weber,  2010).
  • Company should provide full confidence to employees as they must believe that their concern will take seriously and company should take immediate responses  regarding the concern.
  • Corporation should allow open door policy for promote whistblowing in the company. HR plays a very crucial role for promotion this whisteblowing practices within the company. HR can help by advancing a culture that is with solid morals and practice an open-entryway strategy where representatives would not feel reluctant to blow the shriek or look for guidance from a HR proficient. Aside from clinging to the genuine open-entryway approach, you can likewise start by welcome them and discover time to meet them all the time to build up that coveted level of trust and solid work relationship.
  • Human resource department can use anonymous suggestion boxes for promote the whisteblower and social responsibility toward the company. With help of this practice, HR department can promote employees to disclose each and every things and information regarding any misconduct happens in the company (Giroud and Mueller, 2011). With help of this practice, confidentiality between employer and employees can maintain in an effective manner and trust can maintain among employees and higher authority.
  • Organisation should establish and consistently enforce a disciplinary policy and make periodic update in the whistle-blowing program. In addition to this, company should also information about the whistle-blowing program, disciplinary policy and company code of conduct.
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