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Assignment on Business Management - ALDI

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Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate aspects related to employee motivation and business management practices. In this regard, it is needed to evaluate management and leadership style by using personal experience of individual’s.

  • Identify different types of motivational theories and its application to Aldi.
  • Discuss the comparison between management and leadership style within Aldi.
  • Provide a self-reflection upon learning.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ALDI


Human resource management is identifies as an effective process of creating and valuing people at workplace. This process includes different aspects of developing employees in an effective and systematic manner. Main role of the HR manager is to provide proper training and development to the employees. So that they can increase their motivation and performance level in limited time period. Trained and motivated workers are capable to increase their productivity and performance level in a certain time period (Doherty, Haugh and Lyon, 2014). This report is based on ALDI, it is a retain store that provide grocery products to the customer at reasonable price. This business assignment divided into different parts which cover, various types of motivation theory, comparison between leadership and management style. Main motive of this report is to increase basic knowledge and skill of the employee.


Different types of motivation theories and their application to the business organisation

A business organisation is made up of several things and resources in which main component is human resource without whom any operation of a company cannot happen. They perform various tasks within enterprise in order to run business in a successful manner. Employers, employees, stakeholders, shareholders, labour and more are all part of human resource. Therefore, it is a duty of managers of association to take care of them in a most efficient way. In addition to this, provide them essential facilities and trainings so that they can work in desired manner. In an enterprise, introducing employees by conducting various activities of recruitment and selection are done by Human Resource Management. Managers in this division perform various functions like designing the workplace, planning activities for them, staffing and organising etc. The main purpose behind all operations is to create better organisational cultures and make workers more capable to work all type of tasks in a short period of interval.

In ALDI, HR managers use both online and offline process to recruit best employees in workplace who have gained necessary skills and knowledge to work in retail company. This organisation generally not employs fresh candidates it always seeks to hire experienced one and can give high customer service (Festing and Schäfer, 2014). Once they recruit such employees, it gives many types of training to them like induction and learning programs. It helps in making people aware from new working environment and trains them to work as per requirement. The main objective of this firm is to provide high services to customers and complete every demand of them on time. Induction program generally gives to new employees for two to three months. In this duration, managers provide proper guidance to recruiters about their roles and responsibilities and make them familiar with new organisation. Through these trainings, they learn various things and develop skills or knowledge in order to give best efforts in accomplishing objectives of firm. But sometime new working organisation or any changes at workplace, impact on behaviour of existing and new employees both. In addition to this, diverse culture, less growth ability of enterprises and more brings down morale of workers in a vast manner. Therefore, HR managers are needed to motivate and encourage them to work in desired manner. For reducing conflicts and resistivity of staff members, they can use management theories which can be explained as:-

Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory: This theory was given by Abraham Maslow in the year 1943 which is based on assumption (Hornstein, 2015). It includes a hierarchy of five basic desires of employees which can be described as:-

  • Physiological needs: The main need of every person at workplace is to gain food, shelter and cloth. Therefore, it is necessary for management of ALDI to meet physiological needs of employees and give them proper wages so that they can earn livelihood in a proper manner.
  • Safety needs: While working in organisation, employees always want to get healthy and safe working environment. Along with they also want some type of securities which include Job, financial and personal security.
  • Social belonging needs: This statement reveals interpersonal desires of individuals at workplace which states feeling of belongingness properly (Kramar, 2014). These type of feelings generate when some characteristics of person is different from others then to prevent them from isolation, managers are needed to engage employees in group task so that relationship among them can be developed.
  • Esteem needs: According to Maslow, needs of every member in association could be classified as internal and external. In this regard, self-motivation or self-esteem is taken as internal desire while high status and standardisation included as external. Therefore, managers should consider their needs and use some activities to complete the same.
  • Self-actualization needs: This type of need reveals desires of each employee working at an enterprise. It includes desires to gain high skilled knowledge which helps in making creativity in products or services.

Vroom expectancy theory: The theory was formulated by Victor Vroom in the year 1964. According to them, to brings morale up of staff members, managers are needed to include them in every decision making process (Langford and et. al., 2014). Along with this, take opinion of them if any changes in working system are required for better profitability. This theory states three factors for promoting motivation among employees on individual basis. These factors can be described as below:-

  • Expectancy: Enterprises always seek to get more contribution of workers in order to get better outcomes of business. Therefore, employers provide basic facilities to them so that they can work in desired manner.
  • Instrumentality: This type of factor defines interrelationship of goal and operational functions of business i.e. only high performance of employees and employers can help in accomplishing aim of organisation.
  • Valence: In this process, managers are required to give appraisals to employees as per performance and contribution of them in achievement of business success. In context with ALDI, its managers used to provide both monetary and non-monetary awards.


Concepts and Comparison between management and leadership styles

Managers in an organisation play an important role in managing relationship of workers, increasing their productivity, operating all functions in an effective way and more. They perform various activities in order to turn work of employees in right way (Loucks and Van Beek, 2017). Along with this, they take entire responsibilities in completing needs of staff members and provide them effective training and basic facilities through which they can work in desired manner. The main purpose of managers in a company is to increase profitability of business in a given period of time. For this purpose, they conduct various types of activities like organise training and learning program for workers as per their need. Along with this, in order to retain employees in firm they used to provide compensation and reward to them in the form of financial and non-financial. These appraisals are given on the basis of contribution of employees in achievement of success of business as well as level of performance. In addition to this, they used to make proper interaction with each people at workplace and discuss with them about needs and desires. For completing their desires, managers take many initiatives in a proper manner.

Leaders are needed in every part of business in an association. They play an important role in managing people and lead them in a group (Meyers and van Woerkom, 2014). As a leader, it is amendable for them to pay attention on desires of each employee and complete the same on time. Along with this, main duty of leaders in a group task is to engage all workers with each other in common work and develop a good relation among them. In addition to this, track records of each person who are associated with workplace are their essential responsibility. It would help in identifying needs of each person as well as weaknesses and strength also. After identifying this, provide them training and learning programs with the help of managers is also essential task of leaders in order to reduce weaknesses of employees. Further, they should provide clear vision and guidance to workers so that they can understand their role and performs accordingly.

In context with ALDI, managers and leaders use their own way in managing and leading workforce in a proper way (Paillé and et. al., 2014). In this process, managers are needed to make proper plan of new product development in organisation for increasing sales of this company. Along with this, they formulate policies and strategies for create changes in organisational system in a proper manner. While leaders are required to initiate and implements such strategies on workforce in a proper way so that chance of resistance can be reduced. They should influence workers towards achievement of organisation in a proper manner so that company get their contribution in achievement of success and obtain better outcomes.

Some major differences of functions of management and leadership in a company can be evaluated as:-



  • Management is a process of managing entire functions of associations in a proper way by conducting various activities (Ployhart and et. al., 2014).
  • Managers monitor and measure performance of each department rather than employees in order to obtain better outcomes. It will help in enhancing performance level of association as well as gain higher achievements.
  • Through management style, managers can gain loyalty of employees as well as retain them for longer period of time.

  • Leadership is a skill through which manager or leader can influence workers of companies towards achievement of common goal and objectives.
  • In leadership, leaders are required to measure and monitor performance of each employee at workplace in order to identify level of performance of them in a proper manner. This will help in evaluating weaknesses, strengths as well as desires of all individuals.
  • Through leadership style, leaders can get trust of employees in a better manner and get right work of them also which would directly impact on behaviour of organisation and their own (Reiche, Mendenhall and Oddou, 2016).
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