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Know Business Decision Making


Business decision making refers to the effective strategies to be implemented to achieve the ultimate goals of the entity and sustain in the long run. These strategies can be the effective solutions to the challenges faced by the organisation or the expansion to grab the current opportunities available in the market. The present report includes the detail scenario of the information available to the business entity Blackfriars Restaurant which can be classified into primary and secondary data. Primary data here means the data available within the organisation through the R&D department who are continuously indulge in the collecting and storing data so that it can be used in future adequately (Brown and ., 2010). Moreover it also signifies the IT soft wares and spreadsheets of data analysis so that the business entity could easily used these information systems in future to enhance its productivity at all levels.

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Task 1

1.1 Primary and secondary data of Blackfriars Restaurant

Primary data

Primary data collecting the process and creating the data. Data collection is input process of company. This data is original data of company. This data identify the company profile.

Secondary data

Secondary data may be defined as the company's employees record . This data mentioned in the record book like journal book or employee register.

Sources of primary and secondary data

There are two sources of primary and secondary data-internal sources and external sources. Basically primary data use external sources like journal book paper etc. and secondary data use internal sources like rate of cost ,customer satisfaction, market research (Brynjolfsson, Hitt and Kim, 2011).

Planing of primary and secondary data for restaurant

Primary data- Blackfriars restaurant provide the veg. and non veg-food. This data record the how many people prefer vegetarian food and non vegetarian food .

Secondary data- This data mentioned number of customers like veg and non veg food and register employee salary. This data record the employee information.

1.2 Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used

Blackfriars Restaurant is planning to open its new restaurant chain in London, thus to ensure the feasibility of his decision the owner is planning to collect the data from different sources to understand the customers preferences, taste, habits, lifestyles and the location that is viable to open the new venture. Stakeholders of the entity are keen to know the surveys made and sampling frame used for the same. Sampling frame is the methodology that gives the brief criteria of the market in less time rather than the detail questionnaire with the large population which is expensive too (Elango and, 2010 ). Person to person interaction is time consuming thus sampling methodology have developed which is not too effective. Thus, Blackfriars Restaurant have decided to conduct the quality assurance programmes that develop the specialise attributes in all the employees rather than entire population survey like government surveys.

Sampling frame is the effective tool to have online surveys to gain information regarding the clients and customers preferences to penetrate into the new market in London. Blackfriars Restaurant is using the online surveys to understand the demographic, cultural, social and economical aspects of the community to understand the habits, taste, lifestyle of the population there. But this method too have some limitations that this process could even be biased (Ford and Richardson, 2013).

1.3 Design a questionnaire for a given business problem

The questionnaire is the another tool to understand the market conditions to take effective steps to resolve such problems and penetrate into the new market easily. Blackfriars Restaurant R&D manger has decided to use the questionnaire tool to understand the new market in London.

Restaurant Questionnaire

Blackfriars Restaurant , British cuisine at Friars St. Newcastle in London meant for his high quality food and beautiful wooden décor with pleasant environment. This questionnaire has the basic objective to understand the people of Aldgate to understand their preferences and taste so that we can open a new chain to serve you all.

1) From which professional background you belong to?
a) Manager
b) Executive
c) Office Assistant
d) Other........................

2) How long you have been in Aldgate?
a) 1 Year or less
b) 2 Year
d)Years or more...........

3) Are you satisfied with the services available to you in the restaurants in Aldgate?
a) Yes
b) No
Give reasons …...........

4)Are you satisfied with the health and hygiene measures adopted by the restaurants in Aldgate?
a) Yes
b) No
Give reasons.........

5)What are the levels of the health and hygiene measures as per you experiences till now?
a) Satisfied
b) Unsatisfied
Give reasons............

6)Do you like to switch over to the Blackfriars Restaurant ?
a) Sure
b) No
c)No comments


Blackfriars Restaurant , British cuisine at Friars St. Newcastle in London

Manager: XYZ

Task 2

2.1 Create information for decision making by summarising data using representative values

The representative values are related to the expected salary per year of the people of Aldgate to understand the feasibility of the business plan. This can be summarize through the mean, mode and median which are as follows:


Expected Salary Per Year







First Quartile


Third Quartile

$ 20000

The above table gives the detail description of the income group of the people of Aldgate so that the managers of the Blackfriars Restaurant can make effective strategies to open new venture. From the above surveys, the manager can conclude that the average income salary of the people is $60000 from which 50% of them do have $40000 expected salary and the largest expected salary among whole income group people is $30000.

This help the management to develop the price strategies and even marketing strategies in the location chosen so that they can easily reach the targeted people (Ford and Richardson, 2013). The other survey is based on the age group of the people which help the management to understand the preferences, life styles, habits and tastes of the people as per their age group. Every age group has its own choice and likes which need to be take into account during framing of the business plan and implementing it.


Age Group







First Quartile


Third Quartile


2.2 Analyse the results to draw valid conclusions in a business context

Its not an easy task to establish the new venture as it involves various risk associated with it. The availability of the limited financial resources is the biggest challenge for the business entity to adequately use it, thus require the in depth research regarding the each aspect of the social, environmental, economical and cultural factor. But, person to person interaction is time consuming thus sampling methodology have been developed effectively. This helps the management to collect the data related to salary and wages (Frey, Schulz-Hardt and Stahlberg, 2013). This method also facilitates in taking the opinions of the people and find out the gaps between the demand and supply and grab the opportunities quickly and efficiently. This could be easily explained through the following example:







> 20000-50000



> 50000



The above table shows the income group of the people of Aldgate which need to be targetted by the management of Blackfriars Restaurant . This help the management to decide how much to invest and where so that the maximum profit could be gain and the brand equity gain in the past years could also be maintained. But this method too have some limitations that this process could even be biased because the person participating in the questionnaire may not give correct information due to some or the other reason.

2.3 Analyse data using measures of dispersion to inform a given business scenario

Dispersion is the method which facilitates in calculating the degree of uncertainties associated with the business plans and projects need to be implemented. It helps understand the risk present in the project available quoted as Beta as compare to the relative benchmark .For example Blackfriars Restaurant is using the dispersion method to understand the data available to him about the gender and their expected salary.

Expected Salary


















This above diagram explains that both male and female in Aldgate are working people in the corporates and are keen to move around and choose to have dinner and lunch on weekends. Females are more interested in having healthy and quality food in the beautiful cuisine. They are also interested having party plans with their friends and hubbies. Since, the above data shows that the maximum people in Aldgate are under the income group of $20000 to $40000 thus, the cited business entity need to make the arrangements as per these income groups who like to visit restaurants frequently (García-Peñalvo and Conde, 2014).

The business entity need to also keep in mind the upper status people which are the high earners and can pay more. But they too require the effective facilities to attract them towards the restaurant as they prefer 5-star hotels rather than restaurant.

2.4 Explain how quartiles, percentiles and the correlation coefficient are used to draw useful conclusions in a business context

Quartiles: Quartiles show the lowest and highest amount of money which person spend to per night. Quartiles once more mean to set of data range values are three points . The first quartile define as the lower number of between the smallest number and median data set. the second quartiles is the median of the data. The third quartiles define as the middle value between the median and highest value of the data.

Percentiles: Percentiles short the data from low and high. example 22h is the value as the low score that is greater then 22% of the score. A percentiles is masseurs used to define statistics indicating the value (Gigerenzer and Gaissmaier, 2011).

Correlation coefficient: The correlation is limit. Correlation is the relationship between two or more variables. it is a number between -1 and +1 .If a calculated correlation is less then -1 and grater then +1 a mistake has been made.

Task 3

3.1 Produce graphs using Spreadsheets and draw valid conclusions based on the information derived

The detail of the expected salary of the male and female genders can also be understood through the line graphs which gives the clear picture of the expected salary of the male and females that need to be targeted by the Blackfriars Restaurant to attain their desired goals.

Expected Salary


















It gives the clear picture of the income group of the Aldgate people which shows that the people with expected salary of 20000 to 40000 are more in number which need to be preferred to sustain in the competitive market and thus their tastes, likes and lifestyles are also be deeply studied to make the effective arrangements as per their choice.

The other chart is related to the age group of the people in Aldgate that gives the clear picture of the age group of the clients need to be targeted.

The line graph of the above table is as follows:

Graph of male & Female

The above line graph gives the detail description about age group of the people of Aldgate which gives the clear picture that the Blackfriars Restaurant need to prefer the youth of 20 to 30 years who are highly excited to move around in new restaurants in weekends and even in normal days after their college or jobs with their friends and families (Ho, W and Dey, 2010).

3.2 Create trend lines in spreadsheet graphs to assist in forecasting for specified business information

The effective planning of the business management also requires the efficient financial resources which could be collected from the external sources because internal sources are enough to start the new venture. To get the external financial support the stakeholders requires the details of the sales and net profit that could be assumed by the R&D finance department of the Blackfriars Restaurant. The following line graph gives the detail of four years estimated sales and net profit


Sales ($)

Net Profit($)


1.2 m











Graph of Sales, Net Profit and Year

The above graph gives the clear picture of the estimated sales and net profit for four years . This shows that the Blackfriars Restaurant is sure about of the business plan projected by them and estimates the increasing revenue every year (Hwang and Yoon, 2012). Since, the cited company is the one of the famous restaurants in London, thus their estimations are credible enough to satisfy the external financial sources like banks.

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3.3 Prepare a business presentation using suitable software and techniques to disseminate information effectively



Subject : latter of indoctrination for purpose of a sales contract

Dear sir,

We are writing to you on behalf IT company. We are analysis your company product and your annual sales revenue 2 cr. If you growth your business your move on digital marketing . Digital marketing is most way to reach consumer. It is a includes social media marketing ,search engine optimization (SEO),Display advertising,mobile phone (SMS and MMS) any other from digital media. Its time to need a new approach to marketing and new understanding of costumer mind.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a short for search engine optimization its to increase the amount of visitor to a web page by high ranking in Google search. It is a part of Search engine optimization (google , yahoo , big and other search engine).

Mobile phone :

Mobile phone marketing means use to bulk message through we application and app. Like -bulk text message , what's up etc.

Social media :

social media is increase references or sales and easy to rich the consumer. social media informed about the new offer ,spacial event (Nowduri, 2011). They are many platforms of SMM Facebook,you tube ,twitter, pinterest etc.

3.4 Produce a formal business report

Business report is one of the most effective way to communicate in present business world. Business and individual can use the report to and these reports helps them to make important decision. For a Effective businesses report determine firstly we need to understand what it is and how it can be used.

Present an idea: Report that presents the idea is know as recommendation justification report .These type of reports contains a body of and summary .Summary helps you in highlight your request.

Present risk involved with a specific opportunity: An effective report help in find out the risks involved in businesses plan. Report helps in company anticipate repercussion. For a effective report it is important that it contain introduction ,body and summary. The introduction helps in find out the problem under investigation ( Pettigrew, 2014).

Present the feasibility of an idea or proposed project: An effective report determine whether an idea will work is called a feasibility report. Report should contain a effective summary and body. Summary present the idea of businesses plan.

Helps a company improves its policies product or processes: Report written at fixed intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc known as periodic reports.

Task 4

4.1 Use appropriate information processing tools

Diagram of Information Processing tool

Source: ( Information Processing Tools, 2017)

All the business organizations requires the effective knowledge and information in every department starting from planning to decision making. This Information can be classified as strategic, tactical and operational information. Strategic information is the effective information require to achieve the long term goals thus used by the top level management. This information can even be used to create the competitive advantage of the company that can highly maximise the profits of the entity and can even leads to high loses that cannot be bared. Operational information system are limited to the managerial decision making that leads the entity to work efficiently as per the company guidelines to achieve the desired goals of the top level management (Tzeng and Huang, 2011) . Tactic information are the information that can even lead to the take the whole entity at wrong direction if not made correct as these decisions are taken during the operations according to the problems faced at that time and if the team leader is not efficient to take right decisions at that time this could change the whole scenario of the organisation.

4.2 Prepare a project plan for an activity and determine the critical path

Project management plan specify the work packages and the relationship among them. It also refers to the sources of the information collected and their allocation basis. Here, work packages gives the brief description of the activities made to achieve the desired goals of the entity . This work package need to be specifically identified and details should be clearly mentioned to make it easily descriptive. The project plan should also clearly define the external and internal relationships with the suppliers , financial institutions, contractors, sub contractors etc. made to complete the project efficiently (Vercellis, 2011). The project plan should clearly define the resources available with the business entity to complete the project and the resources that need to be bough from external sources should also be clearly defined. The total estimated budget should also be clearly mentioned in the project plan.

4.3 Use financial tools for decision making

Financial tools used for corporate decision making

Financial statements: Financial statements are the most common tool used for business decision making. Financial statements are based on income statement ,balance sheet and cash flow statement of a company . The financial statements gives business owner the specific information about revenues ,positive and negative balance of cash.

Financial ratios: Financial ratios gives more visible information about the company's revenues. Financial ratios helps in measuring a firm's ability to pay short term liabilities. Financial ratios of ones company can be compared to the others company to learn how one company can better perform from the other (Wu, and Pagell, 2011).

Forecasting: Forecasting can be done by using internal and external analysis method. Internal analysis method of forecasting use sales record of a company. On the other hand external analysis is based upon economic analysis. External analysis helps in determining what price the consumer is willing to pay.

Investment analysis: Investment analysis is a technique which can be applied to a new business venture in measuring how the company can maximize its profits or can increase its revenues by setting up new branches. Investment analysis is done for securing debt funding and to know the amount of business funding (Zimmerman and Yahya-Zadeh, 2011).


The above report concludes that strategies can be the effective solutions to the challenges faced by the organization or the expansion to grab the current opportunities available in the market. It also give the primary and secondary to solve the various businesses problems. This also has the define the advantages and disadvantages of sample framing.


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  • Ford, R.C. and Richardson, W.D., 2013. Ethical decision making: A review of the empirical literature. In Citation classics from the Journal of Business Ethics  Springer Netherlands.
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