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Sample About Internet And E-Business


Internet is a very wide network that combines all the people together. It has been the very effective method for commencing business activities. E-business is one of the most innovative concept to commence business and expand the area of operation. In the current report, the scope of e-business will be explained with relation to the explanation of different business transaction types. The working of internet will be discussed along with the brief description of some technical terms. Use of different e-business models will be highlighted and finally importance of website and its design will be shown. The study will also provide broad understanding that how internet works, function, how website can be developed. In addition to this, it can be stated that basis functioning and working of internet and its use in business will be evaluated in the present research report.

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Environment in which e-business is conducted and business transaction type

PESTLE is best model of environmental analysis. It comprises political, economical, social, technological, legal, environmental factors of the marketplace. Political parties play very crucial role in development of e business. Economical activities such as conditions, interest rate, inflation etc. influence the working of e business. Society can motivate the companies to introduce new technologies in e business. Technological changes are increasing day by day in e business sector. Policies and laws of the nation may be strict due to security purposes.

PESTLE is best model of environmental analysis. It comprises political, economical, social, technological, legal, environmental factors of the marketplace. Political parties play very crucial role in development of e business. Economical activities such as conditions, interest rate, inflation etc. influence the working of e business. Society can motivate the companies to introduce new technologies in e business. Technological changes are increasing day by day in e business sector. Policies and laws of the nation may be strict due to security purposes.

Business to business (B2B) transaction type - It is a type of business transaction where the manufacturing firm sells their product to an intermediate buyer through websites (Contini and Cordella, 2007). The intermediary buyer of the product then sells the purchases product to the ultimate consumer. It creates a three tier channel of supply before delivering the goods to the final user.

B2B transaction type

Business to consumer (B2C) transaction type - A business to consumer e-business transaction takes place where there is a direct dealing between the product supplying e-business firm and the final consumer. There is no intermediary present between the trading firms. In b2c e-business model, consumer visits over the website of the product selling firm and place the order (Jengchung and et.al., 2013). The order directly reaches to the firm and dispatch is done to the user with no middle transaction. The b2c e-business model forms a trading channel

  B2C transaction type

Consumer to consumer (C2C) transaction type - It is the most innovative concept that allows person to buy and sell the products. Customer itself deals with the other customer to buy and sell goods. There is no presence of any product manufacturing or supplying firm. All the business transaction are performed by customer themselves through websites only (Assis, 2014). It is done mostly for buying and selling used goods. Its transaction channel goes as follows:

Customers to business - It is also one of the best type of transaction in which consumer offer prices to business to buy particular product.

 C2C transaction type

Benefits and barriers to business considering online presence

Online business is considered to be the most effective business type in the modern era. It allows business firms to get entertained with various benefits. Simultaneously, there are various negative factors also associated with online business type (Barnes, 2011). Some of the benefits and barriers for e-business firms are:

Benefits of e-business

  • Less costly - E-commerce is very cheap method to set up the business firm online. The basic essential elements that are required to set up an e-business is the internet connection which is very easily available in the market. Another element to define identity of business is the domain name which is cheaply available in the online market and a website design. Now a day, they are readily available. It just need your details and e-business gets started in a quick mean of time (Cagliano, Caniato and Spina, 2010).
  • Global presence - While commencing the e-business, companies are globally available to entertain customers. Since internet is the wide channel and easily available to all the people throughout the world, user can easily visit the company's website and place their order to buy product.
  • 24 X 7 operation - Online market never gets close because it is handled virtually (Dave, 2009). Hence customer can visit the portal of company any time without timer restrictions. It is the most beneficiary feature available to online retailing companies while conducting e-business.

E commerce increase competition in the market which is helpful in getting high quality of products with low prices. In addition to this consume can compare ranges of same kinds of products by using e business.This is the time saving system in which seller as well as consumers can save their transaction time.Companies can cover large area of market easily and hence, client can get product from world market.

Barriers to e-commerce

  • Online insecurity - There are various fishery acts that takes place over websites like hacking, theft and other negative suspicious activities. It is the biggest barrier to such online retailing sectors as their reputable business functioning could be negatively affected by such harmful practices (Gummesson, 2014).
  • Competitive market - In modern context, e-business is one of the most common marketplaces to commence business. While surfing over websites, many competitive sites also come into highlight that may divert the mind of customers. This could result to negative impact for online retail emerging companies while commencing e-business (Pros and cons of starting an online business, 2015).
  • Technical issues - Possibility of technical faults may be there that could disturb the overall process of e-business. Hence the company's websites should be maintained regularly to keep them away from getting affected by technical faults (Liao and Cheung, 2011).

Quality of products and services cannot be physically evaluated with the help of e business. Consumer can get products and services with low quality. Hence, client miss the personal touch and relationship that develops with a retail store.
It requires an internet access device and internet connection that may be costly.
Many goods cannot be purchased online as this is under developing technology.

Assessing security and legislative issues facing by online business organization

While commencing online business, there are various security issues that a e-business companies have to face. The security issue refers to protection of the website from suspicious activities commenced by online thieves. In order to protect e-business from such negative acts, some legislation rules have been made (Mason and Mouzas, 2012). The security and legislative issues faced by an e-business firm may includes the following:

  • Security of product and services - The first and the foremost issue which e- retailing firms have to face and overcome was dealing with the genuine supplier of the products. The main security issues in relevance to the security of product and services are:
  • Verification of the identity of the person with whom the firm is dealing. This is done to check the genuine approach of the person to buy products.
  • Make sure that the trading messages are not getting tempered in between the delivery process. It is done to avoid any kind of misinterpretation while making trade practices (Mathur and Evans, 2013).
  • Data encryption - Encryption of data is very important to save the company's information from being leaked out and fall into the hand of abusive practices. It is done by putting tight security over data such as applying passwords over database or online security locks which are very difficult to crack by the online thieves (Miles, 2013).
  • Authentication - According to the legislation of UK, it is mandatory to apply digital signatures on the portals published by e-business companies over their websites. This has to be done in order to ensure that the site which customers are visiting is genuine and safe for them. In case of any default or fraud to the customer, verification of digital signature is done to arrest the culprit.
  • Certification authorities - It is an external authority that grant digital certificate of verification to the company commencing e-business. It defines that the ownership of website is entitled to a single person or company holding certificate of authorities. It avoids the fraudulent practice of making duplicate website by the similar name and commence business with the goodwill of original company (Security aspects of e-business, 2015).
  • Taxation issue - Tax has to be paid over the website and business commenced online. Oit is very important else business is conducted as illegal.
  • Domain name issue - Domain name is very essential as it describes the identity of website. It describes the registration of the firm commencing business online.
  • Copyrights issue - It restricts other firms to take the name or policy of business. If copyrights have been taken by other firms, then case could be done on them.

The most common security threats to e commerce are worms, Trojan horse, viruses and hacking.

  • Worms - they are the replicating programs that execute malicious activities such as change in password.
  • Trojan horse - These threats looks like a genuine program but they perform malicious activities.
  • Viruses - These programs which are often used to steal information from the database of company
  • Hacking - It is simply unauthorized access to computers without having permission to operate them.

Modes of communication to an e-business and their applications

E-business is the electronic mode of business that uses internet to expand its reach to the consumers. In the modern scenario, internet is easily available to all the people residing at anywhere across the globe. The e-business firms have to check out their compatibility while publishing their portal in order to make easy communication with their customers and other stakeholders (Whittaker, 2009). Some modes of communication to an e-business along with their applications are as stated as under:

  • Mobile devices and computers - Mobile phones includes the range of smart phones that are compatible with all kinds of websites designed by the companies commencing e-business. They are the most easy and broadly used method to communicate with the users. Its application is easy as many internet retailing business firms have their own application of online business which can be accessed by the user anytime over internet on mobile phones and computers (Zhang and et.al., 2011). Presently, consumer can easily buy the products and services with the help of mobile applications i.e. flipcart, amazon etc., if they have internet connection.
  • Social media - There are many online retailing emerging firms that have developed their web page and published it over social media sites like Instagram. It is the broad way of communication because in recent times, every individual is present over social networking websites. Hence it is another effective mode to communicate and apply the business policies online to attract consumers.
  • E-mail newsletters - It is a direct method to attract individual customer with the business of online firms. Company send weekly newsletters to their existing customers with latest offers to attract them in visiting their online shops. Other than regular customers, online firms makes the database of other people and target them on a seasonal basis. This creates an opportunity to make a wider area of channel to commence e-business (Katerina and et.al., 2009).
  • Shopping card - This is also beautiful service through which clients can buy the products from store without paying cash. They can purchase products with the help of shopping card that provided by banks.
  • Live chat - It is also very effective way of solving the problems and getting information regarding products. Client can directly chat with company by using live chat option such as video or text chat.

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Internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful

E-business includes the vital use of internet mark its presence to the people residing globally. It has to adopt various internet technologies in order to make the business functioning more efficient (Ku and Edward, 2012). The most commonly used internet technologies along with their importance are as:

  • Digital devices - Devices like digital television, computers and mobile phones are the major internet technologies that allow e-retailing firms to commence e-business. They are compatible with all the applications and websites that company made in the form of their website portals and mobile applications. These devices are portable, interactive and possess internal storage to keep the backup of data while visiting the company's websites (Saltzer and Kaashoek, 2009).
  • E-transaction - By linking with the financial institutions, companies integrate their business activities to a wider range. They allow customers to make online payments directly through their bank accounts with which those online firms have made association. It is the most innovative technological concept that have made the services of e-business more successful (Morteza, 2011).
  • Global connectivity - With the use of protocols and other internet technologies, global connectivity could be made (Avoine, Junod and Oechslin, 2007). The protocols convert data from the company's end and send them to the user in the form of information. It is the most important technology as it defines the compatibility of website with the mobile devices that facilitates customers to visit the company's portal and commence e-business activities.
  • Website functioning - It is the source to reach widest platform in order to commence business online. WWW enables the e-business firms to appear globally in the area of internet. It provides the domain service to the company that is essential to create a website. Once the website designing gets completed, it gets registered with the domain name which is followed by WWW to commence e-business online. WWW domain has made the business of online companies successful because it has made the global appearance of company (Barnaghi and et.al., 2012).
  • Client server computing model - under the client-server model, the developing machine that enable to send information is the server machine. While the receiver of those information is the client machine. It is important as it sends proper information to the relevant address only.
  • Packet switching - under packet switching, the information is converted in the form of packets and then transmitted to the address source. It is important in the way that the information becomes accessible after getting transferred on the other PC.
  • TCP/IP - It is an internet protocol that defines the address where information has to be send. It is very important as without have TCP/IP, the data cannot be sent as a result the accessibility to website will not be possible.

Main features of HTML

HTML is defined as the Hyper Text Markup Language that is widely used in development of websites and other web pages. It is most commonly used language for the e-business purpose because it is used for designing and linking with other websites (The 5 Most Important Features of HTML, 2010). Some of the main features of HTML are:

  • Video support - The web designers could able to build web pages with the use of HTML that supports various functions. The video elements which require special plug ins to be installed for running the videos could be eliminated with the use o HTML. The involvement of third party software gets reduces and by using HTML, the compatibility range of web pages increases. Many online retailing firms often propose their official videos over their websites. Hence with help of HTML, they can easily launch their videos over website without the involvement of any third software (Zott, Amit and Massa, 2011).
  • Web service workers - HTML enables the service of web workers which are virtual people that act behind the web pages. It is most efficient feature that HTML provides to the developers because e-business firms commence online transactions also. It require high degree of accuracy as well as confidentiality. The web workers in HTML execute the complex tasks independently without the interference of any other application. Video support and online purchase could be one activity that is performed severely by web workers (Ifinedo, 2011).
  • Geographic location - HTML language supports location tracking due to which it could be easily found out over Google map other GPS networks. Websites which are developed using HTML languages are compatible to get highlighted over maps. This makes the e-business firms easy to get appear over internet and even the user could find the location of firm easily over internet (Onetti and et.al., 2012).

Another key feature of HTML is its universal compatibility. The websites designed by HTML are compatible on every platform of operating system such as Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Android etc. It gives more advantage to the e-business firms in the way that they can be widely shown and target larger segment of market.

  • It also provides the options of title, breaks, headings, paragraphs, list, tables and images along with hyperlinks to make the website accessible by the user. These are available to developers which could make the site look attractive and easy to access by use of HTML.
  • HTML is helpful as it allows to embed other languages to get manipulated into design layouts, text and graphics. It is an independent platform which is compatible over all the operating systems.

Function of client server and browser and the role of search engine

The web browsers and servers together act as client server system and forms the architectural system to make connection between client and server. Servers are basically the main central computer where all the applications are designed and database is maintained. It is used by the single person who is the designer of the website. On the other side, clients are the user of websites that are designed by the server. For a single website, there may be unlimited number of clients but it has only a single server. All the web browsers act as a client because they receive information from the central computer (Client-Server Network Design and the Web, 2015). The main functions of client server and browsers are that browser act as a client to a website requests the server computer to get the information of any particular website and give an access over them. The primary function of client-server system is to create a division between centralized server and personal computers which are running on individual platforms. It allows creation of software which are compatible over wide range of hardware which could be accessed all at a single time. These requests could be done by a single computer or by multiple browsers all at the same time. The client takes information from the server and stores into memory which could be accessed anytime. Server acts as a parent computer that transmits information to client PC.

The main function of web browser is to retrieve present and transfer information on the world wide web network. It is accessed through search engine plays a vital role in executing the client server architecture. They takes up the data from server computers and being a client, they convert them into human understandable information. Some of the major roles of search engine could be stated as under:

  • Getting information - The major role of search engine is to get information from world wide networking which allows the user to find relevant data. The search engines have special programs that enables them to search keywords and create a list of them. These keywords finds the document and provide complete information.
  • Storing information - In order to access quickly over the websites, the search engines stores information in them. Once the data gets stores in the search engine, they can be easily fetched by the user as search engines stores them in the form of history and bookmarks (Chaffey, 2007).
  • Automatic indexing - The information accessed by the client are based on keywords. Every keyword has different relevancy that arranges the lit of search automatically. To arrange the data in a sequential order according to their relevancy, the search engines creates automatic indexing where the keywords are automatically arranged and easily fetched up by the user while requesting server for accessing any website (Mills and Law, 2013).

Evaluating the use of intranet and extranet within business communication

Intranet and extranet are two different modes of connectivity that differs from internet in the way of use and range of networks. An intranet is a restricted type of a computer network that restricts the range of network reserved under a single organization. Intranets could be connected anywhere that ranges from a limited people to thousands of population according to the company's preferences. Intranets have their own separate IT infrastructure apart from the network of internet. It may use internet but to a very limited extent. On the other hand, extranet is a restricted computer network that connects two or more than two intranet networks under its range (Business Uses of the Internet, Intranets & Extranets, 2015). It has high degree of security as extranet is not followed by an internet network. Hence threat of collapse is very minimum. These networks could be used in business communication in the following manner:

Use of intranet
  • It serves to the digital communication need of the organization to allow them to commence their e-business activities.
  • Intranet provides secured space to access their digital network and databases of their clients and also provides an access to use them.
  • The speed of working and business operation eventually increases as free flow of information is performed with high degree of security (Weill and Vitale, 2013).
  • All the members under the intranet network could access upon the files all at the same time. It reduces the time consumption and company's functioning also gets enhanced.
  • The intranet is utilize to share quick information which is helpful in making quick decisions.
  • It is used in managing business operations of different branches.
Use of extranet
  • It facilitate different companies to make cooperation among themselves at the time of commencing joint projects or suppl and order of products.
  • Extranet allow company's stakeholder to get connected with the management in more secured manner (Bryman and Bell, 2011).
  • Extranet also allows multiple associated companies to access the network service providers by the other companies which include different functions. It may involve using of the data processing application made by one company to be accessed by the other company under the same extranet network.
  • This is utilized in sharing information to stakeholders of the company such as customers, suppliers, government, media etc.
  • More integrated supply chains through the use of online ordering, order tracking and inventory management.


Different e-business models that can be used to generate revenue for a business

The revenue model of the organization reflects the way in which business can earn revenue as well as profits. Thus this would result in enhancing the return on capital employed of the firm (Saunders and et.al., 2011). The organization possess different kinds of revenue sources available with it. The major E-business model includes Affiliate model, Sales model, Subscription model, Advertising model as well as transaction model.

  • Affiliate model: Under this type of e-business model, online firms can gain fee for recommendation or it can receive a percentage of sales revenue for the sales transaction that is performed out by the business. With the assistance of this model the focus of the website is on building the relationship along with its competencies within the individual's groups (Galliers and Leidner, 2014).
  • Sales model: In this type of model, the firm can make sales of its products and services to the customers with the assistance of e-business. This is considered as effective sources that can assist business in generating revenue.
  • Advertising model: This model is considered the part of conventional media model. This model can be applied by the e-business that are engaged in providing products, services as well as forum for promotional purpose. The message of advertising is received by the user of website in form of banner ads. Advertising model is used by Yahoo.com (Collins, Buhalis and Peters, 2012).
  • Transaction-fee model: E-business can generate revenue with the assistance of this model. Transaction model can be applied in order offer services and can charge price based upon the quantity of transaction. Typical example of transaction model is of travel agents who charges fees in order to make hotel arrangements.
  • Subscription model: This type of model is employed to the e-business that offer content related information or services to the users (Jengchung and et.al., 2013). For this fee is charged as the company is allowing user to access the information. Such information can be related to online news as well as reports of the customers. The model came into existence by the firm that makes publications of the magazines and journals. But the model has gained popularity in e-business in the present era.

Analysis of each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue

The major purpose of the existence of E- business is to earn profit as well as generate revenue. The part of profit which is earned by the business is comprised of return on capital employed (Barnes, 2011). The analysis of each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue is enumerated as under:

  • Affiliate model: Under this model online firms can generate revenue by attracting the clients towards the firms that are affiliated. By doing this company gain percentage of sales revenue for the transaction of sales being performed. Further referral fee is also charged in case the customers make purchase of company's products.
  • Sales model: Under this model the products and services are sold by the company online so that it can generate revenue. This is the capacity of this model. The company charges more amount for its products from the clients in order to earn huge profits. When business charges high amount then it can cover its operating expenses (Dave, 2009).
  • Advertising model: In this model e-business firms cannot offer products and services to the client. But it also offers advertisers to them. Thus it charges fees for advertisers offered.
  • Transaction-fee model: This model is considered revenue generating under which emerging companies can charge fees so as to carry out transaction. With this company is offered place where it can conduct auction. In addition to this it allows the buyers and sellers to interact with one another. Thus after the completion of the transaction company charges minimum transaction cost (Liao and Cheung, 2011).
  • Subscription model: In this model e-business can offer services along with the content information. By charging subscription fees the information is provided to the user. The user's experience with the website allows the business to earn revenue and can determine its capacity. The judgment of the services as well as content is based upon the superiority (Mathur and Evans, 2013).

Future developments in e-business models

In the present world, e-business models have gained significant importance in the global market. This is because of the reason that various business have started to carry out their operations on internet (Morteza, 2011). There have been many developments in the e-business models and because of that of these models can be severely affected

In the present world, e-business models have gained significant importance in the global market. This is because of the reason that various business have started to carry out their operations on internet (Morteza, 2011). There have been many developments in the e-business models and because of that of these models can be severely affected

  • Social media sites - The social websites will be the biggest future development as it is getting popularized to a greater extent. These social media websites can easily affect all the above e-models that have been explained. Like in terms of Affiliate model, this can be further used by company to attract more customers towards them and in very efficient manner further sales of the company can also be increase in terms of sales models, company can directly pitch the products of company by using these platforms. Further, this social media platform will also help the company in terms of the promotion of its products. So, it can be said that social media will enhance the performance of the entire above model and will help them to pitch to people in more effective manner.
  • Cloud computing - It is the modern method which will become even more popular in the future development of business. Under this technique, business information can be promoted to the other websites which will help in business promotion. In terms of the transaction fee model, company will be able to create a place for itself on online platform which will help them to create the interactions between buyers as well as sellers. Further, it will also help management to create the data of all customers as well as suppliers on online platform which is very useful. So, it can be said that, this factor will also increase the visibility of models and will make them more driven towards customers.
  • Use of smart devices - With rise in the use of smart phones and devices, it will be contributing maximum in the future development of business. The websites could be easily an access over smart phones hence it could enlarge the scope of e business. This particular development will also have great effect on the model as company will be able o get connected with all their customers, every time. Further, sellers will also be able to interact with customers any time they want.


Key elements of good web design structure

For an e-business firm, their key asset is the good and proper web design structure. It comprises of the efficient website design that attracts the consumer at a glance to access over the web portal (Avoine, Junod and Oechslin, 2007). Some of the key elements that constitutes to the formation of good web design structure are:

  • Attracting visuals - The website must have attractive visual designs, graphics and pictures that clearly mentions the purpose of e-business firm and their portfolio of products in which the company deals. Many e-retailers have created an excellent visual design that expresses its business line to be an online grocery store (Zott, Amit and Massa, 2011).
  • Expressive content - Another important feature for making a good website is the theoretical content that e-business firms highlights on their website portals. It must be easy to understand by the user and should be expressive for making it easy to use.
  • Easy navigation - The website should be designed in such a manner that it must be easy to navigate. The navigator buttons must be easily visible to the user so that customer could easily access to the website further. The icons should be properly visible and key icons must be highlighted so that it attract customers towards the latest events of e-business firms (Onetti and et.al., 2012).
  • Mobile compatibility - In modern times, people are more influenced towards the mobile devices like smart phones rather than computers. Hence company should focus on building a website structure in such a way that they are easy to access over mobile phones. All the features given in the website must be able to function properly in portable devices also. It eventually increases the scope of e-business.
  • Credibility - Companies should provide the links of their associated partners that are involved with the concerning e-business organization. It creates a feeling of trust and reputation to the customer that the company with which they are dealing is a genuine firm (Mills and Law, 2013).

Impact of well designed website to an e-business

E-business firms are totally relied on their website to attract customers. They should design the website in very efficient manner to commence their business (Bryman and Bell, 2011). The positive impact of well designed website to an e-business may include the following reasons:

  • Attracting visitors - Company commencing e-business make websites in order to attract consumers and make them come towards the business. A good website design attract more and more visitors to access the website. It influence them to visit the portal frequently and make regular trade relations with the companies commencing e-business.
  • Wider area of business - With an access to wide compatibility and well designed website, the area of business channel of the e-business firms eventually grows. Their websites could be seed and accessed over the portable devices which are in trend in the recent period. It eventually results to greater number of sale of the product (Galliers and Leidner, 2014).
  • Thorough understanding - Effective presentation of content creates a positive effect in the well designing of website. When the content of site becomes easy to understand, it influences people to visit frequently and access to the business operations. The complete description of product mentioned in the content allows user to make choices of product and gives positive effect to the e-business activities (Amit and Zott, 2012).
  • Proper navigation - It is the most important feature that contributes to e-business when the website is designed properly. It allows user to navigate to the different web pages where they could easily look after the content of the website. It will generate greater amount of awareness about the product range to the general public commencing online trade. It eventually increases the reputation of e-business firms as customers came to know every detail of the organization (Contini and Cordella, 2007).

Issues concerning website usability

While commencing e-business, companies have to form their websites which must be efficient and easy to understand by the user. It is often seen that at the time of using websites, several issues were observed by the user (9 Common Usability Mistakes In Web Design, 2015). Some of the issues concerning websites usability are:

  • Small area to click - It is very often seen that website carries icons which are very small in size. Such icons are very difficult to get found as well as to be clicked in order to perform further operation. The hyperlinks provided on the portal are not clearly visible and such icons become smaller on mobile phones (Assis, 2014).
  • Wrong paging - Appropriate and sequential paging is another issue that most of the companies commencing e-business fails to consider. It is also found that wrong paging is done due to the technical mistake in creating hyperlinks.
  • No customer relation columns - A good website design allows customer to provide their opinions and feedback regarding the working of company. It allows firm to get regular information of their quality of information as well as the degree of customer's satisfaction (Cagliano, Caniato and Spina, 2010).
  • Difficult to search - Another problem that is found while using the website is the problem to search the required content of the user. In many portals, option of search is not clearly defined. Hence it becomes very difficult to find the actual product which is needed by the customer. In result to such conditions, customer closes the page and search on some other website. It gives negative effect to the e-business firms as they lose their client (Mason and Mouzas, 2012).
  • Long registration process - To provide security of the website and gathers customer's information to create a user's database, many e-business companies provide the option of registration. User could access to the further data only after getting registered. In such cases, it is found that the registration process is very lengthy which makes customers annoyed. It eventually results to the termination of registration process in between which impacts negatively to the business firms (Gummesson, 2014).
  • Equality act 2010 - According to this act, all the business types shall be treated equally depending upon the nature of business. The right to create website and handle security should be allotted to every kind of business sector whether it is a public enterprise or a private firm. For every e business firm, they have to opt for equality act 2010, and then only it is considered as legal e business firm. Equality act in terms for web accessibility also states that it is very important for companies to design the website in such manner that it is also accessible by the users with disabilities. It means that some services should be provided like audio listening, etc so that even visually impaired people can also access the websites. Also there should be proper foreground and background colors in order to create sufficient contrast for the people that struggle with differentiating colors.


In the following report, it is concluded that e-business is the most innovative concept of business in the modern period. It marks the global presence of business across the world. The scope of e-business is described in the current report along with the brief description of security and legislative issues that may be faced by an e-business firm. Functioning of some technical terms is done such as client, server and roles of search engine in internet. Some e-business models have been derived and brief analysis is done over them in generation of revenue. Finally, website design is elaborated in relation to e-business.


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