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Legal aspects of International Business and enterprise

Introduction to Legal Aspects

The essay report is all about the multinational company of Australia(WESFARMERS LTD). To know about their operation perform by the company . It also includes the number of the staff working in the company in Australia and the number of staff working in at the global level. The company location and its headquarter all are mentioned in the project(Von Glahn and Taulbee., 2015). It contains the framework of the company its affects the operation of the company. It cover the agreement convention on the services produce by the company and its impact on the goods and services of the company at global level.

Brief description about the multinational company of the Australia

One of the multinational company WESFARMERS LIMITED of Australia which is founded in 1914 as co-operative to give services and merchandise to the framers of western Australia(Klabbers., 2015). It is dealing with the retail company as in providing coal mining,chemical products and the safety product. It is one of the largest company in Australia as in revenues by overtaking the to of the biggest company Woolworth and the BHP Billiton. Its headquarter is in Perth in western Australia. But it also covers many areas of the country like Bangladesh, Ireland,New Zealand, and United Kingdom. It is conglomerate industry which is establish for the farmers association of the western Australia to takeover the assets of the west Australia union and to be focused on the merchandise to the rural community of the Australia. The number of the employee working in the company is about 205000 approx and 19500 at the global level(Buchanan and Darian‐Smith., 2011). The company operation is almost cover the areas of the supermarkets,hotels and the stores conveniences it also in the home development ,supply in the office and the departmental stores. it is mostly chemical and fertiliser,coal products producer. It is one of the largest company of Australia in the private sector. The base of the shareholders is around 530000.

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The aim of the company is to provide customer satisfaction by providing better quality of the products and the services on the professional and complete manner. Another important thing to be considered by the company is to provide safe and healthy working environment to the staff and make them motivated by making them enjoy through rewards and incentives for their work performance. The is always trying to create opportunities for the advancement of the members of the company. The company is contributing to the prosperity and development of the economy in which it operate and manage its operation in efficient manner and seeking growth for the business. The company is trying hard to create attitudes of the community that is beneficial for the company to maintain its business operations(Heringa and Kiiver., 2012). The major prat of the company is that they are making a efforts to build a strong environment and make the strategy to protect them. They are acting as integrity and loyalty in the internal as well as external level of the company. On the 2nd February the first warehouse of the wesfarmers was opened in united kingdom for trading.

With the 30000 products and new home improvement and the garden stores were open. The bunning warehouse had bring great sausage sizzle to the UK. The very next few days they have opened four stores in June and had create 120 jobs opportunities of the people of the UK. The bunning stores the leading retailers of the company are dealing with the home improvement products in Australia and the New Zealand with the 340millon. They wants to open its business in the UK by investing 500million(Kanter., 2011). The store was maximum inventory of 30000 at the different home and garden lines. It was noted that 40% increase from the last year. There is also a 19000 sq ft Garden centre and wide area of the workshop where they can learn and gain knowledge about the tile cutting.
The policy of the company is to provide a low price products to its customers with the wide range and services at the international level. The prime objective of the company is to deliver healthy return to its shareholders with the management of the great portfolio and financial techniques. The company is also ensuring that the organisation must be capable of performing well at all the levels of the department at the domestics and the international level.

Regulatory framework of the company and its affect the company

The wesfarmers is one of the largest staff operating in Australia with the business in the overall country. The company is playing an important role towards contributing to public policy and the natiVon Glahn, G and Taulbee, J.L., 2015onal conferences issues . For the planned operation of the business activity the company is cooperating healthy relation with the government agencies(Freeman and Napier., 2010). The framework of the company is dealing with the public policy: the company is direct or indirect communication and coordination with the relation of various issues of the society which includes: competitive regulation reform that is based on the policy which are related with the competition of the markets and the other companies. The retail trading hours of the wesfarmers limited are continued discuss the matter with the western Australia government on the major issues of the retail trading which are related with the trade restriction under the jurisdiction(Law and Jacobsen., 2010). The food and Grocery code of the conducts of the company is the long process of negotiation with the government of the food council the next steps is to manage the framework of the company in the context of the regulation among the policy of the company.

The wesfarmers limited company has make his position to the government that the taxation part must be allowed GST exemption on the export and import of the goods who's values is under 1000. the Australia competitions and the consumer commission was establish for the management of the retails programs of the company. The coles has not able to defence the management according to the scheduled which was commence on the 2015april. The agencies is assessed an application for the informal clearances of the acquisition of the LPG operation . The agencies has made enquires on the issues related with the problems. The potential environmental non conferences was established for the time to time checking of the environmental issues and the licensing condition . The any kind of breach are not fully met then to solve the incident the business take a strong action to solve the damage and to make aware the regulatory body so that any king of issues can be resolve according to the policy made by the company and the government body(Knox and et. al., 2011). The regulatory approval from the treasurer ,Australian securities and the investment commission are made for the divestment of the wesfarmers insurance with the operation to the first half of the 2014. the prudential regulation of the company to met the insurance division of the company.

There has been various rule and regulation of the wesfarmers limited company which has to be followed by the member or the other company .so,that it must be under the regulation and knowledge of the regulatory body.The impact of these regulator framework of the company as in the form of the various ways like the environmental the company are trying to produce the thinks in the ways that efficient and at the cheapest way possible(Aad and et. al., 2015). They always lobby the government to ensure that they can be beneficial for the country but not able to satisfy them. Another important is the uncertainty the company are footloose which means that they can change in the shortest period of the time. Due the legal restriction on the some of the trade of the products it create high completion in the economy for the products of the wesfarmers limited. The legal aspects can leads to reduce the tax liability of the company which is done through the transfer pricing . With the high tax rate and increase them in the country at the low rate can create problems for the company .

The treaties and the agreement of the company and its impact

One of the key agreement between to sell insurance underwriting operation of the business of the wesfarmers limited(Constantino and et. al., 2010). Under the agreement they have agreed to sell off the Australia and the New Zealand operations of its insurances groups in 1845million. The operation of wesfarmers limited it includes the lumley and WFi brands of growing business through the coles insurances partnership. the sale was for the number of insurances and the conditions including the approval from the prudential regulation authority of Australia,Australia competition and the consumer commission, RBI of New Zealand and many others. with the successful completion of the business transaction, the company wesfarmers limited records a pre tax profit of 700million to 750million which is expected to be includes in the financial results for the second half of the financial year 2014.

The sell also includes the operation for coles insurances to continued with the supermarkets under the agreement of the rest 10 years(Law and Buhalis ., 2010). It does not includes the division broking operation in the other country the premium finding operation will remain always to be the part of the wesfarmers limited company. The managing director of the company had receives a number of the of interest for the concern insurances division of the operation of the company and the major decision had been taken to follow the confidential decision with the parties involves in the relation to the agreement to know their view points. The company believes that the agreement for the sell of the underwriting operations is the best interested for the shareholders of the company. By offering the operation to the customers of their businesses that will be the great opportunity to become the part of the company as leading insurance organisation. Because of the agreement to sell the underwriting operations of the company is done for their outstanding efforts in the delivering the best performance in the work at devotion to the work performance. The impact of the this agreement is done mostly on the other units of the company that are not fully supported by the company. The insurances sell must leads to the growth and development of the company at the future context of the company. The overall performance of the company will not be impact most because it is Nothing to do with the production part of the company. The major areas of the company will impact is the manufacturing sector which are involve in the products and the services of the company . the net profit of the after tax is increase from 13.2%. the most top performers of the company are recorded low earning .the one of the market researchers says that the wesfarmers has reported better than expected outcomes from the agreement . They thought that it would be help the company to create great recovery for the company but the result cant be able to change that much.

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The growth for the company in the global level is seems to be continues changing because of the agreement . The workers and employees are not able to be insure of their finance valuably in the company. The competitors are also got the benefit to invest the resource in the right direction for the maximising their own business operation with the context of the wesfarmers. But the company is still able to manage their operation in the efficient manner.


This is to be conclude that the essay is all about the multinational company WESFARMERS limited company which a retail operation business in the Australia. Its operation and the number of the staffs employed in it at domestic and the global level. The company framework and the its impact on the regional of the multinational corporation and the local authority which are liable under the 30% corporate tax(Jung and et. al., 2010). The various agreements related with the company. like sell of insurances of underwriting operations are mentioned clearly in this report. the various impact after the sale of the agreement on the products and the services of the company exporting to the other company.


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