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Importance of Management in a Business - Imperial Hotel

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Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel


Management is the simple process which is deal with the controlling things as well as people. The report main aim is to provide the importance of management in a business. The present report is based upon a case scenario of Imperial Hotel which is one of the leading hotel in London and it is well known international hotel with a brand chain of 4 star market. Hotel provide best facility of rooms and conference facility which help to attract wide range of customers. There are various department that operates their function in well mannered but on the other side, due to poor leadership the brand image of the hotel become deteriorated and also affect the overall profitability.

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The report analyses the problem i.e. poor leadership and management by the previous general manager as well as supervisors through which the Imperial Hotel is suffer and also provide the suggestions in order to overcome that problem, so that it will help a company for their better performance and achieve the further level of success.

A review of management theory

As the Imperial hotel suffer from the problem of poor leadership and management by previous head of department and as a result there is a high level of staff turnover and also loss of sales performance. As a result, the entire working performance of the company got affected and it suffer from loss of sales and profit (Liu and et.al., 2016). For this problem and poor management system, the lead of Imperial Hotel can also be used system theory in which managers of a company can easily understand the system and also recognize how different system will directly affect the worker and on the other hand how worker affect the system around them. This theory also help Managers of Imperial hotel to examine the pattern as well as events in their workplace and by analysing this it will help them to coordinate with their employees and manage the work in a team in order to achieve the overall goals and mission of an organization.

It has been analysed that Imperial hotel is suffer from poor leadership and management and this is so because the previous manager of a company did not realize or apply the system theory in their work place. As the theory states that without analysing the actual system of a company, no one can work in more effective and efficient way. Therefore, it is quite necessary for the Imperial hotel to use this into the working place. As good management and leadership helps a company to lead it for further level of success. System theory also help a hotel to work in a collective way and further it also assist their employees for their future growth and attain all defined goals as well as objectives of a company. It has been realized by Pater Fransworth that due to improper review of the working performance of their employees, it will directly affect the company's overall performance (Rutherford and Meier, 2015). Therefore, if the managers applied the system theory in their past performance then it will be helpful for them to applied this in their working area. Hence, through system theory the company's overall management system can be helpful for raising their overall performance.

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Presenting the problem

As Imperial hotel is faces the problem of poor leadership and low management system which needs to be overcome by Pater Fransworth. Due to this problem, the company is actually face lower production level and lower profitability. This poor leadership also includes the poor monitoring and control procedure and as a result, there is low level of production and high level of staff turnover (Wang and et.al., 2014). As the previous manager of the company have no proper skills and therefore, this further disappointing the sales performance. The hotel deals with different department and they also have their own roles as well as responsibilities through which it creates many issues about the quality of leadership and management. This problem leads to many result such as, many employees left their job and due to which the production level of the company got decreases.

Another result of this problem is such that due to lack of leadership, employees of the company are not able to perform well in their working hours. Therefore, Peter Fransworth analyses the gap in good management as an opportunities in order to attract most talented workers (Bolman and Deal, 2017). Due to lack of management skills as well as leadership, tit also leads to poor result of their guest satisfaction. Hence, there is a need to improve the actual working of the their employees and through proper monitoring and taking feedback from their customers it will help to overcome the problem. Therefore, to overcome this problem, Peter Fransworth suggest many solutions which help to slows down the problem of Imperial Hotel and these are mentioned below:

  • Lead by Example: It is the best solution that leads a Imperial Hotel and can overcome the problem of poor leadership and management. If Peter Fransworth lead a team with proper example and through practical example, it will help a team to attain all their goals and objectives in prescribed time (Tannenbaum and Schmidt, 2017). It has been analysed that good leaders always lead a team with an example. In Imperial Hotel, the leader of a hotel should be sensitive and always take time in order to make their employees feel special regarding their work. Another thing, which Peter can also chooses in order to overcome from this problem is to analyse the needs of people and wants them as a valid and always review the performance of their employees and through this way, managers of the company also realize that through respecting their employees it will help them to take the employees difference and it further affect the decision of the managers. Hence, leaders must have the skills which further help to lead an entire team of the company in an effective way and attain all goals and objectives of the company.
  • Review monitoring procedures and IT supportive- Monitoring is that sequence which has been planned in terms of observations and measurement in order to assess about control of critical control point and also produce accurate record for future use for verifying (Combe, 2014). Thus, to maintain the requirements and supervision Imperial hotel must keep policies and assessments of risk under review. It supports are those experts of computers who provides knowledge. The cited hotel must share full range of IT support for those who actually need help having problems with its computer systems.
  • Incentivise supportive management- this is the process in terms of offering benefits to the employees in order to achieve certain goals. Thus, with the performance of critical employees, goals, market data, managers can gain greater visibility and insights in terms of rewards and performance that helps them to allocate bonus in easy and smooth manner. The leaders and managers of Imperial Hotel must reward the employee with certain bonus for their hard efforts. This will help them in motivating workers that are involved and achieve high profitability. Incentives play significant role in the hotel in order to keep the employees motivated and interested in their work. The cited hotel must match their value with the rewards. It has great importance as it helps in driving the productivity. Hence, multiple research helps in studying and surveying across years that shows feeling which is appreciated and is a key driver to engage the employees in Imperial hotel. It is a scheme that is formal and used in promoting or encouraging specific actions or behaviour by a particular group of people within a particular period.
  • Devise cross department collaboration- this is known as the group of people having differentiation in expertise of a particular functions and are coming together in order to work together and achieve common goals (Anderson and et.al., 2018). The team is nothing but simply a group of people from various departments across the hotel and works for solving a specific problem. The team that is grouped has the potential of implementing improvements that are important in the Imperial hotel in maintaining the leadership skills and is the most powerful tool in continuous improvement and also in the culture of the cited hotel. If the Imperial hotel will adopt this strategy as a solution of bringing all the skilled and specialised worker to perform for a particular task. This will motivate employees and build interest of those workers in order to perform that task which they have good talent and skills or knowledge. This will help in maintaining good quality of the product and services of hotel and will also leads in increasing profitability.

Justification of the problem

In the organisation, poor leadership and management create negative impact on the results. Therefore, it is important to simplify this issue in appropriate manner (Hislop, Bosua and Helms, 2018.). With this regard, it can be stated that staff turnover in Imperial Hotel is very high which need to be reduced to adopt appropriate control procedure. Furthermore, it also ascertained appropriate work in monitoring and controlling procedure that adopted to resolving control procedure. With the help of planned strategy, it can be stated that problems are also encountered to solve issue at workplace. General manager left the hotel so that sales performances of the organisation is also low that create negative impact on the results. Moreover, skilled leader must be appointed at workplace who support to solve problems and issues to take initial suggestions for control procedures.

Ineffective leadership and management including poor monitoring and control procedures (Wang, Clay and Forsgren, 2015). There are several performances of the organisation also need to successfully developed for appropriate leadership style. In this regard, systematic leadership style has been adopted to focus on standard performances for reporting practices with specific complaints. There are several solution has been made to solve this issue of the business such as lead with example, in which leaders of the organisation work through focus on the employees need and requirement. It assists to focus on the managing appropriate work to lead with example. Furthermore, another solution in this process also develop with review monitoring procedures and IT supports. It assists to focus on the work and continuing checking of work that done in the chosen organisation. Furthermore, it also assists to focus on managing future performance that can take support to promote management and leadership results at workplace. With the help of incentive program, there are several employees motivated to accomplish organisational goals. As a result, it assists to take support in the management and focus on the desired level of results in business. With the help of devise cross department collaboration, it can be stated that distinct lack of leadership and supportive management work successfully develop in the business. Devise cross department collaboration, it can be stated that Imperial Hotel will able to communicate successful program at workplace. Hence, all members can take participation in positive manner to promote functions at chosen business environment.

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From the above report, it can be stated that good management assists to increase opportunities that attract talented people to perform several functions. With this regard, leaders and managers perform tasks which is important to sees past management work with purely task oriented work. Strong leadership and collaboration between departments also assists to complaints from guest so that poor communication also arises at workplace. Furthermore, report summarised about solution that can be made to consider supportive management. In addition to this, supportive management activities also successfully develop between different department to promote leadership characteristics. At last, justification of the problem also explained that would be beneficial to attain more effectiveness at workplace. In this regard, solution must be implement in Imperial Hotel to solve issue of leadership and management.

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