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Organisational Behaviour to a Particular Problem Identified with Hilton Hotel

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :
  • Conduct an analysis of the influence of culture, power and politics on the behaviour of employees working for Hilton Hotel.
  • Evaluating the ways through which employees could be motivated to fulfil goals of the company.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of how to co-operate with other while working in a team.
  • Application of concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour to a particular problem identified with Hilton Hotel. 
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


Organizational behaviour is the most important aspect in the any organization as because interaction between people is very necessary in the organization. It is a process which is applied to the interaction of various group of people. Organizational behaviour has large impact on the growth and development of the organization. In this assessment the impact that individual, group and structure have on growth and success of the organization is included. The report is also evaluating how motivate individual and teams to accomplishing the goal. Importance of cooperation is also included in this report. Various philosophies and concept of organisational behaviours is also included in this report. The present scenario is about Hilton Hotel which is belongs to industry of hospitality in which the study is about the motivational model of the organization. Hilton hotel is global brand of service in hotel industry. The headquarter of Hilton hotel is located in UK and McLean.


P1. Analysing the influence of culture, politics and power on behaviour of others in Hilton Hotel.

The manner in which any individual behave in the organization is totally depend on his culture where the person is coming from. Hilton Hotel is the most famous hotel industry in the world. About 570 hotels are operating in the world. The workers and the staff of Hilton is coming from outside the world. So it is very important to examine the behaviour of human. The behaviour of the people of the organizational cognition s divided in three parts that are micro level, meso level and macro level by which the behaviour play vital role in the growth and development of Hilton Hotel. Powerfulness and politics play a critical role in decision making of Hilton Hotel. Powerfulness has both effect, positive and negative on the performance of the workers at working place (Balwant, 2018).

Powerfulness in Working place- In any organization the authority of decision making is given to the top most authority. In Hilton Hotel the decision of Finance, sales, marketing, customer service etc. are the critical decision of the company which is taken by the highest level authority of the hotel. The top most managers and seniors of the hotel has complete knowledge and experience of delegating works to others and they determine the amount of work delegated to others by them. Positive use of power is when employee's in the organization is feel motivated and encourage by the decisions of the manager. Negative use of power is when employees in the organization feel discourage and harassment and toucher by the decisions of the top authorities.

Politics in organization- The people in the organization who have powers and authority are mostly included in the politics in the working place of Hilton Hotel. The employee's who are included in the politics of the organization is performing in more and more efficient way. Politics also have both negative and positive effect as if mangers or employee's use power of politics in the in wrong way that it lead to depletion in the performance of work and generally people involved in the politics transfer the work to lower level which leads to sometimes failure of the organization. Manipulating of work also leads to negative effect on the Hilton Hotel. But positivity of power of politics leads to high growth and success of Hilton Hotel (Pereira, Malik and Froese, 2017).

P2. Evaluating how to motivate employees of the organization and teams to achieve goals of Hilton Hotel.

Motivation is the reason for the action of the employees, desire and wants of the workers. It is an external and internal forces which cause a person to do work or to achieve the organizational goal. By motivation employees in Hilton Hotel are more engaged in the work. Employee's doing any work if they are motivated in doing their work, employee's are being engaged in completing the work. Motivation helps the organization and employee's.

Content & Process Theory- The main focus of content theory is on WHAT are the ways by which the behaviour of individual is motivated. Process theory focus on HOW the behaviour of individual is motivated. Content theories are the traditional theory of motivation. The other name of Content theory is need theory. They are least accepted in academic circles but in the working system they have highest impact on the practise of management and policy. In process theory the main involvement is how the motivation occurs, and what is the procedure included in the motivation. In process theory there is need of specialist and experts who helps in evaluating the ways and procedure for motivating the employees in Hilton Hotel.

Maslow-hierarchy-of-needs theory, Alderfer's ERG theory, McClelland's theory are the main theories of Content theory (Ehlers, 2017).

Skinner's reinforcement theory, Victor V room's expectancy theory, Adam's Equity theory are the main theories of Process Theory.

Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs theory- As per to this theory there are various types of needs which a individual will adopt during the lifespan and before completing on need individual will not move to the next needs (Waterson, 2017). Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs theory basically have five categories. It basically starts with fulfilling the psychological needs and after that health and safety needs along with love and affection, Self-esteem. In this theory the first and basic needs are psychological needs which is mandatory for any company to fulfil this needs as because it is the first and prime requirements of an individual to have food, cloth and shelter. The next health and safety need is also the most valuable need of the individual as working in the organization employee's should feel safe and secure. Love and affection is the next most important theory which is to be fulfilled in the organization. Next needs is Self esteem which is included as honour and respect of the individual in the organization (Pauksztat and Salin, 2017).

Alderfer's ERG theory- According to this theory the needs of the individual at home or at campus are classified into three categories. First is growth need, secondly Relatedness needs and last existence needs. Growth needs includes self development, personal growth and promotion.

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Relatedness needs includes individual relationship with family, peers and subordinates, love and affection, fame. Existence need includes physical well-being of the person. It is believes that an individual start satisfying the needs of lower level they become more and more addicted but is not important that all the individual are motivated as motivation is depend on the personal development level.

McClelland's theory– This theory stated that every individual has one of three main driving motivators, achievement need, affiliation and power. This theory is regardless to the gender of the individual, culture, age of the individual. Individual will have various characteristic depending on their dominating motivator.

Skinner's reinforcement theory- This theory includes a part of incentives system. If organization wants to reinforce the behaviour, providing reward and incentives is the best way for motivation, and in opposite way the behaviour which not up to the mark or weak than punishment is the best way to motivate the employee's. This theory also states that time gap in granting reward should not be too long, it should be short. By proving incentives and reward the performance of the employee's in Hilton Hotel is improved in large way (Gkorezis and Petridou,2017).

All the above said theories are significant in achievement of employee's and goal of Hilton Hotel but tall these theories will be useful on what kind of person are of various section of the report. As every employee's having a different wants and requirements and they all are satisfied by various things.

P3. How to cooperate effectively with others.

In an organization cooperation is required at regular basis to achieve the goals and objectives. Healthy organization is only be known if there is effective cooperation in the Hilton Hotel. To accomplish productive work in the organization it is very necessary to cooperate with others. Cooperation results in effective and efficient working of the organization. In the management of team cooperation is very important. By working in a team or group , individual will learn to how to settle the things and how to compromise. Effective communication is also develop by cooperation by which the achievement is goal is earlier.

There are some important points of cooperation's by the organizational goals is achieve in time.

Focus on organisational goal- Cooperation with the team helps to achieve the goal of the organization. Cooperation automatically achieve the goals of the team and objectives of the organization. Cooperation is the prime skills of team management.

Active participation in team- Cooperation leads to active participation in team as in achieving the goals of the organization it is very important to make their contribution and take active part in team.

Development of skills- cooperation helps in building various skills in the employees. As with cooperation employees learn to compromise the situations, settlement of disputes in the organization and team working is also develop in the individual.

Increased productivity- When there is team working in the organization that employee's use to work together. When their is group of people accomplishing the task, the work will be complete effectively and efficiently. More time is save by cooperating the work.

Improvement in job satisfaction- without cooperation there is no healthy environment in the working place as arguments, conflicts, disputes makes the working place as working in a jail or war. So it is very important to develop the skills of cooperation among the employee's by which the working place will be a enjoyable place rather than a jail.

Reduces Misunderstanding- Cooperating with others reduces many misunderstandings in the working place. As without cooperation employee's divide themselves in fractions by that lots of misunderstandings take birth. Management of the organization should boost cooperation in workplace so that it prevents many barriers in communication.

Increase the listening capacity- Cooperation helps in upgrading the skills of listening to others. It is very important for individual to have capacity and ability of listening. It happens in the organization sometimes, that employee's are being listen for wrong thing which they have not done but argumentation and commenting to seniors does not looks good, so it is very necessary for an individual to develop listening capacity, and listening capacity is only be done by cooperation with others in a team.

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