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Oraganisational Behviour In Sociology, Psychology, Economic

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Question :

This assessment will cover certain areas which are like:

  1. What are the culture, power and policies applied in organisational behaviour?
  2. Elaborate the political approach and the work-related aspects in the company.
Answer :


Organisation behaviour can be define as the study of human behaviour in business consideration. It contains interface between human behaviour and enterprise with organisation itself. Furthermore, it also creates connection to interaction of different people within the groups. Normally, it includes strategy to make more efficient business as scientific approach and management of workers. Main goal of the enterprise to implement it is that better development of conceptualisation work which influence by the development of discipline which includes in sociology, psychology, economics, etc. (Gomez-Marin, Stephens and Brown, 2016).

Present study based on 2m Group Limited which is international branded chemical distribution and related services companies. They continuously expanded operations and functions in wide range of services. Hence, they offer activities in planning, health and social care with leisure and social care.

In order to focus on the report, it helps to provide impact of culture, politics and power on the chosen organisation. Furthermore, it includes explanation of content and process theory of management to accomplish goals and objectives in desired manner. Moreover, group development theory has been explained that assists to meet with effective team goals at workplace. At last, concept and philosophies of different perspective has been explained which would be beneficial to gain creativity at workplace.

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LO 1

P1 How an organisation culture, politics and power influence individual and team behaviour and performance

In the organisation, there are several activities has been performed that assists to meet with innovative characteristics and outcomes. In this consideration, for 2m Group Limited individual and team performance successfully develop.

Charles Handy culture system

  • Power culture: In the organisation, power culture contain among few individual whose influence spread in the enterprise. There are certain rules and regulations in power culture implemented that are generally judged to achieve long term effectiveness. Consequences of this system is that quick decision can be take with best long term interest in the enterprise (Flodgren and et.al., 2017).
  • Role culture: 2m Group Limited is totally based on rules so that it contain role culture in the system. These types of culture under highly controlled with each person so that roles and responsibilities distributed accordingly. Consequently, people have delegated authorities within highly defined structure. Hence, power can be determines as person position (Ward and Webster, 2016).
  • Task culture: Task culture also forms when teams in 2m Group Limited which formed to address issue and progress with project. Task is also important perspective with power within the team which often shift and depends on mix of the team members towards problem and project. Task culture in the chosen business also prove effectively and largely determined within the team dynamic. Right mix of skills, personalities and leadership activities assists to gain incredibly productive outcomes. Teams are also formed without clear power of source (Manzoni and Islam, 2015).
  • Person culture: In the organisation, with person culture, individual very much see with unique and superior in the business. 2m Group Limited simply exists for people to do work with appropriate collection of individual who are working for the same enterprise. People are generally believer themselves as superior in the enterprise.

Hofstede's dimensions of culture theory and application

Hofstede's dimensions of culture in 2m Group Limited can be determines in different dimensions that are as follows:

  • Low power distance versus high power distance: Power distance in this model of culture refers to measure inequality that exists and accepted by people without any power. It represents inequality in sense of acceptance. High PDI score indicates high power distance that observed with conclusion and drawn with great inequality in society. Strong relationship respect and authority can be traced in different nations. Low score represent low power distance (Galenson and Roiphe, 2018).
  • Short term orientation versus long term orientation: This dimensions refer as society rules that are based on traditions and system. It can be apply for both long and short term aspects. There are different characteristics perceive to gain high score, such as family is the basis of society, education and training that are highly valued for young people (Bonnes, 2017).
  • Individualism versus collectivism: Individualism in Hofstede cultural dimensions refers with strength of mutual ties between individual in certain community. High score also represents connection and sharing of responsibilities. Individual value in 2m Group Limited develop with people's time and their need for freedom highly. Respect for privacy and expectations of rewards also characteristics with high score. Society with low score consider strong group cohesion to maintain large amount of loyalty and respect members as well. It emphasis to develop skills and becoming successful work (Bonanni and Cafazzo, 2014).
  • Masculinity versus femininity (MAS): With this aspect, Hofstede culture dimensions represent how much society complies with values and traditional male and female roles. For men, it emphasis on performance and success with modesty, sensitivity and quality of life. In high score, tough, strong and assertive work of women feminine. In low MAS, scoring countries consider effective role (Chhabra and Mohanty, 2014).
  • Low uncertainty avoidance versus high uncertainty avoidance: Uncertainty within Hofstede culture dimensions refers as degree of anxiety that develop among society members those feel and faced within unknown situations. High scoring avoid uncertain situations with control (Gomez-Marin, Stephens and Brown, 2016).

Principle network theory and system theory

Principle network theory is study of graphs which represent symmetric or asymmetric relations between discrete objects of 2m Group Limited. It includes study of the way elements in network which helps to interact with one another and impact with binding of connection. On the other hand, system theory consider trans disciplinary study of abstract in the organisation which independent on substance, type and spatial scale of existence. It assists to investigate principles that are common in all complex entities in particular model that can be used and describe (Ljasenko, Ferreira and Lohse, 2018).

Influence of politics

Politics can be influence to individual and organisation in positive and negative context. In 2m Group Limited, politics decrease overall productivity in the enterprise. It creates effect on productivity on the business. Individual find difficulties to concentrate on their work. They are more interested to focus on the more effectiveness. Politics leads with negative environment which spoil relationship among several individuals. It also increases stress so that problems are also incurred which is difficult to do work in the selected firm (Tan, Luncz and Gumert, 2016).

Influence of power

Power encourages productivity which helps to take own decisions and rewarding with strong performance improvements. It helps to concentrate on supervise other people who build confidence and motivate staff members. Higher level position in 2m Group Limited gaining power with employee respect and communication and coercive efforts. On the other hand, when leaders in the business not respect their employees it impacts negatively and create threatening of job loss and punishment (Gregory-Smith, Wells and Graham, 2015). Consequently, quality of work reduced among employees which impact negatively on results.

M1 Critically analysis how culture, politics and power influence individual and team behaviour performance

Culture, politics and power influence individual and team behaviour performance to 2m Group Limited in positive and negative both consideration. In this regard, the chosen organisation consider role culture which assists to develop more significant advantages with rules and culture. It helps to focus on the appropriate network system which impact on team and individual in creative manner. However, when employees not follow all rules and regulations of the organisation, it impacts negatively on their functions and operations which reduce effectiveness of team performances (Ljasenko, Ferreira and Lohse, 2018).

LO 2

P2 How content and process theories of motivation and motivational techniques enable achievement of goals in organisational context

Motivation impact positive on 2m Group Limited results to perform several functions and operations with encouragement of employees. In this regard, content and process two types of theories implemented that contain answer of what and how human of organisation motivated.

Content theory: Content theory consider within the work environment which create the greatest impact on management practice and policy. In particular aspect, it assists to identify needs of staff members in the business and relate it with motivation to fulfil it. As a result, it entirely explained what motivate or de-motivate people (Bonanni and Cafazzo, 2014).

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs: It is one of the earliest and widely known theory of motivation It is developed by Maslow's which condenses five types of needs of each employee in the business. For instance, physiological needs, safety and security needs, belongingness and love, esteem and self-actualisation needs. In physiological needs, there are certain essential requirements of staff members will be accomplish such as food, water and shelter (Perman-Howe, Davies and Foxcroft, 2018). Therefore, it contains more basic level of needs of each person of 2m Group Limited. When these needs ate unsatisfied and the organism is then overruled, all other needs may turn into the background. Safety and security needs consider healthy and fortunate adults in culture that are highly satisfied with safety (Diaconescu, Tomforde and Müller-Schloer, 2018). Hence, it is essential to maintain safety consideration to meet with preference for different activities. In addition to this, it is essential to consider insurance policies, saving accounts or job security to make greater work and feel safe. Belongingness and love needs consider integration into social groups so that they are feel affectionate relationship. When physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, affection, love and belongingness needs come into prominence. Esteem needs in the chosen business consider respect for a person as useful and honourable human being. At last, self-actualisation needs consider for individual's desire to grow and develop full potential (Rahim, Noranee and Anis, 2018).

Process theory: Process theory consider in which motivation occurs and in particular process which influence people to perform several tasks. Furthermore, it can be stated that it include method which influence employees of 2m Group Limited to provide their participation in accomplishment of goals and objectives.

  • Victor Vroom's expectancy theory: This theory consider emphasis on the process and content of motivation as well. It integrates needs, equity and reinforcement. It explains how people will choose with available actions. In 2m Group Limited, it considers motivation as a process that govern with alternatives choice among different forms of voluntary behaviour. There are three factors consider in motivation such as expectancy, instrumentality and valence. Expectancy determines person's belief that requires more efforts to gain results in success. Instrumentality determines connection between activity and goals to perform actions and get reward (Flodgren and et.al., 2017). Appraisal is a factor which based on accuracy and consistency. In valence, degree also determines in which person value reward and result to get success. It is important factor which contain to perform goals (Chumg, Seaton and Ding, 2016).

M2 Critically evaluate how to influence behaviour of others with effective application of behavioural motivational theories, concepts and models

In order to determines influence of motivation theory, it can be stated that content and process theory assists to focus on the each person needs which assists to develop significant advantages at workplace. In this regard, Maslow's theory successfully implemented to satisfy each customer need. It includes different level of needs that assists to perform challenging goals and commitment which determines motivation to accomplish desired future goals of 2m Group Limited. As critical evaluation, process theory consider Vrooom expectancy theory which highlights individual differences in motivation and contain three useful elements which increasing motivation. This theory also implies equity and importance of consistent reward. As a result, it includes systematic work to learn necessary skills. When effort and performance will zero expectancy, reward become zero valence (KHAN, RASHID and VYTIALINGAM, 2016).

D1 Critically evaluate the relationship between culture, politics, power and motivation which enables teams and organisation to get success

In 2m Group Limited, culture, politics and power contain different consideration of motivation which enable teams and organisation to get success in appropriate manner. It assists to focus on performing different tasks and activities. As a result, it helps to gain success with attractive and motivated aspect to learn about motivation techniques. It is also implemented to maintain consistency reward with gaining more success (Ljasenko, Ferreira and Lohse, 2018). As critical evaluation, when a person has not collection between effort and performance they have zero expectancy. Hence, it cannot be create appropriate link between reward and performance that is anticipated outcomes in positive consideration. Role culture create positive impact to implement different rules and regulations to get success in the business. Goals are more important to direct behaviour so that equity considered as important factor to design motivational program. Content and process theories assists to initiate discussion with meaningful program (Perman-Howe, Davies and Foxcroft, 2018).

LO 3

P3 What makes and effective team as opposed to an ineffective team

In order to make effective team, there are several perspectives must be implemented in business which assists to accomplish desired level results. In 2m Group Limited, most successful teams were made with diverse mix of behaviours. Each team need to access roles so that they become high performing team. Most of the teams must require focus on change over time with provide equal importance. Therefore, firstly it is essential to focus on team objectives to perform several tasks and undertaken activities (Ward and Webster, 2016). With the help of Belbin team roles, it can be stated that individual have greater self-understanding which lead with more effective communication between different members. Hence, it considers following roles within existing team to understand and improved each person performances:

  • Resource investigator: Resource investigator is a person who use inquisitive nature to find appropriate idea that bring back into team. There are different strength consider by resource investigator in 2m Group Limited such as outgoing, enthusiastic, explore opportunities, etc. They are good to implement ideas, development or resources outside the group (Pandey, Rishi and Aadil, 2016). Hence, they have ability to think on their feet and probe others for information.
  • Team worker: Team worker in the chosen business are more supportive members so that they possess great capacity for flexibility and adapting towards different situation and people (Tan, Luncz and Gumert, 2016). They are good listeners and generally popular members within the group of 2m Group Limited.
  • Coordinator: Coordinator possess feature with their ability to work with several numbers of people towards shared goals. They are mature, trusting and confident so that easily delegate readily. With the help of interpersonal relations they are quick to 2m Group Limited to attract people and gain group objectives. With the help of diverse skills and personal characteristics, they perform better to deal with equal and directing junior subordinates (Manzoni and Islam, 2015).
  • Plant: Plant person possess their role in a team to implement original approaches and ideas to solve issues and problems to overcome challenges. With this consideration, due to poor communication skills, effectiveness must be reduce among staff members of 2m Group Limited. They tend to introvert and react strongly to criticism and praise. Ideas may also often with lack practical constraints. Furthermore, they are working independent, clever to communicate with several numbers of people (Chhabra and Mohanty, 2014).
  • Monitor evaluator: Motivator evaluator perceive with serious minded, prudent individual who built for being overenthusiastic. They are generally slow to make appropriate decisions and use high level of critical thinking. In 2m Group Limited, they are tended to possess good capacity with judgement and take all factors into the account. Furthermore, there are several functions implemented that are suited to analysis problems and evaluate ideas with suggestions (Barry and Wilkinson, 2016).
  • Specialist: Specialist are dedicated individual who perform and pride themselves to acquire technical skills with specialist knowledge. Priorities centre developing on maintaining professional standards. In 2m Group Limited, they are generally shown great pride because usually lack of interest in other people.
  • Shaper: Shapers in the chosen organisation highly motivated people who possess a lot nervous energy which need for achievement. Usually, they are aggressive extroverts and possess strong drive (Belbin Team Role Theories, 2018). They are concern with challenges to lead and push others into action. In 2m Group Limited, lack of interpersonal sensitively exists so that they possess competitive role as well.
  • Implementer: Implementer consider practical common sense and good deal of self-control with discipline. They are favour to perform hard work and tackle problems in a systematic consideration within 2m Group Limited.
  • Completer/ finisher: Completer or finisher possess great capacity through follow and attention in detail. They are unlikely to start anything which cannot easily finish. They are also highly motivated with internal anxiety (Gregory-Smith, Wells and Graham, 2015). It requires little in the way with external stimulus or incentives.

M3 Relevant team and group development theories to support the development of dynamic cooperation

In order to develop group performance, it can be stated that tuckman stages of development model implemented in a team. In this regard, several functions and operations has been performed to maintain and form relationship (Bonanni and Cafazzo, 2014). In 2m Group Limited, it takes more time and requires several efforts with recognizable stages as change. It considers following stages:

  • Orientation (Forming): It is the first stage in which time present where group is starting and come together to describe anxiety and uncertainty. Members are discrete with their behaviour and driven with desire to accept by all members within 2m Group Limited.
  • Power struggle (Storming): It is the second stage where group development activities occur dispute and competition. It increases belongingness and love in a group to perform function with group members. This considered authority, rules, policies, responsibilities, etc. (Bonnes, 2017).
  • Cooperation and integration (Norming): In this stage, group becomes fun and enjoyable. Interaction of several members is easier and cooperative in 2m Group Limited. Therefore, it encourages open communication, binding and mutual respect.
  • Synergy (Performing): When group is fully clear about their needs, they can easily move towards third stage of development process in norming stage. In this regard, morale is high so that group members can take actively acknowledge with talent, skills and experience (Diaconescu, Tomforde and Müller-Schloer, 2018).

LO 4

P4 Concept and philosophies of organisational behaviour within organisational context and particular business situation

With respect to determines concept and philosophies of organisational behaviour in organisational context, it can be stated that Path goal theory can be successfully implemented which develop with different perspective of leadership and culture. According to this theory, in 2m Group Limited leaders complements their subordinates and compensate for shortcoming. Task oriented elements of path goal theory match with situational leadership so that effective leaders give direction to their people to accomplish goals (Galenson and Roiphe, 2018). It includes following perspective in the business which explained briefly:

Leadership styles

  • Directive: In this context, leaders provides guidelines so that subordinates know what expected by them. They are generally sets performances standards to control behaviour when it not met. Rewards and disciplinary actions are generally undertaken so that it accomplish work in desired manner.
  • Supportive: In 2m Group Limited, this kind of leaders perform friendly actions towards their subordinates. They are also concern for their needs, welfare and well-being. It is same as people oriented leadership (Rahim, Noranee and Anis, 2018).
  • Participative: Leaders are also believed in group decision-making so that they are share information with subordinates. They are consulted with subordinate to take important decisions that are related with work, tasks, goals and path to resolve.
  • Achievement-oriented: In 2m Group Limited, leaders set challenging goals and encourages employees to reach the peak performances. Hence, leaders believe that goals and objectives can be accomplish with goal setting theory (Flodgren and et.al., 2017).

As per this theory, leader of the chosen organisation need to select participative leadership style so that they are mutually exclusive to deal with particular situation. It assists to develop more significant advantages to concern with appropriate needs.


This theory stated that each style of leadership program must be effective in certain situation so that relationship between leader's style and effectiveness depends on the following perspective:

  • Employee characteristics: Employee characteristics includes several factors that such as employees needs, locus o control, experience, satisfaction, etc. They all are working in the business with innovative characteristics and willingly they take part in business goals and objectives. For instance, followers are highly ascertained their part as directive leadership style which is unnecessary. As a result, in this consideration, leader of the chosen organisation need to used supportive style that is more preferable (Chumg, Seaton and Ding, 2016).
  • Characteristics of work environment: In this aspect of the employee characteristic, there are several factors included such as task structure and team dynamic that are not control by the employees of 2m Group Limited. For instance, in the organisation simple work can be promoted by them which is easily done by them. In addition to this, effective team can be build with supportive kind of leadership style in the chosen business. It assists to focus on the effective team which directed by only on member (KHAN, RASHID and VYTIALINGAM, 2016). In addition to this, participative style also works much better for non-routine tasks than routine ones.

M4 Explore and evaluate concepts and philosophies of OB to inform and influence behaviour in positive and negative way

When in 2m Group Limited team cohesiveness is low, supportive leadership style must be followed. On the other hand, when performance oriented team norms exist situational style will be used. Therefore, it is essential to implement achievement oriented work in better manner. Leaders need to apply directive style so that they can easily lead whole team in successful manner. It also assists to counteract team norms that oppose the team’s formal objectives. It is useful to focus on the positive work performances within the team to regulate several functions and outcomes (Gomez-Marin, Stephens and Brown, 2016). On the other hand, when business not following appropriate leadership style, they are unable to focus on the effective work performances.

D2 Critically analysis and evaluate relevance of team development theories in context of organisational behaviour concepts and philosophies

Path and goal theory subjected to focus on the empirical testing that assists to meet with different aims and objectives in systematic manner. In this regard, several studies received to understand consistency of the concept ad philosophies of OB. It assists to remind main roles of leaders that assist subordinates to accomplish their targets and goals. Furthermore, group development theory also assists to gain several effective advantages at workplace that assists to meet with innovative characterises in the organisation. It increases more creativity and performances to lead whole team. On the other hand, when group cohesiveness not successfully develop, it impact negatively on the results and performances. As a result, it is essential to focus on concept and philosophies of the OB that assists to meet with effective characteristics at workplace.

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From the above report, it can be stated that organisation behaviour consider important role in 2m Group Limited because it assists to understand and conduct human study. In the chosen business there are several perspectives implemented that assists to meet with the innovative functions and operations. In this regard, report summarised about different kinds of culture, politics and power that influence human behaviour and impact on team performances as well. With this regard, it can be stated that the chosen business need to follow role culture in their enterprise which would help to gain more important functioning easily. This is because, it contain rules and regulations which impact positively on the results.

Furthermore, it articulated about Belbin team roles to make effective team in positive perspective. It assists to focus on the different functions that operated by different people in the business. In this regard, different roles are distributed such as plant, motivator, completer, coordinator, etc. All these separate roles assist to increase team efficiency in positive consideration. At last, it discussed about path and goal theory which would be helpful to gain more desired results with directive leadership style.

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