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Evaluation of Strength And Weakness

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Organization Selected : McDonald


Employment skills are the different capacities that are required to be a part of an individual who is performing a particular duty in an organization. They are transferable to another person as it is important for raising the overall capacity of the workplace. Apart from the daily routine work, it is also required that a person who is part of a job possess various skills so that his contribution in maximization of business profitability is high. the growth of any enterprise depends much upon how skilled employees are recruited in the business.

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1.1 Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives:

Related to my own responsibilities I will mention my Personal and professional growth of a plan.

In order to grow and to raise own skills in the long run it is important that continuous work on own capabilities is done. 

(PDP) is “a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development”. PDP is an important concept through which an individual can grow and learn to perform better in the long run.

SMART objective is an effective concept through which it becomes easy to achieve the targets and goals of the firm. There are distinct elements of same which are pre-determined in advance so that accordingly vision and mission of the enterprise is carried out.

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).

My plan for the next coming years is to reach a higher level on the business side and on the educational study process ending my HND course. I want to be close to my family to achieve our goals which involve a new house and a better life for my children.

For the above mentioned, I will talk first regarding my HND courses. The activities will require attendance in class, study work, keeping learning notes, writing assignments and submitting on time, and follow the feedback from tutors when necessary.

Regarding business side, this will require a lot of involvement which include participating to exhibitions, taking part on meetings with project managers, being involved in site work process, making sure that the guys follow the business plan and keep the quality of installation to a high level, at the end signing the contract site with the client this being a success in this process.

For all above specified, I will enumerate my own responsibilities and performance objectives:

  • Planning and organizational skills - this will help me to achieve my goals with the knowledge aquiered at Mont Rose College during these 2 years of study, especially in my business which is building up at this very moment towards a dedicated high level in the market.
  • Excellent in managerial skills - already in my business I have applied my knowledge and skills mentioned above bringing the company to a higher level, working with the best players in the market in London achieving excellent results all these due to a healthy management.
  • Good leadership skills - being a team leader in my business I am willing to say that I am leading the guys together as a true team where all of us have the same goal, I am motivating the team towards success.
  • Time management skills - having worked in 3 different countries I have met many people trying to improve their time management skills. Becoming productive with your own time is all about seeking to make constant and never ending improvements to help you achieving better results. In my domain the time is crucial due to engaged contracts where we must stay on schedule no matter what, otherwise consequences will be met.
  • Problem-solving skill - My motto is sort the problem, don't point it! The problems must be detected from early time and act against to make it work!
  • Self-management skill - Self-management teaches me to be productive, no matter what the circumstances are. That’s the ideal situation. Practically speaking, it gives managers, and even employees, the discipline to progress in their career. 
  • Power point and IT skills - this is helping me in both study and professional areas. I am working in different programs and software, for example word, power point, excel spreadsheet, Autocad and couple more design programs.

1.2 Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives

According to my Personal Development Plan in 2017 March, it will be mentioned the strength and weaknesses as an outcome from my actual position.


  1. I am a good listener this will help me during learning process.
  2. I have enough ability to manage a team in an effective manner.
  3. Another strength is good catching, therefore I am capable to easily observe things.
  4. Good planner- I am a person which pays attention to all details in such way that I am using all advantages to reach the goal.
  5. Confident –I am a very confident person in all my undertaken activities
  6. I am an active person, I am involved in many projects and I enjoy every single challenge.


  1. Lack of communication on which I have started to work.
  2. Due to lack of corporate experience, my team management skills are also not good.
  3. Focusing on details too much- sometimes I am lost into details and this is not really necessary.
  4. Impatience- I have not enough patience to pay when unexperienced people reach my business areas.
  5. Expecting too much from colleagues- I am willing to get best results from my work colleagues.
  6. Too critical of other people’s work- I am a perfectionist in what I am involved and I am expecting maximum results from people.

On the above table I have mentioned my strength and weaknesses with more regards to by business side, of course into this matter my HND courses helped me and guided me through the whole process to improve where was necessary. There probably should be mentioned that as a result of being involved in too many work projects one of my weaknesses is sometimes a lack of punctuality not being able to attend to all my classes.

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I am working hard on my time management to cover all aspects and to improve my position, therefore the above critical analysis it was a real pock into my shoulders.

Below I will enumerate the opportunities and threats in regards to my weaknesses and strengths.



Considerable growth of my business

Improved financial situation

Achieved knowledge in Business Marketing

Sometimes the lack of financial resources is a real threat

Very competitive market

During the two years of my HND study I have improved many aspects of weakness as listed below:

  • Writing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Language skills
  • Self confidence
  • Creativity in my work
  • Team work
  • Learning skills
  • Planning and organising skills
  • Communication skills
  • Prioritising

1.3 Make recommendations for improvement

Below is listed the updated table of my development plan:














2 semester

6 modules completed

Completing all 16 modules in 2 year time

I am nearly there, just couple more submissions to be completed

Attending class regularly, study and research, submitting assignments on time.

Progressing and successfully complete all modules in each semester

Finishing April 2018

Achieve HND Certificate


Finishing the construction of my house started in May 2016.

Saving money each month

For the moment I have £15.000, I need to save another £40.000 by October 2017 to reach my plan for this year.

Fortunately I have done 70% of the project, we are doing the interiors at this very moment

Research on market to get the cheapest materials but still maintaining the quality requested by project. Buying flight tickets from early time for each month to check the progress of construction, as the house is overseas and the tickets are usually expensive.

Following the project to the smallest detail given by the architect. Successfully call for the engineer responsible with the work and the chief architect to submit all documents towards council to be stamped proving that everything was done according to project.

Finishing inside to a stage where anyone can move inside to live by December 2017

This has been extended to Dec 2018

Finishing the façade so it will look like in the random pictures

Not yet done as the process has been extended


Bringing my business to a higher level

Working in Construction Industry, installing high-end kitchens in new projects.

Finding a job that suits more to our requests where I and my team can prove what we are capable in terms of quality installation, where definitely we can separate from the crowd.

New contracts signed with prestigious companies for 2018

Prepare a better Website, search for new opportunities, online research, advertising the

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