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Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations - Whirlpool

University: University of southern Queensland

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Organization Selected : Whirlpool


In today’s contending business environment, it is important for the businesses to develop such effective strategies that in turn assist them to combat the intensive state of rivalry in the market. For this, not only the operations, but the employees are also required to be handled in a strategic way. This indicates a foremost responsibility of the human resource personnel for an efficient management of teams working for an ultimate attainment of set organizational objectives (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It together necessitates the adoption of high performance work practices also termed as HPWP to enhance the overall performance of the firm. The current report has discoursed upon a similar aspect of developing team and individuals to further contribute in the development of entire organization. It is based on a given case of Whirlpool that is presently facing certain operational issues for being fewer active employees who finds it hard to believe on shared goals.


HR professionals plays an integral role in the organisation to effectively handle the employees considering all regulatory and non regulatory aspects. They have a huge contribution in developing individuals to form efficient teams who can work for successfully attaining the undertaken objectives of organisations like Whirlpool. Although, they are together required to possess certain effective skills depicting their key professional areas of knowledge and behaviours. Below are the professional areas with several distinct skills and behaviours, that are also required to exist in the HR professionals of Whirlpool-

  • Professional areas include-

    • Organisational design- This requires the HR professionals of the cited entity to assure a suitable designing of the organisation in terms of serving to its set goals and objectives in both long term as well as short term run (Coetzer and et.al., 2017). Any requisite change in the structure is also needed to be managed in an effective manner 

    • Organisation development- This is basically to ensure having a committed workforce who is fit for the future and is capable in terms of delivering the organisations strategic ambition. It is done by assuring a supportive culture that respects the organisational values by being assistive in continual enhancement of its performance 

    • Resource and talent planning- In this, the HRs are required to ensure Whirlpools ability in determining as well as attracting such talented people who will be able to achieve contending benefits for them (George, 2015). This also states the need of balancing the resources to meet out the changing market demands for fulfilling the entitys both long term and short-term ambitions

    • Learning and development- This is basically to ensure a continual development of skills and knowledge in workers employed in Whirlpool with an urge of learning in themselves. However, for this, the HRs are constantly required to motivate them to steadily grow and perform in the most desired manner

    • Performance and reward- A high performance culture plays an utmost important role in the accomplishment of organisational goals (Ford, 2014). For this, the HRs are required to plan and deliver such effective programs that are helpful in recognising and rewarding critical skills of the workers. They are together required to ensure a market based, cost effective and equitable reward systems at the workplace to retain the talented workforce

    • Employee engagement- This is to ensure that all hired workers are positively connected to each other at an emotional level. They are holding a considerate nature towards one another which is required to work in groups and attain the set targets  

  • Skills and Behaviours involve-

    • Curious- This necessitates the HRs of Whirlpool to stay focussed about the future and open minded to seek out evolving and inventive ways for adding value to the enterprise (Jørgensen and Becker, 2015)  
    • Driven to deliver- This depicts the determination of the HR professionals and their ingenuity to serve to the purpose of the companies like Whirlpool to further deliver best possible outcomes  
    • Collaborative- This is most significant behaviour of an HR where he or she should be able to work efficiently as well as inclusively with a wide range of individuals who may be inside or outside of the establishment (Mackay, 2017)
    • Decisive thinker- This is known to demonstrate the capability of HRs in quickly assessing the information and use it in a structured form to ascertain varied other options that are robust and made out of dependable verdicts


This is to carry out a personal skills audit of mine to determine the suitable skills, knowledge and behaviour of myself as an HR assistant. It will be done using a well-known skill audit model called SWOT that will help in assessing my own skills and weaknesses to become a successful HR professional in the future (West and et.al., 2014). It will also assist me in discovering the future opportunities and upcoming threats in my specialised area to create a professional development plan. Below is my undertaken SWOT analysis, considering my present role of HR assistance and future aspiration of HR manager-

Strengths- Being ab HR professional, I believe possessing effective skills of communication with an added advantage of good interpersonal skills that helps me to interact with others in the most desirable manner. Also, this assists me in maintaining effective employee relations   

Weaknesses- A foremost weakness in me is in terms of handling disputes where I am often unable to give timely reactions and fails miserably in managing the entire conflicted situation

Opportunities- Technical advancement is referred to be a foremost opportunity for me to develop my technological skills and improve in the areas of practical working. This is mainly on considering the progressive advancements in todays competitive world that is day by day increasing to a great extent (Strode and et.al., 2012). Due to which, the HRs are now compelled to use some uniquely designed softwares that also ease of their work in terms of preparing the salary sheets and recording other such related data about the employees, etc

Threats- An increasing level of competition is referred to be a major threat for me where the new comers applying in the post of HR are known to possess various advanced skills and are also aware of the new legislative norms to be applied at the workplace 

On the basis of above conducted SWOT analysis, I have hereby framed a professional development plan for me to become a successful HR professional in the future.

Skills to be improved


Time frame

Conflict management skills

  • I will hereby refer attending emotionally centred training sessions.
  • Other than this, I will also prefer using simulations to emphasise upon the significance of non-verbal communication.


2.5 months

Team handling abilities

  • I hereby believe acquiring the art of delegating power and responsibility to the teammates.
  • For this, I am intending to get more into official meetings and discussions to innovate and inspire people to believe in themselves and enable one own- self to work hard and achieve whatever goal they want to attain in their life.
  • This will need building a sense of confidence in them to trust their own instinct with a belief of making everything possible to attempt

1.5 months

Capability of scheduling

  • This is basically to improve upon my time management skills that hinders my ability of making schedules at the workplace.
  • I will intend to do this by using several time management tools and making my own personal schedule that involves planners that are also available online, in the form of apps and are named as ToDolist, Scoro or Trello, etc 

3.5 weeks

Gap Analysis

Skills gap analysis is a tool used to determine the training andor hiring requirements of an employee, group of the organization. The analysis helps in revealing the variances between the existing and the required skill levels, as well as identifying the best strategies to close the gap or reduce the variations.



Skill Level Required

Conflict management skills



Team handling abilities



Capability of scheduling




Learning being a pivotal aspect of almost each and every individual has a greater contribution of training and development. However, it can be done at both individual and organisational level with similar importance at all 2 stages. There exists a slight difference in the criterion adopted by both and is as demonstrated below-

  • It is evident to assists in self growth of an individual by together assisting him or her to fulfil any future aspirations
  • The main agenda of this type of learning, training and development is to grow as a professional.
  • It together assists in combating the state of competition in the market due to growing skills and an urge towards learning new things (Fabi, Lacoursière and Raymond, 2015)

Basis of comparison

Individual learning, training and development

Organisational learning, training and development


  • This refers to the opportunity of learning at an individual level.
  • It is also known to define the career path of the individuals undertaking it in a realistic way (Rahim, 2017).
  • This in turn help them to perform actively and with competent skill sets of their own.
  • Individual learning is also known as an act of knowledge management  
  • Learning, training and development at organisational level showcases an opportunity of evolving the existent skills through feedback and a practical experience of work.
  • Also, the training and development provided by the organisation is highly specialised that in turn assists an individual to perform exceptionally (Sung and Choi, 2014) 

Resources required

  • This is to discourse upon the resources needed to undertake learning, training and development at an individual level, that includes e-learning portals, classes for coaching, etc (Belbin, 2012)
  • This mainly involves training sessions at the workplace in the form of conferences, meetings and seminars, etc., in which professionals from different fields are being invited to train and develop employees


  • A foremost benefit of this is to develop oneself individually in terms of progressing in the chosen career path (Chang, 2015)
  • This is advantageous in terms of performing remarkably well in the workplace and earn high end rewards and incentives that includes both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

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Continuous professional development, also termed as CPD and learning is of utmost importance for not only the individuals, but also for the enterprises like Whirlpool. It is basically referred to be a procedure of documenting as well as tracking the skills that are gained either formally or informally as per the work done and experiences gained on the basis of that. It basically represents a record of what has been experienced, learnt and applied (Fu and et.al., 2015). CPD is important in terms of ensuring a continual competency in the profession and is an ongoing procedure during ones professional career. It is important at both personal and professional level where at a personal stage, continuous learning is all about constantly expanding the skills and skill sets by raising knowledge. However, at a professional level, it is all about growing the acquired skills sets to respond the fluctuating demand, depicting newer developments in the market.

In Whirlpool, strong continuous skills of learning are needed for a successful adaptation of changed work to meet the changing life demands. It thereby involves observing the recorded experiences as potent learning to reconsider values, assumptions, methods, policies and practices. CPD consists of several number of benefits from both perspective of employees and employers. From employees viewpoint, CPD is beneficial for career progression by keeping the skills UpToDate (Heffernan and Dundon, 2016). It together contributes in creating a professional sense of direction in the workers by building the sense of credibility and confidence in them. From employers point of view, there exists a primary benefit of CPD that enables them to ensure high and consistent standards across the workplace. CPD together encourages a greater engagement at work among the employees with a better sense of commitment towards their respective job roles. At last, CPD is known to maximise the potential in staff members by improving them morale of employees and provide a valuable benchmark to them for yearly reviews and drive sustainable business performance.


The system of HPW system is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of the workers to help them create productive results. However, an operative utilization of this can result in reducing the costs for Whirlpool by together creating values for the workers. The factors of HPW system includes job engagement, organisational identity, employee creativity, voice and proactive behaviour (Mackay, 2017). The interrelationship among all of these factors directly influences the employees and their performance at work affecting the organisations intended outcomes. An HPW system is known to emphasise more upon involving the employees by reflecting a greater sense of commitment in them to create a positive organisational culture which is not based upon control.

This type of culture is often in pursuit of excellence in work with a major stress of hiring as well as retaining well qualified employees who are highly competent and are continually engaged in the practices of improving the organisations like Whirlpool. Apart from this, an extensive investigation of this concept has revealed facts which state HPW system to have some very common administrative practices which leads to create contending benefits for the organisation to raise its performance and produce huge profits by engaging employees. With a similar consideration of HPW system, the HRs of Whirlpool are together required to undertake certain effective practices to engage workers and achieve competitive advantages. This includes-

  • Ensuring the security of employees- The HPW system is known to advocate the creation of high trust partnership with the workers to build a sense of greater commitment in them (Peleman and et.al., 2018). Considering the same, Whirlpool is also required to create some effective employment security related policies that in turn shows a dedicated outlook of the quoted entity towards its employees. This will not only build trust of their workers but will together lead to create a superior sense of responsibility in them 
  • Making selective hirings- This is yet another important aspect of HPW system in which a careful evaluation of new hiring is needed to be made. For this, the HR professionals of the cited enterprise will be required to critically identify the skills and traits of their workers. This will lead to a better hiring system to employ workers who fit into the job requirements, avoiding the selection on the basis of their academic pedigrees.

Both aforesaid measures are apparent to create an HPW system to engage the workers and creating a competitive edge for the company to perform effectively in the marketplace (Sessa and London, 2015) 


Performance management is stated to be a rapidly fluctuating part of talent management system. It is generally done using various methods of performance appraisal and is meant to be a procedure, through which, an employees performance can be administered within a specific period of time to further search some effective ways for bringing improvement (ABDALLAH and AHLUWALIA, 2012). Although, in todays modernized world, it is important to adopt the advanced methods of performance management that should completely differ from the traditional means. This is on considering the typical arrangement of traditional performance management procedure that is too much focussed on the organisational aspects, rather taking care of the individuals. Before choosing the most suitable mean, the expected outcomes must be clearly known to the HRs of Whirlpool. The new approaches are hereby expected to focus more upon the employees and their welfare to perform competently. The new approaches to performance management thereby involves-

  • Shifting the frequency of feedback- This is basically to eliminate the review done annually on the basis of employees performance. It must be replaced by real time and frequent feedback from the peers, managers as well as the customers. For which, several software platforms are required to permit immediate feedback, consisting of positive criticism and actionable perceptions. It can be done using the method of 360-degree feedback. This involves multiple raters to assess the performance of a worker through a specially designed questionnaire for them who regularly interacts with the employee

  • Better conversations- This request for a much more disciplinary approach to speak with the workers about their carried performances (Dewar and Keller, 2012). It also being a part of frequent feedback shows a great role of managers to assist workers perceive their roles that further impacts upon the goals
  • Bottom up approach- This is referred to be yet another important aspect of making employee responsible. It is also on referring to the fact of top down approach while setting the business goals, However, once it is done, the HRs of Whirlpool can consider giving the ownership of individual target setting to the workers to themselves set their priorities and align the same with the set organisational objectives. It can be done with assistance of a well- known appraisal method called Management by objective (MBO) that has a greater contribution of managers

All the above specified approaches are also expected to create a high-performance culture at the workplace for being collaborative in nature (Ford, 2014). This in turn will build a greater sense of commitment in the workers to perform in a well competent manner and help achieving the undertaken goals of Whirlpool

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The above report is based on the undertaken practices of Whirlpool to resolve its ascertained issues at work. It is with a special consideration of developing team, individuals and organisation to with assistance of proficient HR professionals at the workplace. It is thereby divided into 4 essential parts with a foremost assessment of HRs knowledge, skills and behaviour. This has been followed by the evaluation of those factors that are important for driving a sustainable business performance that is also encompassing the practices of learning and development. After which, a trend-based contribution of HPW has been applied to contribute in effective employee engagement to gain contending benefits. Lastly, this report has evaluated several effective ways of managing performance through a cooperative work culture and thorough communication to build up a supportive and committed culture of work

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