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Behaviour Impact of Tesco Workers

University: University of Chester

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Question :

Action plan for the year 2018 is being formulated for Dave Lewis with a motive to make significant improvement in communication among stakeholders and staff. In order to ensure success of this action plan mentioned below requirements are must for entity to address.

  • Execution of different models of communication by Lewis.
  • Determine behaviour of lewis upon Tesco emloyees.
  • Analyse issues that stakeholders can arise.   
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Business communication plays essential role in order to make stable growth in enterprise. Communication is the essence of management. Without having it there can be much more complication in activities of enterprise. Thus, it can be said that effective communication is very assistive in order to foster a good working relationship, which can turn to have improvement in morality and efficiency. The present report will outline the activities of the Tesco. It is the retailer sector engaged in providing grocery services to its customers (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It is leading brand in United kingdom. In addition to this, it is inclusive of things as are effective mode of communication, Models of culture, verbal and non verbal communication etc. The main of this report is to have effective communication with individual so that firm is able to expand the activities of enterprise. This kind of things are helpful in order to have stable growth in enterprise.

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TASK 1 For having selection interview process examine how to ensure effective verbal and non verbal communication.

Selection is the process which is need to be taken in the effective manner. The efficient employees are need to get hired so they can contribute maximum to enterprise. The manager of Tesco is responsible for carrying business activities by selecting good employees to firm. A good preparation of the job is normal, to perform during the interview is one of the most critical factor.  It is also assistive in order to increase the chance of success (Børøsund and et.al., 2014).

There are some tips to verbal and non-verbal communication during job interviews as are-

Non-verbal communication- communication plays greater role in order to maintain smooth flow of communication. The term non verbal communication is inclusive of facial expressions, voice, gestures, body language etc. it is helpful in order to regulate the flow of information. Thus, it also assistive to maintain interpersonal communication between individuals.

1. Hello there- in this it can be said that first impression to anyone affects the lot. In this way, there is need to give initiate to job with the help of confident hand shake. This kind of activities helps to give an immediate advantage (Børøsund and et.al., 2014).

2. Physical care clothing- The individual who are going to have interview, must be look perfect. He must be looking clean and good. In this it can be said that physical appearance plays grater role. The outfit of candidate is need to be decided before.=

3. Be confident- At the time of conducting the job interview, it is important to sit the straight. The candidate need to make the eye contact. In this that impression is need to ve given which is interested (Chedid and Teixeira, 2016). To sit in the same position in the interview may harm the quality of interview conducted by the professionals.

4. Respect the personal space- This is one of the essential aspect, under this it is very important to request the personal space for recruiter. The decision in relation to hiring candidate is totally dependent on the choice and preferences.

5. Do not exaggerate- There is need to maintains the balance between stiff posture and subtle movements. In this there is need to wave arms and hand during the whole processing of job interview. This is can be disturbing process. There is need to make the better connect with the recruiter at the time of conducting an interview so that chances of getting success can be increased(Galliers and Leidner, 2014).

There are some tips for verbal communication during the job interviews as are-

Verbal communication- In this there is need to sharing of information between the individuals with the help of using the speech. In business there is need to maintain the verbal communication between individuals. This kind of process can be termed out to be as non verbal communication. It is one of the bestest method in order to deal with the conflict situation.

1. The voice- The person need to speck with the clear voice which is understandable for the individual sitting next to him (Galliers and Leidner, 2014). There is need to avoid any kind of hasty expression, which can affect the process of interview. In addition to this, there is need to give avoidance to the filter words as are yes, uhm and so kind of, the candidates need to use the short and simple sentences. The individual need to stick to the structure of the job interview so that he is bale to get success.

2. Always look on the bright side of life- Be positive at each circumstances of life. The candidate need to be honest at the time of giving answers about the each circumstances of life. The positive nature of candidate will be helpful to provide the good sight about the individual (Haimes, 2015). In this it is need to be taken care that recruiter is not having the same background as candidate have

3. Candidate and recruiter may be of differed background- In this it is need to be taken care that recruiter is not having the same background as candidate have, they can be effective in the technical field. In this way individual can be asked for some additional questions.

Thus, it can be said that communication plays greater role in order to maintain the good relationship between individuals. With the help of focussing over the verbal and non- verbal communication the enterprise can operate its business activities effectively (Haimes, 2015). In this way, it can be said that communication is the essence of management.

TASK 2 Consideration on how business communication alters to accommodate national cultures.

Communication and cross culture activities plays essential in order to maintain the good relation with customers. In order to cope up with this there is need to have use of tow models as are model of communication and culture.

Model of communication- In this it is clearly states that model of communication plays the essential role in order to maintain the systematic representation of process and it is helpful in order to deal with work. It is the kind of general perspective of communication which works as to breakdown the communication from simple to normal (Jennings and Stadler, 2015). The communication model sometimes encourage traditional thinking and its also work as to omit some aspects of human communication. In this way, there are various kinds of communication models as are-

Linear model of communication- It is the simple and one way communication model. In this message flows in right straight lines form sender to receiver. In this there is no concept of feedback from individuals. There is the only task what have done by the receiver is to receive the message.

Transactional model of communication- In this kind of model sender and receivers are both termed out to be as communicators. They both plays vital role in the communication. This is the model which relates to the cultural up bringing, social reality, etc.

Non verbal feedbacks relates to the things like gestures, body language and this all are need to be considered effectively.

Interactive model of communication- This is two way communication model. It is one of the interactive mode and it is used for media like internet. In this individual can respond to mass communication media as are video, news etc. Interactive model used for the new media like internet. In these individuals can easily exchange views and ideas.

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