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Research Project - Thomas Cook

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
  • Course Code: BMA798
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Question :

This research investigation attempts to explore the theme of the “influence of technology on the travel and tourism sector” with the use of Thomas Cook as the organisation. There is an emphasis on the development of critical analysis and inquiry skills by:

  • Demonstrating the ability to formulate research specification.
  • Carry out the research through focusing on the criteria and procedures highlighted in the specification.
  • Evaluation of research outcomes with the use of tools and techniques.
  • Presentation of research outcomes using suitable media to an appropriate audience.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas Cook


A research is one of the most appropriate method which is being used for the purpose of evaluation of merits and demerits. This would help in deriving certain significant outcome in a more significant manner. Technology would allow a business and a sector to grow substantially, Travel and Tourism Sector is no exception. The sector has been facilitated by efficient use of technological tools and equipments, Technology has spurred growth of various sectors of a economy. Hence it can be said that, a growth in travel as well as tourism sector can be achieved by way of proper implementation of various technological changes (Cheng, 2016). The current research project has been developed over this concept for the purpose of evaluation of impact of various types of technologies within the travel and tourism sector. The current research will throw some lights on various benefits of technology in travel and tourism sector.

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1.1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specification

Every research is basically associated with getting certain outcomes as well as benefits and this has to be complied by the investigator. Under this phase of the research, Aim is established along with the objectives for the purpose of creating a research report in a significant manner (Agag and El-Masry, 2016). This is assignment is based on:

Topic: “To analyse the Impact of Technology Within Travel and Tourism Sector and its implications for Thomas cook”

This particular research is related to the impact as well as implications that the recent technological changes has made on Travel and Tourism sector within UK. Technology undoubtedly has created some revolutionary changes within travel and tourism sector. Therefore, this research would be aimed at getting necessary data regarding this subject from various situations as well as circumstances. Thomas cook is a company, which is having diverse operation in hospitality industry, It is including various kinds of technologies as well as methods which could help organisation to in crease the number of visitors or customers for the company. The company has the potential to render various services to consumers at an affordable cost, this can enhance the image of company as well maintain a good client and company relations going forward. This research has been developed through undertaking different types of methods as well as technologies for the purpose of investigating its impact on several ways.

Aims: It refers to the main aim of the entire research, why the research is conducted. It aims at evaluating the entire report (Munoz-Leiva, Hernández-Méndez and Sánchez-Fernández, 2012). The aim of this report is, “ To analyse the Impact of Technology Within Travel and Tourism Sector and its implications for Thomas cook”.

Objectives: Their are certain objectives that are being developed for the purpose of implementing technological changes within the company and management of growth in an effective manner. Some of the objectives for the purpose of this research is as follows:

  • To analyse the implications of technology on travel and tourism sector.
  • To assess the various benefits of Technological implementation within the Business environment of Thomas cook.
  • To Evaluate the influence of Digital Tools as well as Technology on the level of competition in travel and tourism Sector.

Research Project: For the purpose of managing and designing the whole research project, it is quite essential that major research questions are developed. Some of the major research questions are as follows:

  • What are the implications of technology on travel and tourism sector?
  • What are the various benefits of Technological implementation within the Business environment of Thomas cook.
  • What is the influence of Digital Tools as well as Technology on the level of competition in travel and tourism Sector.

1.2 Factors which mainly contribute the process of research project specification

Research is a systematic as well as a scientific procedure which consist of numerous sort of factors that can aid in managing as well as efficiently maintaining the various projects of business (Fotis, Buhalis, and Rossides, 2012). This consist of certain procedures such as framing of Research questions, objectives, aims as well as evaluation of Literature review within the context of Views of Scholars in the most effective way possible. Some of the elements of a research project are described as below:

  • Introduction: It is an important part of the research project. It explains the major elements of research. This is one of the fundamental part of research. This would include the title, project topic, theme etc.
  • Literature Review: This is yet another fundamental part of the research. This section is required to present the viewpoint of various authors and Scholars regarding the Topic.
  • Data Accumulation: The data is accumulated in this part for the purpose of conducting research. The data is usually accumulated from various sources.
  • Evaluation of Data: Once the data is collected, it has to be evaluated in an effective as well as efficient manner for the purpose of reaching to a conclusion.

Conclusion and Recommendation: This is a summary of the research. It can be regarded as the last phase of research. Some sorts of suggestions as well as recommendation are rendered in this section by the researcher (MacKay. and Vogt, 2012).

1.3 Critically assessment all key references

Literature review can be considered as one of the most fundamental part of a research project, it helps the researcher in meeting the final outcome in a more significant manner. These references are mentioned in detail as follows:

Analyse the implications of technology on travel and tourism sector

Travel and Tourism sector is fastest developing sector which contributes more in developing the economy of country through providing large number of employment opportunities. Technologies are the important factor which supports travel and tourism sector in achieving desired goals and objectives. In order to attract and influences interest and purchasing decision of customers, it is important to invest money on adopting an effective technologies through which they can change their business operations. Changing in technology may affect the way a company carries out business. The first publicly advertised excursion train are developed by Thomas Cook who was first worked as a travel agent and from till to now he becomes the owner of largest travel agency in the world (Tussyadiah, 2013). Digital technology helped tourism industry in gaining hue customer strengths through providing tourism services to the customers in an effective and efficient manner. Using internet, Reservation system, computer systems, mobile communication etc. which facilitate visitors to gain valuable experience while visiting.

The impact of technology on travel and tourism sector is enormous as it provides an opportunity to visitors to search and compare information available on the internet about desired destinations. According to John Liu, approx 85% of the people are search destination through internet and approx 55% of the people are searches for booking, travel guides and visas a booking. Using telephone are also more helpful in contacting travel agents without reaching their place personally. Adopting technology requires skilled and knowledgeable employees who can manage different task through using technology in an effective and efficient manner. Thus, it create employment opportunities as well (Ivanov and Webster., 2012).

Assessing the various benefits of technological implementation within the business environment of Thomas Cook

Implementation of technologies brings various benefits to travel and tourism sector due to which they contribute more to the economy of the country. Digital technology makes easier for companies to reach large number of customers which are from different demographics as well as regions. Communication technology aid in making airline increasingly accessible from the promotion of destinations to attract travellers. It helps customers in accessing relevant information about travel destinations, lodging and dining options at the destination as quickly as possible (Escobar-Rodríguez, and Carvajal-Trujillo, 2014). The use of telephones are facilitate customers to contact with travel agent without visiting at their office. It also helped in collection of payment from prospective travellers before leaving destination places. According to the Thomas cook, there are large number of customers who prefer to use technology while booking desired destinations at minimum time (Hannam, Butler and Paris , 2014). Adopting technology in travel and tourism business will also help in building reputation of country in tourism industry due to which they get large number of customers and through this, GDP of such country has also been improved. Advancement in transportation also help customers to visit at desired destination place which makes them easier to reach at desire places at minimum time. This will improves the satisfaction level of customers which indirectly make positive impact.

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Impact of digital technology on the level of competition in Travel and Tourism sector

Digital technology bring various advantages to travel and tourism industry due to which large number of competitors focuses on adopting technologies. There are different companies who are responsible to develop travel and tourism business and thus always need to focus on implementing different technologies in order to facilitate customers through providing quality services (Leung, Law, Van Hoof and Buhalis, D., 2013). Increasing in competition helps customers in getting tourism services at low prices which influences the interests and behaviour of customers towards desired destinations. Due to high competition, the new and advanced technology has been developed by them in order to compete with each other regarding attracting customers through providing tourism services (Buhalis and Foerste, 2015). Digital technologies makes easier for companies to reach customers belonging to different countries and influencing their interest and behaviour of customers to visit desired destination place. Some to the various effects of higher competition in travel and tourism industry as given as below:

  • Generating employment opportunities
  • Developing infrastructure of travel as well as tourism industry
  • Contributing more in the development of economy
  • Increases in revenue of Government.
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