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Research Project - Case Study on Carnival Corporation & Plc

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages 16 / Words 4000
  • Paper Type: Minor Case Study
  • Course Code: BMA798
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Question :

This project emphasizes on development of enquiry and critical analysis skills through undertaking this investigation based on Carnival Corporation & Plc. The major tasks which will be covered under this unit are as follows:

  • Develop an understanding on how to form a research specification.
  • Implementation of research project through considering the agreed procedures and specifications.
  • Evaluation of research outcomes generated through this investigation.
  • Professional presentation of research outcomes to the appropriate media.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Carnival Corporation & Plc


In the modern business sector the primary motive of each small as well as large business enterprises is to developing their performance and productivity through offering variety of goods and services at market place. In the services industry travel and tourism can be consist as the most developing sector as it creates various opportunities for economic growth (Benckendorff, Sheldon and Fesenmaier, 2014). Digital tools and technologies are considered as the most essential element for each business organisation as it helps in maximising the strength of fir through developing their performance and productivity. In the sector of travel and tourism technologies plays huge impact on increasing organisational performance. Carnival Corporation & Plc. Is the chosen company for this particular research project. It is a United State based organisation and the worlds largest leisure company. The was founded by Ted Arison in the year of 1972, it is a dual listed public limited company and composed of two firms such as Carnival Corporation and Carnival Plc, and both the corporations deals as a single entity. In the present report will discuss about the importance of technologies in growth and development of firm. An appropriate research project helps the researcher is analysing appropriate outcome and result.


1.1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specification.

An effective and appropriate research project is based on some predetermined aims and objectives as these helps the investigator in carry out the whole research activities in well planned and appropriate manner. It is essential for researcher to design clear and simple aims in which the major issue of research is mentioned (Bizirgianni and Dionysopoulou, 2013). Clear aims and objectives helps in reaching at appropriate result and outcome of the study. The essential topic of this particular research is:

Topic: To ascertain the appropriateness of technologies in travel and tourism and its influence on the growth and development of the overall sector. A case Study on Carnival Corporation & Plc.

The present research is talks about the usefulness of digital technologies and its direct influence on the growth and development of tourism industry. In the world full of digitalisation organisations are concern on satisfying the needs and wants of people at market place through offering them easy and fact services. Effective implementation of technologies helps in enhancing the performance and productivity of firm through managing functions and operations of firm. As a most developing industry travel and tourism sector is widely concern on adopting new and innovative technologies within organisations as to providing variety of products and services to the people. As a worlds largest travel leisure company Carnival Corporation & Plc is majorly focused on providing fast and effective services to their potential customers as to fulfilling their desires and requests. In respect to maintaining their higher position at market place Carnival Plc is applying new and innovative tools at work place as it create value in gaining the attention of people towards offered products and service of firm. 

Research Aim:

This is the primary part of research project as the whole activities of project are based on the particular issues which is mentioned in the research aim (Buhalis and Foerste, 2015). The major aim of this current research project is to “To ascertain the appropriateness of technologies in travel and tourism and its influence on the growth and development of the overall sector”. A case Study on Carnival Corporation & Plc.

Research Objectives:

The major objectives of this particular research which are interlinked with the statement of research aim are described as below:

  • To evaluate the usefulness of technologies in the sector of travel and tourism.
  • To identify the essential measures which are adopted by Carnival Corporation & Plc as to maximising the sales and performance of firm at market place.
  • To analyse the relationship between the implementation of technologies and growth of travel and tourism sector.
  • To recommend ways by which Carnival Plc can sustain a competitive position at market place.

Research Questions:

  • What are the usefulness of technologies in the sector of travel and tourism?
  • What are the essential measures which are adopted by Carnival Corporation & Plc as to maximising the sales and performance of firm at market place?
  • How to analyse the relationship between the implementation of technologies and growth of travel and tourism sector?
  • What are the ways by which Carnival Plc can sustain a competitive position at market place?

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1.2 Factors which mainly contribute the process of research project specification.

A research can be described as a systematic investigation about a specified study and source in respect to implement various facts and reach at final conclusion. Research is based on some specified elements which leads the work towards right direction through managing all the operations of research (Cohen and et. al., 2014). The report is completed through using various methodologies and techniques as this helps in providing a direction to the researcher to implement all operations of research in appropriate manner. The research project has some specified areas on which the result of work is based and a systematic implementation of research area are described as under:

Introduction: This is the fundamental stage of investigation as it provides the overall description about the work on which the research is based. This segment of research included different components, for example, inquire about point, goals, question, foundation, essentialness of the exploration and time scale. In this area of research venture the issue of research is investigated as to settling it in betterment way.

Literature Review: This is also an another essential part of research project which helps in conducting an in-depth research as to overcome the issue of research. This section helps in providing a theoretical description about the specified study. In this part information and data a has to be collected by books, journals and online sites. It consist to be a critical analysis of published resources or literature on some specified area of study. In this section the review of previous literature helps in conducting analysis through all the possible and appropriate aspect. This section of research helps in providing a valuable and reliable results for the research work. With the help of literature review the view point of various authors and writers are compared and an appropriate analysis has to be done through accumulating data and resources through most suitable resources. In this section of research previous research projects which are connected with the similar area of study helps in identifying the appropriate outcome and result. This part build a foundation for investigator through rendering them data and information from different perspectives.

Research Methodology: This is also considered as the most essential part of research work as it is based on various applications such as research type, design, philosophy, approach, sampling and data collection. It can be regarded as the process used for the purpose of collecting information and data to make certain necessary decisions. It includes, public research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques and may include both personal as well as historic information. Usually sociologists or the researcher draw on both qualitative as well as quantitative research methods. Quantitative Method aims at classifying features, counting them and creation of a hypothesis which is based on statistics and explain observations. On the other hand, qualitative methods aim for a complete as well as a through description of Observations and it includes varied context of events and circumstances. There are various elements of Research methodology, these includes Types of investigation, research design, data sampling, Ethical consideration Etc. It is very essential that right kind of research methodology is selected for the purpose of conducting research.

Data Collection: This can be described as the effective part of research work as it helps in analysing the data and information which are gathered by researcher through different sources. In this data has to be analysed through thematic analysis (Del Chiappa and Baggio, 2015). Once the data is being gathered by the researcher for the purpose of research, Next step is to make a proper analysis of the data in an effective way, so that conclusion can be drawn from the same. It is a key to gaining insight that eventually drives business decisions. Organisations around the world analyse data from various sources with the help of big data management solutions as well as customer experience. The ultimate aim is to utilise the data analysis for the purpose of transforming data into certain actions. It is a proven way for organisations to gain the information of their use and to make better decisions, serving customers well as well as increase in the overall productivity and revenue.

Conclusion and Recommendation: This is the last phase of research in which general conclusion must be given by researcher with respect to every component which are directed amid the whole examination. Proposal and recommendations are given by the examiners as to building up some predetermined zone in which change is required.

1.3 Critically assessment all key references

Usefulness of technologies in the sector of travel and tourism

Tourism industry is a necessary sector and contribute towards an economy of country. It is fastest developing sector in all over world and also technology is helpful to visitors to known about their interested destination places. On the basis of view point of Egger, 2013, it is more complex for an organisation to develop business with out using digital technology at workplace. Carnival Corporation Plc. is providing effective travelling services to people it is able to know regarding different aspects of doing the business under this industry. Technology is helpful to reach at consumers and interact with them. This organisation uses advanced technology and through this it can give advertisement like for an instance digital advertising and social media.

Technology assess an organisation to providing effective quality of services to customers or visitors and saving cost. Advanced technology provides provides different types of benefits for firm such as consumer satisfaction, cost saving, proper utilisation of resources, enhance productivity and better delivery of services.

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Essential measures adopted by Carnival Corporation & Plc as to maximising sales and performance of firm at market place.

As per the opinion of Morrison, 2013, There are different types of measures adopted through Carnival Corporation plc for delivering better services to consumers and increasing sales as well as performance level of company in competitive market. Some of the essential measures given below as above:

Effective service delivery- Carnival Corporation plc executes different digital technologies for increasing productivity of company and reaching to those customers which are selling for travelling in all over world. Through technology, visitors can book their bus, flights, hotels in advance.

High advertising and promotion- On promotions, Carnival Corporation firm spend more money to aware people about the services of firm. This company uses different methods of promotion such as television Broad Casting, social media etc. Through technology company can communicate with people.

The relationship between the implementation of technologies and growth of travel and tourism sector.

As per the view of Ismet E and Abuhjeelah M 2016, there are different technology which are implemented by travel and tourism industry in order to generate large number of revenue for organisation. There are various technology which are used by organisation to explore its business in travelling sector. In order to attract large number of customer these new and innovative technology aids to attain goals and objectives of companies which are concerned with the travel and tourism sector. The management of travel and tourism industry implement new technology which aids to communicate with various customer in order to enhance productivity of organisation in proper manner. There are strategies which are ascertain by organisations in order to generate large number of revenue of organisation. Technology which aids to fulfil demand and desire made by the people.

The ways by which Carnival Plc can sustain a competitive position at market place.

As per the views of Konol Mondol, 2016 Carnival cooperation implement different strategies in order to gain the competitive advantages in the marketplace. This leads to manage the different activities of organisation in proper manner. It aids to maximise the profit of the company. As the financial condition of company is better which aids to implement different strategies of organisation in proper manner. This aids to accomplish demand and desire of customer in proper manner. Carnival cooperation determine the different trends which are ascertain by the different rivals present in the marketplace. The management of organisation implement various strategies which able attract large number of customer in proper manner. These trends aids to maximise the level of profit of company in proper manner.

1.4 Research project specifications

Specification of research is effective in providing a specific outline for research work which helps the researcher in implementing the each activity of research is appropriate manner. A proper outline specification is effective in establishing all operations in a systematic manner. A research work is based on hypothesis which are created by investigators as to accumulating final result and outcome. The responsibility of researcher to to design a appropriate time frame in which all activities are implemented in the effective manner (Di Pietro, Di Virgilio and Pantano, 2012). The fundamental objective of conducting a research project is to developing the knowledge and skills of learner in the area of specified study. A proper system helps in elucidating the topic of research and this likewise offer help in directing a compelling review as to breaking down the assessment of individuals in some predetermined territory of study. The specification of the research is consistently based on different aims and objectives which are related with the particular area of study. It is required for investigator to structured the hypothesis statement in effective manner as to reaching at final result and outcome. The research into consideration is based on ascertain the appropriateness of technologies in travel and tourism and its influence on the growth and development of the overall sector and the scope of this particular study is so wide. It is essential for a research to implement an effective outline specification for the research work as to establishing all research activities and operations in effective and efficient manner. This create value in effectively completion of research work. Researcher needs to form an appropriate aim as the whole activity of research is based on the issue of research which is defined in the aim of the study. A specified aim helps in providing a significant direction to the research to carry out whole research activities in well planned and systematic manner. Objectives are also needs to be interlined with the issue of research as the objectives are helpful in determine the issue of research s effective manner. This involves question that can provide support by framing questionnaire for meeting the requirement of research as survey helps in reaching at final result and outcome. A clear and appropriate specification helps the researcher in accumulating final result and outcome.

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