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Interrelationship Between Internal and External Environmental Factors - Sainsbury

University: UCKBC College London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: BMA547
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Question :

The scenario of this report is denoting an appropriate knowledge upon an organisation, its operation as well as functional activity while operating in an environment. Furthermore, a direct and indirect impact of the environmental factor over business and its activities.

  • Determine type, legal structure, size as well as scope of different organisation.
  • Explain the organizational structure of Sainsbury as well as a combination between different functional divisions of firm. 
  • Determine positive and negative impact of external environmental factors upon the business operations of Sainsbury.
  • Evaluate the interrelationship between internal and external environmental factor by specify its strength and weaknesses. 
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury


Business environment considered several operations and functions that assists to develop effectiveness in the business. In this consideration, enterprise implement innovations and creativity so that promotional activities has been implemented with market trends and consideration. Therefore, activities design to focus on the attainment of profits and revenue in the business environment activities (Evans, Van Fossen and Barlow, 2017). In this context, present report based on the Sainsbury which is one of the largest supermarket which deals in the retail products and services in the country. Furthermore, it also carries different functions in the business to cope up with the additional activities as well. For gaining insight information of the present business, report covers different types of business and its scope in the world. Furthermore, it focuses on the macro environment analysis through effectiveness will be develop in the market. At last, strength and weaknesses has been described with interrelate it macro-environment factors. Therefore, effectiveness will be develop in successful way.

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1 Different types of organisation (P1)

In the UK, there are different kinds of sector operate successfully to make sure that effectiveness will be develop in proper way to fulfil aims and objectives. Each business consider different targets to work in systematic manner. Hence, following explanation considered towards different sector business:

  • Public enterprise: Public enterprise considered their operations and functions to focus on the systematic work performance. In this regard, welfare for society is main aim and objectives which they possess to operate their operations (Solomon, Dahl and Polegato, 2014). They make sure each activity of business done to maintain society effectiveness and attain overall goals and objectives at workplace. With the help of this aim, they target customers easily. In addition to this, it impacts positively on the customer attraction and attainment of desired goals. On the other hand, it has several disadvantage in which due to lack of money, they get very fewer profits. As results, they are unable to make more investment to innovate new things at workplace. In this consideration, it is important to look upon the creative advantages that assists to make successful operations and functions. For instance, Sainsbury operate their outcomes in public sector so that effectiveness will be generated in the business to attain creative results and outcomes at workplace. They possess their operations to focus on the public sector business.
  • Private enterprise: As compare to this, in the private sector, operations and functions has been carried to attain more profits and revenue at workplace. In this regard, small number of customers mainly target by the business so that they are attracted to implement fund amount as well. However, they have no amount to create more operations and functions at initial stage so that they generate IPO in their organisation. As results, it assists to make focus on the more investment activities. Systematic work performance mainly generated to develop creative advantages in the business environment. Limited liability is the main advantages that implemented in the business to attain more significance results at workplace. For example, Tesco operate their functions and operations in private sector so that they consider objectives to increase profitability as well (Evans, Van Fossen and Barlow, 2017).
  • Voluntary enterprise: In respect to deal with the voluntary sector, functions and operations has been carried to attract different customers at workplace. In this way, different individual perform their part to make activities innovative. In the agreements of different people they are work voluntary. As results, it will assist to accomplish desired results and outcomes in the business environment to focus on the benefits and development (Solomon, Dahl and Polegato, 2014). Voluntary participation of the people assists to look upon the proper checking and management of the activities as well. In UK market, National Trust perform their functions and operations in this sector to attain more profits and revenue as well.

2 Size and scope of the organisations (P2)

In the UK, different organisation possess effective results to operate successfully and attain more significant advantages at workplace. With the help of these aims and objectives, they develop their creativity at workplace easily. Different business followed scope and size in following aspects:

Private organisation: In the private sector business, there are several shareholders working to make effective results in the business. They appointed to operate systematic liabilities in term of shares. This is because, operate functions and operations considered to increase target market activities (Baesens, Bapna and Zhao, 2016). They possess main objectives is to increase their revenue and profits as well to make sure that effectiveness will be generated to focus on the innovation and creativity. Furthermore, they are also developed their part to make innovation and expand business in new areas which helps to attain more profits and revenue. Private business also considered in different businesses such as partnership, limited liability, sole proprietorship, etc. They all adopted hierarchical structure that assists to accomplish desired results in the business. In different areas, business could be expand through medium-sized business and invest more money as well.

Public organisation: In other aspect, public enterprise considered systematic work performance to deliver products and services. In this aspect, all businesses who working in public sector need to follow rules and regulations that are set by government. It will help to focus on the innovations and creativity as well. Therefore, marketing activities implemented with different size and scope. Therefore, these kinds of businesses considered operations in health care, educational system, social services, etc. All these enterprises working to maintain profitability and business as well. Furthermore, public sector enterprise develop their system in different activities such as central government, health care etc. (Baesens, Bapna and Zhao, 2016). Hence, Sainsbury develop their operations in different kinds of businesses such as banking, retail, etc. They adopted vertical structure so that communication will be made effectively with all members easily. With the help of the policy and effective participation, characteristics also performed in systematic manner. Hence, existing strategy also taken on the basis of horizontal structure to make effective position and activities. Guidelines and basic structure ascertained systematic work performance in the business.

Voluntary organisation: Voluntary sector also pay effective results to operate functions and operations in the business. In this consideration, they adopted aims, scope and size to cooperate with different activities at workplace. In inclusive consideration, organisation and community also create benefits which adopted creativity at workplace (Grosanu, Bota-Avram and Tiron-Tudor, 2015). They are also focuses on the group and organisation that are variety in ranging in scale, organisational structure and cultural activities to develop more effective functions and operations.

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3 Organisation structure and functions (P3)

In Sainsbury, there are different functions and operations has been performed that are interrelated with each other. It creates link with the objectives and structure as well (Dyllick and Muff, 2016). Therefore, effectiveness will be develop with several operations such as marketing, finance, etc. In this aspect, following are certain functions ascertained that perform and interrelated with each other successfully:

  • Design and production department: Sainsbury operate successfully in the production department in systematic manner. With the help of creative design and activities, the company can ascertain their innovation in creative manner. Therefore, performance will be develop to operate successfully. It is the best way to target people and attain goals. In this department activities has been performed to focus on the customer attraction with implement quality and innovation at workplace (Evans, Van Fossen and Barlow, 2017). Therefore, targets and goals will be develop to focus on the mission and vision of business.

Finance department: Finance department relate with all other departments functions. This is because, it assists to arrange money that need to invest in different areas. For instance, implementation of the new tools and techniques, recruitment and selection of staff, marketing, etc. All these departments requires proper funding so that effectiveness will be increasing in successful manner

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