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Different Types and Purpose of Organisations that Exist in Market - Marks and Spencer

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: BMA547
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Question :

As a business analyst of large organization analyze the current macro and micro factors which impact on organization working. Research had to be carried by using journal articles, different business case and other relevant materials for developing effective strategy.

  • Evaluate various size and scope of business used by Marks and Spencer.
  • Determining interrelationship of Mark and Spencer and their link with the structure of firms.
  • Evaluation of the positive and negative impact of macro environment on business operations of (Marks and Spencer along with example.
  • Evaluate strength and weakness of Mark and Spencer and their interrelations with external macro factors.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Business environment is characterised as place where business operations that are executed by organisations to timely attain goals and objectives. Companies have internal and external factors which directly and indirectly impacts on system functionality. Stakeholders such as shareholders, suppliers, creditors, employees and customers are various elements which influence on activities; thereby required to be managed by administration adequately. Present report is based on Marks and Spencer is popular retail firm which provides quality clothes, food items and various home products in United Kingdom. This assignment specifies information about different types and purpose of organisation that exist in market and vary with each other in respect to size, scope, structure and objective (Auzair, 2011). Along this, company functions have interconnection with each other which helps management to acknowledge positive and negative impact of macro environment on operations. Thus, internal and external analysis benefits superior to make interrelation of strength and weakness with external macro factors.

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P3 Relationship between different organisational functions to achieve objectives

Human resource, finance, operation, marketing, sales, IT, research and development are various departments which are formulated by executive to accomplish goals and objectives. It is essential that organisation have adequate resources that is funds, material and manpower which help administration to execute business operations effectively. Along this, management formulate strategies and implement appropriate tools and techniques in system to provide appropriate items and services in market in according to needs and wants of people. Marks and Spencer which is popular retail store that provide variety of food items, clothes and other products (Burns and Winter, 2011).

Human resource department: Employer responsibility is to have adequate workforce which help them to organise business activities in according to objectives. Recruitment, selection, training, compensation and development are various practices that are executed by management. This help M&S to have skilled and competent members to carry out operations in effective manner. Administration provide duties and tasks to staff in respect to their skills and abilities. Along this, they even divide members in different units which benefit company to attain goals and enhance market position.

Production department: This unit duty is to manufacture adequate items and services in according to needs and wants of people. HR of M&S employ candidates in operation unit and execute sessions and seminars to improve their skills and knowledge. Along this, R&D team conduct market research which helps them to have accurate and complete information about taste and preference of people. Thus, management implement latest tools and techniques in system to provide quality products and quick services to clients (Commander and Svejnar, 2011).

Finance department: This unit require to have skilled members which have capability to utilise funds adequately. It is necessary that financial statement that is balance sheet and profit and loss is formulated by superiors to acknowledge complete information about expenses and income.

Marketing department: Organisation require to have large customer base which help management to generate adequate profit from business. Marketing plan is formulated which comprise information about overview of M&S, mission, vision, objective and marketing mix. Product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence are various components that are designed by marketing team to attract people by informing them about items and services. Sales promotion, online advertising, personal selling, publicity and e-marketing are various tools used by management to establish good position in market and easily position firm higher than rival brands (Cronan and et. al., 2011).

Sales department: This unit comprises responsibilities to interact with customers and inform them about products. Management of M&S take care that adequate sales people are present in firm. Along this, they even take care that members have skills to influence people and persuade them to purchase things in respect to their needs and wants. Marketing team uses promotional techniques to attract people by informing them about transformations made by seniors in products.

Research and development department: This segment require to have complete information about needs and wants of people. Market research and survey is appropriate technique used by members of M&S to acknowledge taste and preference of consumers. Along this, management even require to anticipate competitors offerings which help operation members to design system and implement adequate technology to provide items in respect to demands of people (Dahan and et.al., 2010).

IT department: This unit determine that management require to has appropriate tools and techniques in system which help them to deliver adequate things in market in according to needs and wants of people. M&S provide quality items and quick services to customers which is due to latest technologies that are used by operation members. Along this, marketing team also help company to enhance market position and image by using online advertising and e-marketing. These tools benefit management to attract people and easily compete with competitors.

Therefore, it can be concluded that M&S has good image and goodwill in market which is due to quality items and services that are delivered by firm in market. Along this, management is able to conduct business operations in respect to market conditions which define that alterations in system and technologies. This benefit company deliver creative and innovative products in respect to demands of people.

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P4 Positive and negative impact of Macro environment on business operations

Organisation exist in market which is dynamic and keeps on changing with time. It is essential that management design system and implement adequate tools and techniques which benefit firm provide quality things to people in according to their needs and wants. Government, suppliers, customers and competitors are various macro components that are present in external market. These are factors which are considered by administration of M&S to conduct business operations effectively. PESTEL analysis is appropriate technique that is used by company to anticipate positive and negative influence on system functionality (Fernando, 2011).

Political factor: Government formulate rules and regulations to control and manage system functionality of firms. In M&S, administration frame strategies and policies in respect to legislations of UK government.

  • Positive effects: Executive reduce expenses of sourcing as UK has free trade policies. This helps M&S to deliver things in different countries to increase market reach and customer base.
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