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Legislation and Ethics in Travel & Tourism Sector - Acorn Tourism Development Consultants

University: UCKBC College London

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Question :

Understanding regarding legal and moral issues faced within the travel and tourism sector.

  • Explanation of legal and regulatory framework within the travel and tourism sector.
  • Evaluation of the influence of legal framework associated with health and safety within the tourism sector.
  • Explanation of consumer protection legislation within the tourism sector.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Acorn Tourism Development Consultants


There is important role of legal roles and rules which make tour and travel business effective and efficient. It is essential that organisation has to follow them and make policies accordingly. It is important for company to follow them so there is no involvement of government in business operations (Battour, Ismail and Battor, 2010). There are possibilities that due to change in legal policies then there is requirement of proper assigning duties so it can be implemented in better way. Tourism consultancy firm delivers knowledge about change in policies which can be effectively applied by management of company. This report is based on two organisations one is consultancy firm i.e. Acorn Tourism Development Consultants and TUI which is tour and travel operator. Acorn Tourism Development Consultants is situated in England, UK. There is discussion about Legal and regulatory framework. Surface, air, sea transport laws and, impact of principles of health, safety and security laws and legislation related to to equality.


1.1 Legal and regulatory framework of travel and tourism business

Acorn Tourism Development Consultants has different concepts which can be implemented in better and effective manner. There are different rules and regulations which are related to company and it is essential to make policies as per government norms. It is essential to form policies which are effective in achieving task and gaols. Travel and tourism business is one of the fast growing industry, which can be effective for performing actions. In Acorn Tourism Development Consultants, management has to deliver policies in effective way so it helps in growth and development and effective application of strategies (Buhalis and Darcy, eds., 2010).

Tour and travel business means to visit some place for the purpose of vacation. It is essential to collect all the data which help in performing activities in systematic way. Visitor are also aware of framework which has to be followed. Consultancy firms play vital role these days in describing policies to visitor and it is effective for creating good environment in society. There are many parties associated with tour and travel industry such as seller, buyer, transport facility, accommodations, etc. so it is essential to perform actions as per guidelines. There is requirement of various decisions which are required to be taken by company in performing actions in better and effective manner.

Some of the acts are as follows-

Development of Tourism Act, 1969- This act was enacted by British Tourist Authority. Aim of this act is coordination between various organisations which deals in tours and travel business. To implement this act more effective manner British Tourist Authority had merged with English Tourism Council (Chuang and et. al., 2014).

Transport Act 1980 and 1985- This act is used for expressing tour routes above 30 miles. As there is increase in competition of national and private buses so this act is effective for them. Act of 1985 covers cons of 1980 and this provides opportunities to private buses to operate at different routes.

Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992- This aims at establishing tour business inn effective manner. There are many difficulty which affect customers perception, this law helps in solving those problems and work in proper manner.

It has been understood that legal laws are indispensable for company success and development because it aids in controlling possibilities of losses. Along with this, number of fraudulent activities are taking place at workplace due to which it create problem for company success. Thus, legal bodies are engaging in designing several laws to regulate misinterpretation at workplace.

1.2 Air, surface and sea transport law

There are many laws in travel and tourism business and it can be implemented in effective manner by legal person's advise. There are possibilities that there is change in perception of person, so it is essential to apply laws as per situation. There is difference in laws related to air, land and sea which are necessarily followed with organisation. Acorn Tourism Development Consultants defines passengers, luggage, etc. terminologies and in case of loss related to it then it is essential that consultancy firm must apply regulations in best way. In case of losses there are some liability which can be implemented on defaulters (Dawson and et. al., 2011). Surface, air, sea laws are discussed below-

  • Surface laws- International Carriage of passenger by Road Act , 1979 protects the interest of passengers which are visiting different places. In case of any damage to consumer, this damage includes physical, mental, disorder or damage of luggage. In this case they can file petition under this act and claim can be recovered. There are di9fferent factors which has to be considered by cpmao0ny, there must be proper and effective tools which has to be used for giving proper safety to consumer. In case of lack of equipments then this affects business image in industry and visitors are not ready to believe over these factors. In surface travelling it is essential to adopt source which is most effective and time saving for consumer. Laws must be followed effectively hence it helps in performing actions in more better way.
  • Air laws- There is more trend of air transport in UK. There is requirement of various documents which are helpful in performing actions in better and effective way (Dickinson and Lumsdon, 2010). There are one norms which are related to airways and in this case it is essential that passenger must be ware about their things and luggages. Sometimes there is long distance travelling with non stoppage in this case there are different factors which has to considered by management of company. There are laws related to travelling in air transport hence it is essential that passenger must take care. As people go outside there country so they are not aware about norms, so it is essential to have some knowledge about laws which can be used in case of emergency.
  • Sea laws- Sea is the area in which there is use of water. In UK there is ravelling through under water to save time and this is law talks about it. The Warsaw Convention 1929 talks about documents which are required for sea travelling (Fenclova and Coles, 2011). There are different health problems which arise at the time of travelling. In case of discrepancy in terms and conditions and reality then person can claim money and this is effective with the help of management and visitors. E.g. in case company is not having taking about health issues or precautions to be taken at the time of water travelling, and any problem arise then this affects image of company.


2.1 Impact of principles on health, safety and security legislation

Tours and travel business are effective for performing actions in better and effective manner. As there is growth stage for tour business, so it is essential to perform actions in way which is fruitful for growth of company. There must be some legal advisor which helps to deal with different situation and coming with new and innovative ideas. There are different factors which can be implemented to enhance good image in industry. There are many policies which can be implemented in better and effective way. Organisation has to perform activities in better and effective through proper and efficient manner. Employer as well as employee has to make policies which are competent to external forces. It is essential that organisation has to perform activities in way which help to satisfy need of society (Forno and Garibaldi, 2015).

TUI is tour and travel operator which are effective for achieving business objectives. It is essential that organisation has to analyse need of society and then take actions in appropriate manner. Business runs ion environment and there are many changes taking place in society, so it is essential to analyse situation and then take actions which due care and verification. There must be good and cool relations among employer and employees so this creates good environment in performing activities in proper and effective manner. Health of employees as well as consumer one of the major component in company. There are different risk associated with tour and travel business which can be solved with the help of awareness of workers as well as employer. There must be proper and effective approaches which must be used by organisation which assist in creating safety environment at workplace (Gössling, Scott and Hall, 2013).

There should be proper system which helps in achieving targets and provide satisfaction to workers. There must be proper light, ventilation, hygiene , toilet facility which are effective for creating activities in better and effective manner. In case of discrepancy in safety and security services, then there are possibilities of injury too employees and this creates dissatisfaction among workers. There are some acts related to health and safety which helps in providing assistance to workers and their safety.

  • Guidance- There is requirement of guidance which are effective in performing activities in better and effective manner. These guidelines helps to perform business operations in better and effective manner. Governmental policies which can be implemented in performing business operations in better way.
  • Approved activities- There are some operations which can be used to perform activities in better way. It is essential to perform operations in relevant way so best results can be positive and fruitful. These actions are effective with the joint efforts of employer and employees. It is essential to perform activities in better way. It is necessary to perform activities as per government norms of health and safety laws.
  • Regulations- It means there are some roles and responsibilities which can be take part of organisation. TUI is the company which works for tour and travel business so it is essential that organization has to perform actions in best and effective manner. There is requirement of proper strategies related to safety so there is no discrepancy among workers which affect business operations. While new employees come to TUI there is requirement of training through which they came to know about culture, environment within company (Guttentag, 2015). In case of change in technology then it is essential training program which is effective in achieving targets. Notice of signs and precautions, handbook regarding employees issues, regular advise in case of need, etc. are part of regulations. Some major regulations which need to consider by the tour operators are health and safety act 2006 where it is a major duty of operators to provide better services to their clients which ensure their safety. This health and safety act enable in defining things better and effective in frame so that suitable legislative working get done. This regulation is appropriate as per an individual perspective so that their level of trust towards such organisation could be enhance better.

2.2 Legislation related to equality in UK tour operator and travel agency

There are different employees working in tour and travel business. It is important to perform activities in better and effective manner (Hall, Scott and Gössling, 2013). Management of TUI has to frame policies which are effective for creating equality in organisation. Through equality there is requirement of proper guidelines to employees. Some act related to equality are- sex discrimination, 1975, disability discrimination act 1995, employment equality act 2003, equality act 2006, etc. As per these acts it is clear that organisation must consider customers equal are the time of rendering services.

Sex discrimination act, 2010- This act provides security to workers and consumer at works place from being discriminated on the basis of gender, caste, marital status, etc. Under this act, all individual have to treat equally where women have equivalent right as per men. This act facilitate to draw valid and suitable consideration of working so that chances of discrimination could be reduce. Thus, certain number of aspects which supported under this legislation are describe and define as follow:

  • Direct discrimination- In this there is discrimination on the basis of set standards.
  • Indirect discrimination- This difference arise due to difference in services which are rendered by TUI.
  • Perception discrimination- There is difference in perception of workers which are affected due to change in business policies (McCabe, Joldersma and Li, 2010).

Harassment and Disability- Harassment means forceful activities with employees. There is no consent of person in Harassment. There is requirement of proper actions against this, so employees feel save at workplace . These helps in performing activities in better way and efficiency of workers does

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