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5 Accomplished Women Scientists You Should Know About

07 Mar 2017 4642 5 minutes
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5 Accomplished Women Scientists You Should Know About

So the International Women’s Day is around the corner, and there may be a lot of preparations going on in your university for the celebration. On this special occasion, let’s take the opportunity to account the exceptional work done by the female scientists beating all the odds. The experts at Global Assignment Help who offer assignment writing assistance to the scholars have listed out some of the extraordinary women scientists who were successful in excelling in their respective fields.

Let’s go through the list and take this opportunity to account the achievements of these five female scientists

Renée Hlozek, Cosmologist

She studies the cosmic microwave background, to be more specific- the radiation left over from the Big Bang. She says that this will eventually help her to understand the initial conditions of the universe and how it evolved into the form that is visible today!

Marcela Uliano da Silva, Computational Biologist

The Invasive Golden Mussels which was brought to South America from Asia is a threat that can destroy the ecosystem of the Amazon river. Marcela is trying to sequence the genome that will possibly develop a genetic solution to prevent them to enter the Amazon river because if it does, it will choke the river systems, alter the aquatic ecosystem, etc., which is likely to affect the health of the planet.

Kristin Marhaver, Coral Biologist

Kristin researches on how the corals reproduce and what they need to survive on today’s reef as the corals are struggling against the over pollution, overfishing and change in climatic conditions. She gathers the coral spawn, raises the larvae in the lab, and analyses the substrates, colors and bacterial scents. This eventually will help her to construct an environment that encourages the growth of these corals naturally. She and her team were recently successful in harvesting a coral named ‘Caribbean pillar’ which considered endangered.

Lucianne Walkowicz, Astronomer

Lucianne works with data from NASA’s mission named ‘Kepler Mission.’  She studies stars that host planets apart from our solar system, and the effect of the stellar radiation influences so that it could be determined whether there is a trace of life on those planets or not. She is a leader of the new project ‘Large Synoptic Survey Telescope’, that will scan the sky every night for 10 years so that the creation of a huge cosmic movie of our Universe is possible.

Michele Koppes, Glaciologist

She travels to the coldest places on the earth to study the glaciers. She seeks answers for, how the glaciers move and carve out valleys and mountains? How are they responding to the global warming? Her research in the Himalayas may eventually help vulnerable populations adapt to shifting weather patterns. She says “As a woman, I constantly need to prove I am not only scientifically capable but hardy enough to thrive in the field, in the harsh environment of my research area.”

These were some of the female scientists who are researching and struggling to make remarkable developments in their respective fields and make this planet a better place to live in.

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