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Why Job Applications Fail and What You Can Do About This?

22 Feb, 2017 3644 4 minutes

Reasons That Make the Job Applications Get Rejected

Have you ever applied for a job and failed even without making it till the interview? Have you analysed what the reason was? Have you ever considered what might have gone wrong in that job application? The experts who provide assignment help to the scholars have listed out a few factors that are responsible for not getting the job you had applied for and the ways to avoid them in your next job application.

Take a read through the points!

You are underqualified or overqualified for the job

The biggest and most common reason why you would be turned down for a job is simply that you aren’t enough qualified for it, or you are overly qualified for it; whether regarding grades, skills, experience or temperament. This usually happens when you are entering the job market, and the scenario of the jobs is unclear to you. To avoid this in future, go through the job profile carefully and research about what qualification and other necessary certification it requires.

You do not seem interested in the job

If you are more interested in some other profile than the one you’ve applied for, then your job application will be rejected for sure. To fix this, you should start with your cover letter, and make sure that there are no sentences that depict that you are more interested in any other profile, not the one you are applying for. If you are making this mistake, then you will never get a feedback.

You have mentioned the wrong references

The references that you have listed in your job applications should be the ones who would tell your qualities and not the negative traits. If you’ve chosen the wrong references, all your applications for the job will be rejected one by one.

You are perfect for the company but not for the job and vice versa

This is quite a depressing consequence if you have applied for the firm you always wanted to work with. The panel selecting the job applications might like your enthusiasm to work with the company but find no relevance for the profile you have applied for.

Another reason that your application might get rejected is that you possibly mentioned something you didn’t like but it was an essential part of the work culture. For instance, you mentioned that you are not a fan of the social gatherings, but the profile you have applied for, requires a get-together on a weekly basis.

These were a few things that would fail your job application, and you will not be even aware of the reasons. Hope you are familiar with the factors now and will not make similar mistakes in the future.

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