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Fields That Employ the Study of Statistics

05 Jan 2018 5771 5 minutes
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Fields That Employ the Study of Statistics

It was in 1749 when graphical representation of facts first came into existence. Somehow, people reckoned that demographically representing the same data will help us research and resolve matters more efficiently. Since then, we have modified the statistics several times and applied it on every aspect that relates to any activity. Take environment as an example. It is with the help of statistics that we can extract several facts like the amount of destruction caused to the marine life, atmosphere, etc. Apart from spreading environmental awareness, given are the fields where statistics plays a crucial part to improve them.


One of the essential qualities that every businessman must have is the ability to take quick decisions. And, there are a lot of variables which act in every situation, just like life. They have to be aware of their services and the demand amongst the consumers. Statistics enables an enterprise to plan the production in a way that maximizes the profit with the help of quality and quantitative analysis.


A lot of statistical analysis takes place while dealing with the calculation of economic aspects of a system. Several economists and administrators keep researching and representing national income accounts graphically. It helps them to prepare these reports too. The study of supply & demand, and the various aspects acting on it such as per capita income, imports and exports, and the inflation rate, is usually done by statistical analysis.


Bankers depend on a lot of data on behaviour, and history of its customers. They work on a simple principle, the money that people deposit and don't encash, banks lend it to the customers as a loan. They earn interest on our sum, and to be sure that they don't run out of it, a lot of statistics is involved. It helps them to strategise a probable number of permissible depositors and claimers on a daily basis, so the business keeps running.


Statistics helps the government to administrate a country. They have to make sure that the public is getting a timely revised pay, which complies with their respective cost of living. Provincial and federal governments work together to create budgets for the citizens. When planning a budget, several aspects such as revenue and expenditures are given significant attention, for if they're ignored, they will cause a substantial disturbance in the society.


In accounting, there are a lot of calculations that take place which cannot be done without the help of statistics. There are times when mistakes happen, but at the time of an audit, every error in all the accounts is rectified amongst the employees. There are a lot of factors that affect accounting in various ways. It's because of the statistics that they can be determined separately and spotted without a problem.

Apart from the fields that are mentioned, statistics apply to a wide range of studies that take place in daily life. Starting right from managing expenses at home, it stretches to and beyond planning a teamwork strategy. Statistics also helps to generalise a lot of items under one term. There's no doubt that it makes some calculations easy, but we cannot deny the fact that sometimes inferring becomes a problem too. The minority keeps getting lesser and lesser exposure, and eventually ends up feeling alienated. Hence, there are mixed opinions on the moral aspects of statistics in practical world.

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