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Have Smartphones Destroyed Our Generation?

17 Nov 2017 8970 5 minutes

Have Smartphones Destroyed Our Generation?

After only a few years of their inception, the smartphone technology is so successful that every individual has trouble imagining a day without them. Besides making phone calls, nearly all smartphones today can provide directions through GPS, take pictures, play music, and keep track of appointments & contacts. Through the installation of apps, the list of possible smartphone uses multiplies by tens of thousands and grows longer every day.

They are often cursed for being ruinous, but do they have such a bad impact on our generation? Read the blog further, and get enlightened. Let’s take a look at the pros first!

Provide communication tools

The smartphone makes it much easier to communicate with others. You need not worry too much as if someone is stuck somewhere and cannot receive your call; you can always connect with them via plenty of other applications as well.

Have boosted the productivity

Many smartphones come with a number of tools that can greatly increase your productivity. Maps, calendars, comprehensive contact lists with detailed information all are readily available at your fingertips, and often are capable of being synced with the systems. You can easily assess the data you need, and continue your work without interruption.

Offer exposure to real world

We did not know about too many things that the kids know today. The reason behind their knowledge is the smartphone; they are actively connected to the social media platforms and know about each & everything. This makes them aware of the real-life problems and some measures to overcome them.


Smartphones have become your ultimate entertainment system wherein you can watch video on apps like YouTube for free. There are several music apps as well.

Now, let’s proceed further and look at the cons of the smartphones!

They have increased its dependence

We are nowhere interested in initiating communication with others around us as we are always focused on our smartphones. We often lose our natural spatial awareness, and when our smartphone runs out of battery, we feel utterly helpless!

Security is being compromised

Smartphones access the web either through the mobile data or Wi-Fi. However, data protection always remains an issue. The applications that you download, and also the passwords that you use can make you insecure, and your device security could be compromised quite easily.

Biggest Distraction

They are the worst distraction the country folks have! No matter which age group they belong to, if they have a smartphone, concentrating entirely on one thing becomes a hard nut to crack for them.

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Suffering from Insomnia

The temptation to fiddle with your smartphone instead of sleeping can cost you many hours of restful sleep each week. Moreover, the eyes suffer a lot because of this, and the person who uses a smartphone for elongated hours eventually suffers from weak eyesight.

Smartphones have a lot of potential. They can get us out of the unexpected circumstances and keep us entertained also. However, these considerations must be balanced against the costs of using a smartphone as well as against the psychological effects of these devices. Smartphones can be highly addictive, and they should never become a substitute for meaningful relationships with other people.

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