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7 Basic Difference Between “for loop and “While loop

06 May 2019 2955 5 minutes
7 Basic Difference Between “for loop” and “While loop”

7 Basic Difference Between “for loop” and “While loop”

The word "for loop" is taken from the English word "for." It is used as a keyword in many programming languages. In computer science, a "for loop" is a control flow statement used for denoting iteration which allows codes to be executed repeatedly. Various keywords are used to specify this statement.
On the other hand in most of the computer programming languages, "While loop" is also a control flow statement that allows a single code to execute repeatedly based on a boolean condition. "While loop" can also be thought as of repeating "if" statement.

Since both loops have almost the same application, students often get confused in using them. They don't know where they should go for "for loop" and where "While loop". and because of this confusion, they commit mistakes in their assignment and at last, they need to take C assignment help from professional writers. Considering this problem of students, here are experts have discussed the major difference between "for loop" and "While loop". So, give a read.

Difference Between "for loop" and "While loop

> The major difference between "for loop" and "while loop" is at its pragmatic level because both of them look same under the hood and therefore choosing "for" or "while" loops become arbitrary for students

> Both "for" and "while" loops are entry controlled loops that mean test condition is checked for truth while entering into the loop.

> The "for" is usually appropriate for looping in which the initialization and increment are a single statement and logically connected.

>The "for loop" seems most suitable where the number of iteration is already known. For example in counting the number or array's elements. But there could be many complex codes where the number of repetitions depend upon a certain condition and can't be predicted before. In such situations, most of the professional programmers prefer to use "while loop".

> Syntax of "for loop":
for(initialization; condition; iteration)
"ƒ // body of the loop

Syntax of "While loop":
"ƒ // body of the loop

> The pragmatic use of "for" loop: It is preferable when there is simple increment and initialization because it keeps the loop control statements close together.

for (i = 0; i < n; i++) {
"ƒ ...

Pragmatic use of "while" loop: On the other hand "while" loop is preferable when the initialization is not simple as an assignment operation.

while ((c = getchar()) == ' ' || c == '\n' || c = '\t');
/* skip white space characters */

> "For" loop is often seen while processing array elements. On the other hand "while" loop is seen where no initialization or re-initialization is required.

C programming is one most interesting and challenging subjects that computer science students have to study. Interesting because it enhances the logical thinking of the students. And, challenging because it consists of several complex concepts that are hard to comprehend. One of them is "for" and "while" loops. However, the points discussed above by our experts would surely let students understand the basic difference between them. However, if you're finding it difficult to comprehend any other concept, then you should instantly seek C assignment help from us.

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