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20 Interesting Medical Persuasive Speech Topics for 2022!

01 Mar 2022 577 8 minutes
Spellbinding Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

20 Interesting Medical Persuasive Speech Topics for 2022!

Have a hard time choosing the right medical pervasive speech topic? Looking for one that is gripping and captivating to your audience? Do you want to inspire others with your speech? It’s easier to say all this than to find the solution to these questions.

Note! In medical universities, there is a high chance that a student will stumble upon a multitude of assignments that require them to write a persuasive speech. Creating and delivering a medical speech is a major task for students, and the biggest challenge they face is finding a captivating topic for their speech. To help medical students, below is a compiled list of 20 persuasive speech topics, each having the capability of helping them write an incredible speech.

In addition, this blog will also give you a short sneak into delivering a medical persuasive speech that will be astonishing to your audience.

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What Are Good Medical Persuasive Speech Topics?

It is understood that it is hard to find a good topic for persuasive speech topics in the medical field. But don’t panic, all the hard work is done for the students here. Just continue reading this blog and you will discover various factors that define a topic that is good for persuasive speech:

Catches Your Interest

A topic that catches your interest will help you write a compelling speech. And eventually, a well-written speech will also attract the attention of the audience. Some questions to ask yourself before choosing a topic would be, "Will I enjoy writing on this topic?" Will I learn from this? If you give, YES to both of these answers, you shouldn't wait any longer and choose that topic.

Sounds Unique

A topic that has been covered too many times will not be exciting for you or your audience. It’s a bit difficult to find a unique topic, but once you get your hands on such a topic, you will be enthralled to write about it.

Suits the Demand

The last and crucial step in choosing a topic is, to pick one that is also in demand at the current time as this will help both you and the audience, relate accurately to such subjects.

How to Create and Deliver Medical Persuasive Speech?

Once you have chosen an appropriate topic for your medical persuasive speech, the next step is to begin the writing process. Below is a guide to help deliver a mind-blowing speech that also persuades your audience.

Organize Main Arguments: Create a list of arguments that comes to your mind. Make sure your ideas relate to your topic.

Support Arguments with Facts: Choose only those arguments that you can support with facts, as providing medical evidence will strengthen them. Also, if anyone ask any questions, you will be having proof to state your facts are correct

Create an Emotional Connection with the Audience: Wrap up your speech with a conclusion. While closing your speech, take your audience with you by including a stellar conclusion that will make your speech even more remarkable.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Health!

Now comes the fun part! Below is a list of persuasive speech topics on various medical subjects, for you to choose from and start writing directly!

Nursing Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Nurses should take part in the societal duty of creating a disease-free society.
  • By removing nursing ethics from the profession, senior doctors' nursing rights can be preserved.
  • Nursing ethics is essentially acting as a form of unfairness for nurses in various facilities.
  • To protect nurses' human rights, the government should set a limit on how many hours they can work at a certain hospital.
  • The majority of nurses are given a temporary monopoly to try out their skills on patients.

Persuasive Topics on Clinical Psychology

  • Can COVID-19 Induce Psychosis?
  • Clinical psychology can help a patient who is suffering from severe alcoholism.
  • Clinical psychology can help cure autism and asparagus syndrome to a large extent.
  • Do clinical psychologies have a significant impact on the treatment of patients with dyslexia?
  • Clinical psychology can revive a patient who is suffering from depression.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Cancer

  • Is it true that the number of deaths caused by cancer disorders is on the rise nowadays?
  • Cancer does not have its own symptoms, rather it manifests itself in the form of symptoms in other diseases.
  • Doctors have a difficult time detecting early blood cancer since there is an increase in red blood cells in the early stages of cancer, which can also happen naturally.
  • Patients suffering from blood cancer do not benefit from bone marrow transplantation.
  • The number of red blood cell counts automatically rises on the highest summits of mountains which should not be confused with cancer.

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Topics for Persuasive Speech on Cardiology

  • Healthy cholesterol is not harmful to the heart and body.
  • Trans fats, which are prevalent in packaged foods, should be avoided at all costs to maintain your heart health.
  • Indirect damage to the heart and blood arteries is also caused by high blood sugar levels.
  • Fainting and early weariness are caused by a low amount of red blood cells in human blood.
  • A healthy heart requires a balanced diet that includes the right amount of carbs, proteins, and fats.

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