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Know How Numbers Control Our Lives

07 Feb 2018 6130 4 minutes
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Know How Numbers Control Our Lives

It might sound a bit unrealistic but surprisingly, it’s true: every nine out of ten people in the world are conscious about only two things, their appearance and the amount of attention they draw.

This just goes to show that how drastically our lives have changed over the years. To quote a famous mathematician, “ It’s all about numbers, everything around you is numbers, there’s nothing you can do.’ Now by the time you guess his name, we would like you to go through the following points that show how immensely our lives are dependent on numbers and how they control us.

The Scale

Appearance is the key, and you don’t want to look unattractive. So people watch out for weight and try to stay in shape by doing all sorts of physical exercises or going to one of those high-end gyms. To turn the scales in their favor, so to speak, people spend hours and hours working tirelessly. Ever wondered why they do that? Mainly because they want to achieve a number they have set for themselves. Studies show that an average Briton spends 4 percent of his yearly duration doing workouts.


Now as a student, you would definitely relate to this. You study for hours, spend plenty of sleepless nights, go through a lot of trouble, and at times even suffer from poor health condition, all this because you want to score good grades. Numbers that matter to your academic and professional career.

Social Media

You just dive into contemplation mode and start analyzing intensely before posting a picture on your social networking accounts. Thinking how many likes it can garner, and if the final number is not close to what you were expecting, then it’s like the end of the world to a few people. Comparing number of followers, subscribers, and friends amongst peers is quite a common sight these days. On an average, people around the world spend 22% of their time on social media. Just another thing based on the number game.


No matter how hard you try, you’ll always find yourself running out of time. Time controls everything, and it is the gospel truth that no one can run away from. You might have set a target for yourself and would probably be working hard to achieve it, but in the back of your head, there must be a number. It refers to weeks, months, or years that you would have planned to accomplish your goal.

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