January 31, 2019
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Types of Linear Equation of One Variable with Solution

 How to Solve Linear Equations of One Variable with Example?

Linear equations are that type of equations which consist of one or two variables that give a straight line when plotted on a graph. It’s the simplest equation you have to deal with. However, when an assignment on it is given with some twist, students find it difficult to solve and then, at that time, they hire academic writers and ask “Can you please make my assignment?.” Well, you must have solved it earlier, just you didn’t know it. Example:

Fill in the blank:          
                     _ + 5 = 12

However, since you’re older now, equations will not be like just filling the boxes anymore. Now, the equations can be a bit more complicated, and the boxes are replaced by variables. That’s why, our maths assignment help experts have come up here with different types of linear equation of one variable with their solutions.

Type 1: Solve X+6=-3

The variable in this equation is “X.”
To solve an equation like this, you need to keep the X on either side and equal it with a number on the other side.

So, X = -3-6
X = -9

Type 2: X-3=-5

  • The variable X is on the left-hand side(LHS) of the equation and is paired with (-3).
  • We only want to get X, and don’t want to get it subtracted by 3.
  • So, the only way to remove (-3) is by adding (+3) on both sides to get the answer.

equation 1

So, the answer is X=-2

Type 3: 4=X-3

  • This time the variable is on the right-hand side of the equation(RHS).
  • That is okay, either it is on the left-hand side or right-hand side, it doesn’t make any difference with is position as long as it gets isolate.
  • In this equation, three is subtracted from X and to remove it, we have added (+3) on either side.

equation 2

So, the answer is X = 7

Type 4: 2=-X

  • This equation is almost solved. But not completely.  
  • Negative X can be only removed by adding a positive X to it.

equation 3

  • Half of the equation is solved.  
  • We have got the equation with the zero on the right side of the equation. Now, this makes sense.  
  • As X has been paired with +2 so to cancel it out and to get it into an isolated form, subtract both sides of the equation with (2).

equation 4

So, this is the final answer, X = - 2

These are a few types of linear equations which you need to solve with a different approach. The important thing is that you can add or subtract with either side of the equation to get the answer.

Tip: After solving the linear equations, never forget to check the answer by putting it into the equation.

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