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Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Algebraic Equations

27 Apr, 2019 2985 views
5 easy steps to solve algebraic questions

Who doesn’t get scared after listening to the name of Mathematics? We guess, everyone. And why won’t they remain scared after all this subject consists of complex calculations, too many theorems, and the toughest one is algebraic equations?
Who doesn’t want to solve the algebraic questions asked in their math assignment easily? We guess, everyone does. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why they need to take algebra assignment help.

According to our experts, the best way to solve an algebraic equation is to simplify it. This will make the work a bit easier. Since they have understood the situation of scholars, here they have arrived with a few simple yet basic steps to simplify an algebraic equation.

  • Remove Parentheses by Multiplying Factors
  • Use Exponent Rules to Remove Parentheses in Terms with Exponents
  • Combine Like Terms by Adding Coefficients
  • Combine the Constants
  • Get the Result

Now let’s understand all these processes with the help of an example

5(2+x) + 3(5x+4) - (X2)2

1. Remove the Parentheses

When simplifying an algebraic expression, the very first thing that you should take care of or look for is that you can clear any of the parentheses or not. You can make use of the distributive property to remove them by multiplying the factor times the terms inside the parenthesis. In the equation given above, you can see that distributive property is applied to get rid of the first two parentheses. Similarly, you can do the same, if you have been asked with a question like this.

= 10+5x+15x+12-X4

2. Use Exponent Rules

Now we can get rid of the parentheses in the term with the exponents by applying the exponent rules. When a term with an exponent is raised to a power, we multiply the exponents, so (x2)2 becomes x4. So, you should apply the same rule when you are assigned with an algebraic equation.

= 10+5x+15x+12-X4

3. Combine Like Terms by Adding Coefficients

The next step towards solving an algebraic equation is to look for like terms and combine them. The example that we have stated above, the terms 5x and 15x are like terms, because they have the same variable raised to the same power namely, the first power, since the exponent is understood to be 1. We can combine these two terms to get 20x.

= 10+20x+12-X4

4. Combine the Constants

Finally, you should look for the constants in the equation that can be combined. Here, constants are 10 and 12. Combine them to get 22.

= 22+20x-X4

5. Get the Result

Now the whole equation is simplified. Just one more thing is required to do. Usually, an algebraic expression should be written in a certain order. You should start with the terms that have the largest exponents and work your way down to the constants. You should also make use of the commutative property of addition. By using this, you can rearrange the terms and put the expression in the correct order, like this.

= -X4+20x+22

Mathematics is an interesting as well as challenging subject for every student. Interesting because it connects too many things with daily life incidents. And challenging because students have to study a number of theorems and concepts. But what more challenging for them is solving algebraic equations. This might be your issue too. Well, you don’t have to be worried about it as the steps that are discussed above will surely help out whenever you will be assigned with mathematics assignment full of algebraic equations based questions.

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