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5 Hacks That Every Student E-mail Marketer Should Know

24 Mar 2017 5009 4 minutes
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5 Hacks That Every Student E-mail Marketer Should Know

University is not just a place to study and earn a degree; you get to learn different skills and get in touch with the scholars with similar interests. The student entrepreneurs start early so as to gather the potential marketers, businessmen, writers, developers, etc., around them and are not just focusing on assignment writing or asking for the assignment help.

Also, they learn the skill to make the most of the resources available. One such resource available with them is the E-mail; they use it for several purposes including marketing for their business. The process of marketing through electronic mail or E-mail marketing is not new for the student entrepreneurs. But in some cases, things do not go as planned and to make sure that the similar situation is never encountered again, you should keep in mind some hacks. Take a look at certain things that every student entrepreneur involved in E-mail marketing should be aware of. Go through the points below and get enlightened of the same!

Use a recognised E-mail ID

Sending your E-mails for marketing from a recognised ID will make sure that your message gains attention. The e-mails received via do-not-reply@xyzdomain.com, often gets ignored.

Work on the subject line

The most crucial part of the e-mail is subject line. If you are not cent percent confident about it, then do not hesitate to ask for help. Make it precise so that the receiver/reader of the e-mail can summarise the content (s)he is about to read. Moreover, avoid using promotional language in this section.

Include clickable links and your brand logo

A critical thing to consider if you really want to stand out from the crowd is the brand logo. By adding a clickable link/hyperlink in your e-mail, you make the reader assured of the authenticity of the enterprise. In addition to this, if (s)he is seriously interested in your business/product/service, then (s)he can easily visit your website, and you need not invest much on the digital marketing of your website during the initial days.

Do not forward the e-mails in bulk

Filter your list of receivers. And, if you are planning to send the e-mail to a large number of people, then section the list and divide it into chunks of 6-8 recipients. By doing so, the receiver feels that you consider him/her special, and are really looking forward to working with him/her.

Do not forget the standard e-mail etiquette

Yes, you are a dynamic entrepreneur having a revolutionary idea, but the personnel you are contacting is definitely more experienced than you. Therefore, follow the general guidelines for drafting the e-mail such as include the salutation part, the content in the body should be precise, mention your name and designation at the end.

We hope that these hacks will help you to be exceptional from others, and thus climbing the stairs of success won’t be an extremely daunting task.

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