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3 Easy Ways to Write Bibliography in APA Style

25 Mar, 2019 4087 5 minutes

Know How to Write Bibliography in APA Style

Once you have finished your assignment, you need to cite the sources that you have referred to collect the data. So, before you step out and try to find out how to write a bibliography, it is important to become aware of this essential element of academic writing.

Well, it is nothing, just a list of references taken by the students for writing their assignments.

One of the most widely used style is APA (American Psychological Association). This modern style emphasizes the date by placing it earlier than the name of the author. So, if you are truly interested in figuring out the ways to write a bibliography, then you will get a complete insight of it through this blog. But before knowing how to write it, you should know what is it.

What Is Bibliography?

A bibliography is the list of all the sources that you use while researching, no matter you take help from them or not. So, in general it includes:

  1. the authors' names
  2. the titles of the works
  3. the names of the companies that published the sources
  4. published date
  5. the page numbers you referred

So, basically bibliography is the list of books, sources, and the work used of others’ authors or scholars. Now that you are familiar with bibliography, it’s the time to move on how to do it.

A Guide to Know How to Write a Bibliography

It is to be noted that a simple bibliography can be divided into sub parts, such as annotated, enumerative, and analytical bibliography. Let’s get an insight knowledge of each of them.

1. Annotated Bibliography:-

If you are wishing to write an annotated bibliography for your assignment, then take a note of the fact, that the writer is expected to make a clear and broad list of the names of all authors in alphabetical order. Annotations of other crucial notes of the sources is quite important too when you make a bibliography in an annotated format.

  1. Format – Author’s Name, Author’s Surname, (Year), Book Title. Volume, and Page Number.
  2. Example – Brown, D.A, (1996), The Impact of The Internet on The Young Learners of the World, The Daily Tech Journal, 67, 645-652.

2. Enumerative Bibliography:

It is the most important type of bibliography. So, before you wish you to learn how to write a bibliography, you must know about enumerative bibliography. In it, the details are arranged in the order of name of the author, subject and date. The writers who follow it are supposed to provide detailed and insight information of the sources that he/she have referred. Descriptive details are not required.

  • Format - Author’s Surname. Author’s Name, Book Title. Location: Publisher, Year.
  • Example:  Smith, Abigail. Of Dreams, Myths and Philosophies. New York:  Inkpot Publications, 1996.

3. Analytical Bibliography:

Before you know how to make an analytical bibliography, you must know its sub categories, such as textual, historical, and descriptive. A textual bibliography compares the newly composed work with the original one. On the other hand, historical bibliography explains the background context discussed or referred in the document. At last a descriptive bibliography only explains the physical attributes of the published book. If you can understand this explanation, then you can do it very-well. However, if you still have any confusion, then seek assignment help UK service from us. Our writers will surely clear out all your doubts.

Along with these three, there are many sub-categories of bibliography, such as current, national, or period bibliography.

To wrap up this informative explanation on how to write a bibliography, we can say that it is very important to make every assignment informative as well as authentic. Thus, bibliography is the most effective way to complete the work with perfection. You must consider it when it comes to give finishing to your assignment. And without knowing how to write it, it is impossible to do. So, hope this blog will help you out from next time.

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