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How to Expose Facts Using Expository Writing? [Definition, Types & Examples]

27 Dec 2021 1501 7 minutes
All About Expository Writing

How to Expose Facts Using Expository Writing? [Definition, Types & Examples]

Expository writing- do you know about it? No! Don't worry, you have come to the right place to know everything about it. In this blog, you will get to know from definition to examples.

Like the other academic tasks, it also seems to be a challenging task for students. Most of them are not able to write it effectively due to which they seek help from experts. But before asking for assistance, first know a simple definition of expository writing. It would be easier to write if you understand what it is all about.

What Is Expository Writing?

Expository writing is a type of academic writing that investigates a particular subject. It describes some of the major points for the relevant topic. This is a very common platform of writing used by many writers in journals, articles, and essays that usually demonstrate this type of writing.

This type of task is like a case investigation report. An investigating agent do the investigation and now he is presenting his analysis to solve the case. The agent explains everything to the reader to tell him how and why things happened in the case.

While writing the expository paper, you have to explain each and everything in detail to make the reader understand your point of view. But still many of you can not write it effectively. Let's know how to draft the perfect expository essay.

4 Effective Tips to Write a Successful Expository Writing!

Are you ready with the topic? If yes, then the next step is to create the structure for it. Those who have already written different types of essays can easily draft the structure for expository writing. It should be well-organized and sound logical. Like the other essays, it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. So, let's know about them.

  • Expository Writing Outline -Make a logical plan to have amazing writing. So, work on the outline. Start with an introduction, proceed with 5 main body paragraphs, and make the ending with a.
  • Expository Writing Introduction -An introduction is the most important part of your expository paper. If you do not succeed in developing the first paragraph eye-catchy, your reader won't read it further. So, make sure you write all the information in the introduction.
  • Expository Writing Main Body -When you proceed with the main body, make sure you include all the key ideas. Provide each of the paragraphs with proper evidence and explain the topic clearly.
  • Expository Writing Conclusion -If you have come to the end, you should know that you have to give an overview, brainstorm the possible solutions and provide the necessity of the research.

This is the way you can easily explain to the reader about your investigation in it. Now, let's move forward and know about the types of expository writing.

End Your Confusion by Knowing Different Types of Expository Writing

There are 6 common types of expository essay:

  • Process Essay -It refers to the process of something i.e. how to make a cake. This type of writing includes a step-by-step process of making or doing something.
  • Cause and Effect Essay -In the cause and effect essay, the writers find out a cause of something with an explanation of what effect it might have. There are2 ways to structure this type of essay-Block and Chain structure.
  • Problem Solution Essay -In the problem solution essay, the writer identifies a problem and provides an effective solution. The writers examine the particular subject in various aspects before providing the solution.
  • Compare and contrast Essay -The compare and contrast is a type of essay in which writers compare and contrast two things. The writer needs to compare two selected topics and contrast the differences between those subjects.
  • Definition Essay -In this type of essay, writers have to give a complete description of the topic. It explains what the term or the topic exactly means. Some have concrete, and some have abstract meaning.
  • Classification Essay -In this type of essay, the writer has to divide the essay topic into different sections. These sections are further explained in detail.

These are the types of expository writing. Read this blog further and get some examples of it.

Best Expository Writing Examples to Help You Write Effectively!

Here are some examples for better understanding.


Still, if you can not write the expository essay, you have another option. Read this blog further and know about it.

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