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Lab Report Guide: How to Write Biotechnology Assignment Report?

13 Sep 2019 2104 9 minutes
Guide to Write Biotechnology Assignment Report

Lab Report Guide: How to Write Biotechnology Assignment Report?

Assigned with the task of writing a lab report for your biotechnology assignment?
Searching how to write it?
You must be getting confused from where to start and thinking to seek biotechnology assignment writing service. As soon as start searching, the internet is flooding with suggestions and you start getting confused on what to choose.
Well, if you are feeling so, then need not worry, here is a perfect solution for you.
Our experts have mentioned the steps and guidelines on how to prepare a perfect lab report for your biotechnology assignment.

So, have a look...

General Instructions:

  1. Writing should be clear and concise because in the case of biotechnology report, detailed and complicated procedures are discussed. So, it is better to write it in a simple language.
  2. Rectify all grammatical and spelling errors as it confuses the reader to understand. And, if your professor finds any error in the report, then he may penalize you for that.
  3. Write all the sections in sequence as your professor may award you with better marks for that.
  4. Capitalize all headings and sub-headings as it stands out in your report and professor gets impressed too.
  5. Start writing within the left-hand margin and you can include a numbered list in the "˜Procedure' section and a bulleted list in the "˜Apparatus & Material' section.
  6. Always use a single line to underline the headings and titles of tables, diagrams, & graphs.
  7. Leave one line gap between every section as it keeps the report neat and clean.
  8. Maintain the word limit while writing as exceeding it will simply reflects that you haven't gone through the instructions properly.

So, these are the top 8 instructions that must be followed before writing a report for your biotechnology assignment. When you follow them properly, then no one can stop you from fetching A+ grades in your assignment.

Ok! So, this is all about what should be taken care. Now, comes the most elements of a lab report that are essential to insert.

Want to know them?
Have a look at the succeeding section.

Elements of a Lab Report

The following are the elements or we can say sections that are very essential to include in your biotechnology lab report.


  • Write the exact date on which the experiment was conducted.
  • Always make sure to write the date according to the standard format used in your country. For example, according to the US format, it is mm/dd/yy, whereas, in other countries, it is dd/mm/yy.


  • Write the lab number correctly as it indicates the order in which experiments were conducted.
  • Make sure to write the experiments in a sequential order as it indicates how organized you work and mark a positive impression on your professor.


The title should clearly reflect the main purpose of your experiment. For that, take care of the following things:

  • It should be brief and descriptive.
  • It should be framed by following all the instructions given to you by your professor.
  • Never underestimate the significance of the title as it reveals the theory of the experiment.


The aim is the main part of the report as it indicates what the experiment is all about. So, while writing a report on biotechnology, keep these things in mind:

  • State the objective and purpose of the experiment clear.
  • It should usually start with "to demonstrate", "to investigate", "to test", etc.
  • It should be kept in sharp focus and the conclusion section must answer the aim.


The apparatus and material section is basically the list of all the instruments and materials used in the experiment. The list can act as a helpful tool in preparing the experiment. So, make sure to write this section carefully.

  • Note down all the apparatus and materials required. If there is no apparatus used in the experiment, then you can only write down the materials required.
  • Then group down all the related apparatus together.
  • When you conduct different tests, then write down the name of the test as a sub-heading and list down its apparatus and materials below.
  • There are some materials and apparatus that are implicit so you need not mention them, for example - matches.


A diagram plays a very important role while writing an experiment. So, you have to keep the following things in mind while drawing a diagram in your report.

  • It should be drawn very neatly.
  • It must be labeled in a lower case script with correct spelling.
  • It should not contain more than one title.
  • Label every part of diagram properly without intersecting the lines.
  • The title of the diagram must be written in upper case and should be descriptive enough.


The procedure of a report is termed as descriptive yet concise information of all the steps taken. It should be written in the sequential order the experiment conducted.

  • Write a numbered list.
  • Mention the repetition of tasks at the interval.
  • Include all the adequate details of the experiment for example, use of equipment, measurement, set-up of the positive and negative control, precautions, etc.
  • The procedure should always be written in the passive voice.


The observation of the experiment is basically referred to as "Raw data" as it is directly obtained through our senses. So, while writing an observation/result section of a report, keep these things in mind -

  • The observation should be relevant to the experiment and must give rise to qualitative and quantitative data.
    • Qualitative data is used when you have to represent smell, color, etc.
    • Quantitative data is used when you have to represent numerical values.
  • Every observation should be accurate and precise as both the starting and final condition should be recorded.
  • Observation should be properly recorded and represented using tables and charts.


This section is one of the most important sections where you have to interpret the results and explain the most unexpected ones. In this section, you can actually evaluate the limitations of your data.


This is the last section of the lab report where you have to discuss the significance of the result. The following details are included in this section:

  • The main purpose of the experiment.
  • The findings that provide solutions to the questions.
  • The summary of the understanding gained from an experiment.
  • The limitations of the results.

To Sum Up!!!

So, these different elements/sections together combine to form a perfect biotechnology report. So, just keep the above-mentioned points in mind and then start writing your lab report. With these tips, no one can stop you from fetching A+ grades in your biotechnology assignment. So, what to wait for, start working now. In case of any difficulty regarding your assignment, reach us and seek biotechnology assignment help from us.

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