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IRAC Method: How to Fetch A+ in Law Assignment Using It?

05 Sep 2019 1978 5 minutes
IRAC Method: How to Fetch A+ in Law Assignment Using It?

IRAC Method: How to Fetch A+ in Law Assignment Using It?

Struggling with your civil law assignment writing task???

Well, we know solving case studies and problems of civil law is a time-consuming task.

But, how to complete it within less amount of time???


BINGO!!! Here is a perfect solution for you that will let all your worries fly away. So, the solution is to use - "IRAC method."

Well, if you hear this word for the first time, then don't worry, you are not the only as there are many others too. So, before moving ahead to solve your civil law assignment, let us first understand what is the IRAC method.

What Is IRAC Method?

This method basically acts as a framework for organizing your answer to a civil law assignment question. The basic structure is - Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. By using this framework, you can structure your answer in the best possible way and also get ensure that your answer is completed properly. So, let's start implementing it's framework one by one.


Define the Legal Issue

The foremost rule of IRAC method is to identify the issue. After that, all the problems regarding that issue is being discussed. So, the first step involves the following points.

  • Spot the issue by reading the facts carefully.
  • Then start stating the facts explicitly and explain it briefly.
  • After stating the facts, do the identification of the issues. Doing so will help you find the solution to the issue.
  • To find a perfect solution, apply the law.


State the Legal Principles from Cases

Stating the rule and law to define the issue is a very crucial yet challenging task. Most of the students face difficulty in writing this section because in-depth knowledge is required to apply a particular law. Therefore, they need help with civil law assignment. The experts know very well how to apply the most suitable law in the best way and they use the following method to do this.

  • At first, they set all the legal rules and principles that are used to address that particular issue.
  • After that, they analyze the issue properly by using the facts.
  • They also use reliable and authentic sources to find out the information so that every information they write must be logical.


Apply the Facts & Argue Both Sides

After all the legal principles and facts are stated, they are applied to the issue so that a perfect solution can be drawn from it. So, to draw out a perfect solution, you should follow these steps:

  • Apply all the facts according to the issue.
  • Give a proper explanation of the claims.
  • To prove your point, use strong evidence and arguments.
  • Explain properly, why you have chosen that particular approach.
  • Make sure to explain everything clearly so that the reader gets satisfied with your point.


Give a Final Conclusion

So, once you successfully complete all the above-three steps, then it's time to arrive at the conclusion. This is the last yet the most important section to write a solution to the civil law assignment problem. In this section, a direct answer is written with regards to issues. So, to present your answer clearly and concisely, just follow these steps:

  • Use a strong argument and prove how it is relevant to your point.
  • State the answer in your own words but, keep it clear.
  • Highlight the main points to mark a last impression on the reader.
  • Finally, conclude your statement.

Yes! It is a bit challenging to conclude the final statement because it takes too much efforts to prove your point. This is the reason why most of the students seek civil law assignment help from the experts.

Wrapping Up!!!

Solving law problems is not at all a difficult task when you have the right technique with you. Similarly, when you write a civil law assignment, then using the IRAC method is the best choice to prove your point and find a perfect solution to all the issues. This method is the best way to get a solution to the legal queries and that is why experts suggest to use this method. So, just implement it in your assignment to make it stand out among your peers.

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