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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Critically? A Step-by-step Guide

09 Jun 2021 630 10 minutes

How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Critically? A Step-by-step Guide

It's human nature to ask questions after encountering a new thing. A lot of Canadian students write a professional academic paper for the first time in their academic life. One of the most asked academic papers by the professor is cause & effect essay. Most of the students who write it for the first time need to search for how to write cause and effect essay?

Just like every essay has a purpose to fulfill& a lesson for students to be learned, cause & effect essays help students to develop analytical & critical thinking. This type of essay is based on the events, facts,& actions with the end result. Here, students need to analyze the outcome & find its cause (reason) & effect (result).

Now let's learn how to write a cause and effect essays?

How to Write Cause and Effect Essay?

To write a cause & effect essay, all you need to follow is a 6 step-by-step guide. The steps are:-

Perform Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a method of generating ideas regarding any particular topic. Here, student needs to brainstorm & find a topic for their essay writing. While selecting a topic, you need to remember that the topic must be friendly, so you don't have to start from zero. 

Generate Thesis Statement

After selecting a topic, it's time to generate a thesis statement for your essay. The thesis statement will be the core of your essay; your whole essay will be based on it. It will show how the action is causing cause & effect.

Arrange Your Points

When you have generated a proper thesis statement, all you need to do is arrange the points you have gathered while brainstorming to select the topic. While arranging your points, you also need to find information regarding points & note it down in the form of a paragraph.

Write the First Draft

Now, it's time to write the first draft. Here, you need to write your first draft without thinking about mistakes& errors. You can explore your topic in this process as much as you want. Here, you don' have to think about unnecessary information, but you need to write whatever you know about your topic.

Review Your Work

After writing the first draft, you need to review your work. In this step, you need to find all those unnecessary information & eliminate it. Also, here, you need to arrange your essay in a logical way & convert all irrational sentences into rational.

Write Final Draft

After completing the previous step,the time has come to write your final draft. Here, there is nothing more to do except writing your cause and effect essay beautifully with the help of the 4th& 5th step.

Edit & Proofread

Most of the students don't take this step seriously, but it makesthe document a perfect piece of written art. In this step, students need to find & remove spelling, grammatical,& illogical sentences from their essay.

This is the process of writing an exceptionally amazing cause and effect essay for Canadian students. If you are facing any issue in writing the essay then you can also check our free online essay typer tool. Now it's time to help students who want tips to write their essays. The tips are: -

Tips to Write an Amazing Cause and Effect Essay

  • Choose your topic wisely. While selecting a topic, neglect those which are attractive but don't have much knowledge or evidence. Try to find a topic that is familiar to you, so you don't have to start from zero.
  • Use the words that are common and related to cause & effect. For example- as a result, because of, due to, consequently, therefore, etc.
  • Use multiple examples & strong evidences to build your essay. The strong evidences make the essay strong.
  • Make sure you analyze your topic thoroughly. Don't get stuck seeing your topic from the one angle of a particular aspect because at that place, you need to look at your topic from all angles and from all the aspects.
  • Write your essay in clean & clear form. At the time of writing, focus on the sentences to writethem Often, students make a lot of mistakes in their final draft because they don't write actively for their essay.
  • Before proofreading your paper, don't forget to take a break of sometime. It will help you to get your conciseness back so that you can check it fully.

These tips must be remembered by students when they are working on a cause and effect essay for their academia.

Now it's time to help some of the students who wanted help with the topic, Here they are going to find some of the successful topic to write essay on. The topics are: -

10 Successful Topic Ideas on Cause & Effect Essay

  • What is the reason for changes happening in the ocean?
  • Is 21st-century music good for children?
  • Briefly examine the popularity of sports in the
  • Consequences of started dating at a young age.
  • Effect of MMA on the younger children
  • How the war in Seria affecting the USA?
  • What are the main reasons behind the start of racism?
  • How Globalization is destroying the world economy?
  • How happy relation affects a human?
  • What are the causes & effects of terrorism?
  • These are some really amazing & successful cause and effect essays topic that your professor will surely like. Many students in Canada wanted to know what the perfect cause and effect structure for their essays is. So now, it's time to highlight the structure of this type of essay. The structure is:-

Perfect Cause & Effect Essay Structure

The most known & best cause and effect essay structure are: -

1st Structure

  • Introduction
  • Cause 1
  • Cause 2
  • Transition Sentence/Paragraph
  • Effect 1
  • Effect 2
  • Conclusion

2nd Structure

  • Introduction
  • Cause & Effect 1
  • Cause & Effect 2
  • Cause & Effect 3
  • Conclusion

Thisis the most known & best structure for the cause & effect essays.

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