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Every Application of Statistics that Makes it Most Preferred Field in 2021

20 Mar 2021 548 24 minutes
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Every Application of Statistics that Makes it Most Preferred Field in 2021

Did you know that statistics is not just a topic of mathematics but is a field in itself and can be studied to pursue a career? Well, a statistician is one of the most desired job roles in 2021 its is one of the most rapidly growing jobs in the US as well as the UK. But why? What makes this subject so important? What are the basic applications of statistics that make this subject one of the most promising careers? Well to understand all of these things, we are going to have to take a deeper dive into the subject and understand every aspect of it. From what statistics as to why it should be studied and how you can apply the concepts.

First things first let us understand what is statistics? As suggested by the mathematicians, the study and analysis of numbers and data that helps in understanding any pattern help you fetch an outcome by calculating current factors or data. It is a mixture of science and mathematics as concepts from both of these are used while inferring information by analyzing the data available. All in all, you can say that when you want to predict a behavior you must know how to assess the pre-existing information, and that is known as the study of statistics.

To understand more about the subject, let's take a look at some of the key principles of statistics and what are the things that help a person informing statistical thinking.

Understanding the Basic Principles of Statistics

There are some basic rules and principles that are available in every subject and are necessary to be understood by the students to score well. But as they say, every subject is not only limited to scoring masks. Some help a student to have a career and statistics is one of them. The basic principle behind studying statistics is simple. You must know how to study data, how to organize data, and how to collect data. There are certain fundamental tasks that you have to complete to initiate your statistical study.

The principal tasks of study of statistics are -

  • Data collection methods - To study statistics, you need to know the data collection method.If you will ask anyone, be it your teacher, friend or an expert from assignment help Cardiff they will always tell you that every single aspect of the data should be clear to you. Also, keep in mind that if you have data from a source that is not reliable or the approach of data collection is not up to the mark, then your study might become inadmissible. There are various data collection methods that you need to familiarize yourself with.
  • Graphical displays - Another basic requirement of the study of statistics is the ability to understand and create graphical displays of data. Graphs, charts, trees, etc. Is considered to be the graphical representation of data. The stats that you usually use are ready to be displayed graphically as they are either based on a particular period or are related to the incline or decline of any rate. In all cases, you must know how to graphically represent the data.
  • Probability calculations - Another factor that makes the study of statistics more fascinating is probability calculations. You might agree with the notion that statistics is the data that can be used to calculate the growth or outcome of any particular decision. It is an important aspect of decision-making in many businesses and organizations and thus, it is basic to know probability calculations. 
  • Relationship between variables - Multiple variables is used in place of unidentified data so that you can derive its original value after carrying out statistical calculations. One of the most basic tasks to complete while working with statistics is finding out the relations between different variables and how you can work with them. This also enhances a person's statistical thinking skillswhich is one of the most advanced application of statistics.
  • Statistical procedure - The procedure of calculating statistical data or representing stats in such a manner that it could be understood by any individual is the statistical procedure. For every type of data that you are dealing with, there is a specific procedure that you need to carry out. This procedure is not only important but a necessity to understand.

When you understand all these basic tasks to be carried out, you are familiarized with the basic principle of statistics and statistical thinking and do not require homework help for the subject. These concepts tell a lot about the subject and can also be helpful for you if you want to develop statistical thinking. What's that you ask? Well, read the next section to understand the concept of statistical thinking and why it is an important concept.

What Is the Role and Importance of Statistical Thinking?

Now that you are familiar with the basic principles of statistics, it is now time to understand the importance of statistical thinking. Though everyone at some point in their lives has thought statistically, it is important to analyze the degree of that thinking. For instance, have you ever thought about the milage of your motorbike for 1-liter gas? It is obvious that you have if you ride a bike. Now think about the times when you calculated the requirement of gas to cover a particular distance and the amount that it is going to cost you throughout the journey. These are some basic questions that a normal person thinks and believe it or not, that is what statistical thinking means. Being a student of statistics, you need to understand that statistical thinking is an important application of statistics for the analysis of data. The basic principle of statistical thinking is -

  • Everything that happens, falls in an interconnected process. This means that every single thing that takes place is interconnected to some other process related to the same data and hence, everything can be analyzed based on the data.
  • In every single process, there is always a scope for variation. You have to be flexible to understand that there can never be the same process. There are multiple factors and that affect a single process and that is why there is always a scope of variation in the outcomes.
  • And, the most important principle of statistical thinking is you need to acknowledge the variations and try to reduce them. The more is the difference, the higher is the degree of inaccuracy whereas the lesser is the difference the accuracy is your analysis.

These 3 principles when applied in real life can do wonders for any person. Statistical thinking helps an individual to analyze everyday issues and overcome them. Statistical thinking is an important asset for today's generation as it helps them break down the complex issues of the world and solve them with a more practical approach. A person needs to develop this skill as it can be a game-changer for any individual.

There are so many applications of statistics that it can turn into a great career for any individual. No Doubt that studying statistics can be crucial for a student at his early age. There are a lot of reasons that make statistics the study of today. Don't agree? Read the next section and learn about some of the important reasons for studying statistics.

What are Three Important Reasons for Studying Statistics?

There are a lot of students who often feel " why should I study statistics?" Well, in the beginning, the subject seems unnecessary as there are concepts of man mode median that a student usually doesn't pay attention to. It's like maths, a lot of students feel where will they apply the concept of A+B in their lives but then again it is important to understand them. If you feel that the subject is not of any use for your field then you might be wrong. Here are the 3 most important reasons for studying statistics -

  1. It Helps You Improve Your Analytical & Critical Thinking-

    Where there are numbers involved, you need to be able to analyze them efficiently. When you study statistics, it trains your mind to think like an analyzer that starts manipulating and calculating the outcomes of the occurring events. Believe it or not, critical thinking and analytical skills are the most important skills that one needs to develop if one wants to pursue a career that involves numbers and any sort of decision-making. Most students of sciences and mathematics have to deal with the subjects however, students who want to go into managerial fields are also required to take care of the subject and study it accordingly as their career involves great chink of decision making and other applications of statistics.
  1. It Enhances Your Ability to Conduct Research-

    For every document that you have to write, you need to conduct research and if you have knowledge about statistics, you will never get stuck while dealing with data. The data collection methods and the methods of managing and handling data are some important concepts that can help you out with your research. Also note that when you refer to old reports, journals, and other collected data, you will not be able to understand the range and valuation of data until & unless you are familiar with such basic application of statistics. There might be a contradiction in your mind about why you have to study statistics if you do not have plans of conducting any sort of research. Well, you never know, there are times when you take decisions of continuing your studies and opt for masters or doctoral programs. In that case, it will be too late for you to start studying statistics if you don't do it now.
  1. It Assists You Create an Engaging Statistical Representation-

    Another important aspect of studying statistics is the ability to represent the data that you have collected. It is no rocket science that your representation of collected data matters the most when you are trying to explain research or study to a layman. Also, statistics help you learn new and innovative ways of storing and representing data which makes it more interesting for the reader to understand the study. When you study statistics, everything that you do becomes more polished and organized as you have a lot of experience in dealing with reports and researches.

Other than these three reasons, there are a lot of hidden perks that you get when you study statistics thoroughly. The biggest of them can be considered as the applications that it provides you with. The application of statistics enable a student to apply the concepts that they have learned in their real life and make their lives easier. Want to know some interesting applications of statistics? Let's find out about a few of them in the next section!

Where Can Statistics be Applied? Interesting Applications of Statistics!

After reading about what is statistics, why you should study it, and how it can be helpful for you, it's time to take a look at some of the most essential applications of statistics that makes the subject more important for a student in their academics as well as real life. If you are already a student of statistics, you will not deny the fact that statistics can be applied in almost every field of life provided, you are familiar with the concepts. Let's not waste any more time and jump straight into the applications of statistics.

Application of statistics-

  1. Application of Statistics in Real Life - Believe it or not, statistics and statistical thinking are an integral part of our daily lives. Everything from predicting the weather forecast to analyzing someone's loan application, statistics are required to be applied. Did you know that even political parties require statisticians in their team? Well, the data that can be collected from people and then according to their requirements the agendas are established. There are a lot of applications of statisticsthat are currently being used in the market and the biggest example of that is the term prediction. Whenever you are met with some circumstances that you have previously experienced, you tend to look at it as the reference point and then analyze those stats to predict what will happen if you take any step. This entire process is also an application of statistics as the basic definition of statistical thinking refers to " the process of thinking according to the available data and forming on opinion based on the same."
  1. Application of Statistics in Artificial Intelligence- You might be familiar with the concepts of AI and how it is taking over the entire mankind. Everything that you see automated is the outcome of applying concepts of artificial intelligence and the application of statistics has found its way straight into the technology. Artificial intelligence uses a huge amount of data that it processes and analyzes human behavior to make things automated according to the requirements of the user. For instance, the biggest example of this can be YouTube's recommended section. When you watch a video or show interest in any sort of genre of the content you get recommendations related to the videos as well as genre. Those recommendations that you get are not just according to your preference. There are millions of people who use YouTube and the artificial intelligence algorithm pushes or as they like to call it "recommend" you with the type of videos that these users watched after that particular video. That is how the algorithm uses statistics to analyze and predict the user's next move.
  1. Application of Statistics in the Medical Field - Medicinal studies and the medical field is full of statistics. When a medical formula is prepared to cure any disease, there is a lot of data involved behind it. The stats from previous studies, the data collected in new research, and the overall data about the efficiency of the elements used in preparing the final product. There are always fields of medical science in which scholars keep researching. Sometimes these researches are fruitful, sometimes they are not however in all the cases the data collected from these studies is no less than gold! Did you know that there is a specific unit of scholars and doctors who are continuously studying your symptoms to understand whether it is just a normal cold and flu or a pandemic that one should be aware of?

All in all, the study of statistics has found its applications in almost every other field. If you want to find out more about the advanced application of statistics then you can go through the samples section of our website. It is pretty obvious to understand that statistics is a really important subject from both, a student's perspective as well as a society's perspective. And not to forget the immense opportunities that it has to offer for all the students who are studying the subject.

Writing a Statistics Dissertation? Analyze Your Chances Before You Submit!

By now, you might have understood everything about applications of statistics and how you can develop statistical thinking that can be helpful in your day-to-day life. If you are a student who is looking for statistics dissertation help then do not stress over it as we at Global Assignment Help can assist you with your documents. With this blog, you might have got a clear idea about the important factors related to statistics and statistical thinking. All of these principles, applications, and strategies are required to be included in your document if you want to score well in your dissertation. If you have been assigned to complete the document and you feel uncertain about whether you will be able to complete it or not, then don't worry as our expert writers and researchers can help you without you having to lift a finger.

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