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51+ Exciting and Thought-Evoking Debate Topics

13 Apr 2021 1766 11 minutes
51+ Debate Topics

51+ Exciting and Thought-Evoking Debate Topics

Are you a middle or high school student? Are you seeking help for the debate topics and ideas? If yes, then you are at the right place! Selecting a topic for debate can be a tricky process. Students usually get confused when they search for the topics and get so many options on Google. Some students want the latest topics, some want controversial, but mostly they search for impromptu topics so that they can complete their debate preparation just after selecting a topic. It's funny, but to let them know the reality; some topics are simple to understand, some are not, but for sure, every topic requires time to get prepared.

To help those students who are struggling to find their debate topics, this blog will work as a sign of relief.

Free Debate Ideas: 51+ Topics for 2021

This blog contains 51+ different types of debate topics for students to work on. The topics are:-

Interesting Debate Topics

  • Give your opinion about abolishing the death penalty.
  • Is it correct to have an abortion in the early stage of pregnancy?
  • Give your opinion on the legalization of Marijuana is a good idea.
  • Banning plastic beg is a good idea of government or not?
  • Discuss the role of organic farming in the agriculture future.
  • Discuss animal export is ethical or not.
  • Effect of tourism on the environment.
  • Is it a good thing parent is deciding for their children which field he/she will pursue?
  • Is it a good thing that gay parents are adopting a child? Give your opinion.
  • The role of parent's support in the success of children. Pros & Cons.
  • Give your opinion artificial intelligence is dangerous or not.

These are some really interesting debate topics for students who are seeking it.

Impromptu Debate Topics

  • Poor health begins in mind. Yes or No.
  • Is it true team efforts make strong individuals?
  • Give your opinion regarding real learning in the classroom. Is it true or not?
  • Lying is a good idea or not.
  • Do violent games affect the child's mentality and make him violent?
  • Climate change is a natural occurrence. True or False?
  • Reading fictional books is a waste of time. Explain your opinion.
  • Life on Mars is essential for humans or not.
  • Discuss- The real value of a person can be measured in terms of money?
  • Vegetables are healthier than meat? Give your opinion.

These are some easy impromptu debate topics for students.

Controversial Debate topics [2021]

  • Can humans rely on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins?
  • Give your opinion MBA is producing good management leaders or not?
  • Do men silently suffer in this modern world?
  • Technology is raising the unemployment rate. True or False.
  • Stray animals should be killed or not? Discuss.
  • Is cricket is an over-rated sport in India?
  • Did a face mask really save human life from COVID-19?
  • How lockdown affected the global economy?
  • Explain the effects of the US-Mexico border wall.
  • Discus bullet for a bullet is a right policy to make or not?
  • Government should legalize gambling or not?

In this part, you get 11, 2021 controversial topics

Middle School Debate Topics

  • Sports are an essential part of student life. Yes or No.
  • Junk food is not for middle school students. Explain your point.
  • The use of energy drinks in sports meet should be banned.
  • Pros and cons of social media in the life of middle school students.
  • Why children need privacy?
  • Taking participation in school curricular should become a must for all students. Yes or No.
  • Importance of reading in middle school student's life.
  • Why should gadgets be banned in school?
  • There should be school uniforms students or not?
  • Why should children not be allowed to play violent video games?
  • Is punishment is necessary for middle school students?

High School Debate Topics

  • The manufacturing of nuclear weapons should be permitted or not?
  • The government needs to provide internet service to every citizen. Yes or No.
  • The citizens who avoid voting should be charged with a penalty.
  • The cruel treatment of animals should be termed a crime. Correct or Not?
  • Is it true single-gender schools are better for learning?
  • History Subject is important for students or not.
  • The theory of creation should be taught in high schools or not?
  • Give your opinion regarding a year-round education system.
  • Celebrities should be good role models. True or False.
  • People should be fined for not recycling their waste.
  • Mixed martial arts should be banned in high schools.
  • These are some middle-high school topics for secondary students.

Answers to the Most Asked Questions of Students

  1. What are some interesting debate topics?
  • Students who are searching for interesting topics & ideas for debate can select their topic from this blog. This blog contains 51+ ideas regarding interesting and thoughtful topics. Students who still want further help in this or wish to seek the best essay writing service can take assistance from our expert's Global Assignment Help.
  • How do select the best topics for students?

Tips to select the best topic for debate:-

  1. Make sure you choose a debatable topic.
  2. Pick a topic from your field of interest.
  3. It should be argumentative.
  4. Make sure it doesn't give any religious reference.
  5. Make a list of topics and choose the best from them.

What are the most controversial topics in 2021?

You can find some good controversial and latest topics in this blog. This blog contains various topics, but if you are seeking some more controversial topics, then here are they:-

ShouldHomosexuality be legalized or not?

  • Which parenting style is more good? Eastern or Western.
  • Should Chinese products be banned all over the world?
  • Impact of Donald Trump'spresidency on all over the world.
  • Is it possible to achieve world peace in this modern era?

What are some Latest Topics for the Seminar?

  • Barrel Shifter
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Type of Budgets
  • Dessert Coolers
  • Stress Ribbon Bridge
  • Plasma Antenna
  • Replacement of Cement by Ash
  • Floating Windmills
  • Injection Moulding
  • Digital Notice Board

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