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Step-by-Step Guide for Writing an Article Review [2021 Edition]

09 Jan 2021 966 12 minutes
Article Review

Step-by-Step Guide for Writing an Article Review [2021 Edition]

What Is an Article Review?

An article review is about summarizing an article with an updated understanding of a topic. The writer chooses a previously published article and surveys around it instead of narrating new facts or analysis. It is important to perform deep research to find accurate arguments. An article review can be a literature review or a critical review. Lengthy documents come under the literature review, and a particular book or article comes under critical review. There are a specific format and guide that everyone is required to follow while writing an article review. Many students wonder- why the article review is important? How is it useful? Well, below is the answer to your query.

Importance of Article Review

The article review is necessary as:

  • It replaces all the terms that were unclear in the past. Maybe the previous writing had some inappropriate phrases or unclear facts that you can change now according to your requirement.
  • It simplifies the questions and clarifies the various doubts regarding them. 
  • It is helpful to know the already-raised issues and write something upgraded from the previous person's views and perspectives. It helps the author to come out of the personal biases after they read the review. 
  • The article review helps in improving grammar knowledge and also raises the sense of choosing between right and wrong. 
  • The review includes suggestions and comments regarding the article, which encourages the author to perform better the next time.

As of now, you know the value of writing an article review. Now, let's move on to crafting it. But how to start? Where to find the structure? The answer is simple - the examples. Yes, look at some of the previously written samples of the article review. It will benefit you the most. Want to know how? Below are the various benefits.

How Can Review Examples Benefit You?

There is a great saying that you should learn from other's mistakes. This means that over-viewing the other's writing examples will stop you from repeating the same mistakes in your writing. You will lose nothing but learn a lot from other's review writings.

The benefits of reviewing examples are as follows:

  • It is helpful as you can easily know about the significant advancements and findings in the specific field of study. 
  • It helps in discovering the important people working in a specific field.
  • It helps in finding solutions for the recognized gaps in other research. 
  • These can be useful to present debates for references. 
  • These examples can help to generate some good ideas for the next research in the field. 
  • These examples can make the learner an expert in a specific area of study.  

Hope you understand the importance of checking some examples or samples of other's writing. After going through some examples, now it's time to find some article review topics from which you can select the one that interests you.

Here is a list of trendy topics for the article review in 2021 that may interest you. 

Trendy Topics of Article Review in 2021

20 Article review topics that may help you in choosing a trendy and interesting one for you.

  • Autism
  • Racism
  • Recycling 
  • Ethnic music
  • Global warming
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Alternative medicine
  • Multicultural families
  • Gun violence in the USA
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Illegal immigration in the USA
  • Use of drugs in professional sports
  • The importance of sport for students
  • Obesity and its negative effects on health
  • Causes and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Tendencies of street art in the selected country
  • Roles and change of the genders in the modern world
  • Differences between the communication of males and females
  • Illegal drugs and substances causing a negative effect on the health

You can choose one topic according to your interest in writing. After choosing the topic, it is important to know the outline you should maintain while writing an article. Here is the format followed by the expert, which you may find helpful.

Outline of the Article Review

It is mandatory to maintain a perfect article review format while writing. Here are the various sections you should maintain.

Start with the introduction section, which includes objective, background, journal, classification, and a brief summary.

The analysis including additional ones

  • Results & Conclusion
  • Contributions
  • Foundation
  • Synthesis with concepts
  • General critique
  • Issues (as listed by the author)
  • Issues (as per your opinion)
  • Relevance/impact
  • Questions
  • Annotated bibliography

Now following the above outline, write your article review. Moreover, a complete step-by-step guide is mentioned below.

Steps to Write an Article Review

Here's a step-by-step guide for writing an effective article review. These steps are suggested by the experts of Global Assignment Help, who provide writing services for various academic disciplines.

Follow the steps and complete your writing perfectly. 

Start Drafting the Article Review

Start with writing a citation at the top page, using the style imposed by the instructor. 

Step 1: Create an Impressive Title 

Prepare a title that is descriptive, declarative, or interrogative to attract the readers. Focus on the topic of the article that you want to review. 

Step 2: Do the Citation for the Article

Next is writing the citation of the article. Draft it next to the title by using the MLA writing style.

Step 3: Write the Identification Section.

State the title of the article, author's name, & other information like year of publication, the title of the journal, to name a few.

Step 4: Write the Introduction.

Start writing with an identification sentence. In the introduction section, mention the central theme of the article, along with the claims and arguments of the author in the article review.

Here are some tips for writing the introduction section:

  • The evidencing nature of the research is not obvious. That's why it is mandatory that you draft the content by yourself. You may find some arguments as multiple choice.
  • Don't use the first person statement in writing. 
  • Write the review in the third person's impression using the formal academic style.
  • You can end by addressing the various issues making it more argumentative compared to the previous one.

Step 5: Now Come to the Summary of the Article

Use your own words while writing the various important points, arguments, and findings in the review. Your conclusion should show support to the claims in the article.

Here are some tips for writing the summary section:

  • Maintain the length of the summary, according to the instructions of the publisher or your mentor.
  • You should use the examples, statistics, or background information that is familiar with the experts of the field.
  • Mention all the important points here from every section. 
  • You can use some definite quotes from the author moderately.
  • You should reread the summary several times to make it accurate by removing the mistakes. 

Step 6: Writing the Critique Part

Here are the helpful points to write the critique part:

  • Draft your opinion towards the author and their way of addressing the topic.
  • Point out the useful and thorough facts you found in the article that relates to the subject.
  • Write about the contribution and importance of the author's article in the field.
  • Determine your arguments and central points in the review.
  • Give your opinions that how much do you agree with the writer including a genuine reason.
  • Write about the types of audience that can be benefited from your review.

Step 7: Write the Conclusion of the Article Review

The conclusion should be a short brief of the review. Summarize the various facts, arguments, and result in this section. Write about the relevant implications, clarifications, accuracy, and significance of the article.

Step 8: Proofread the Entire Article Review

Check all the grammar, mechanics, & other mistakes, and correct them. Remove every information that seems unnecessary. 

Hope with this guide; you will come up with the best article review. But, if you still have any confusion or doubt about writing an article review or research paper, don't hesitate to ask for help from the experts of Global Assignment Help.

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