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  • BA4F04 Managing Financial Resources Level 4 Business Management
    • Course Code: BA4F04
    • Course Title: BA4F04 Managing Financial Resources Level 4 Business Management
    • University: Walden University
    • Country: UK

    Assume you are the finance officer working for Metro Products Ltd, a British manufacturing company that supplies auto accessories and mechanical security products to UK retail outlets including Halford, Argos, A1 Motor stores and Motorworld outlets. He has set you several very important tasks to...ReadMore

    2000 Referencing Style : Harvard
  • Managing Finance
    • Course Code: FINA6000
    • Course Title: Managing Finance
    • University: James Cook University
    • Country: Australia

    Context: The Case Analysis assesses students’ understanding of capital raising by Australian companies through an initial public offering (IPO) and its impact on firm’s performance. The focus is on the four puzzles identified in academic literature concerning IPOs: Costs...ReadMore

    Referencing Style :
    Tag : Finance
  • Explain The IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements

    For your financial assignment, explain the IAS 1 Presentation of financial statements and IASB's disclosure initiative. Also, list the significance of each of the statements that you are given. Do not miss to mention the resources in the correct citation style

    Referencing Style : Harvard
  • What Challenges Are Faced At Initial Stage Of a Business

    Mr. John decides to start his own business. His business is in the initial stage of setting up. He is struggling with managing the investments and funds. For your finance assignment write a detailed study, identifying the sources of finance available to him to investment in the business....ReadMore

    Referencing Style : APA
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