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Unit 5 International Development Level 5 CBC College

Type: Management Pages: 4
  • Course Code: BUSS5387
  • Course Title: Unit 5 International Development Level 5 CBC College
  • University: CBC College
  • Country: UK

Globalisation is all around us. We see it, hear about it, and experience it in our place of work, in our homes, in the products we buy, and in the decisions that shape our lives. It is a term that we have all heard of, on television, radio, websites, and blogs. We also read about it in the press and we may even discuss it with friends and family. As university students, whatever subject you are studying, globalisation appears in articles, books and on the internet. It is a term that has entered our vocabulary and our thinking in recent decades and is, yet very few people have any informed idea of what it is and how it works.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess factors and processes that are part of, or contribute to, globalisation.
  • Critically analyse aspects of globalisation, particularly from the perspective of International Political Economy (IPE).
  • Demonstrate the relevance of globalisation to business in general or some specific aspect of business.
  • Critically evaluate material produced by authors on globalisation and IPE.
  • Assess some of the implications of global processes for human development and progress.

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