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MDA10008: Global Media Industries, Assignment 2: Media and communication adaptation

Type: Management Pages: 1
  • Course Code: MDA10008
  • Course Title: MDA10008: Global Media Industries, Assignment 2: Media and communication adaptation
  • University: Nelson college london
  • Country: UK

Scenario 1

Imagine you are a media agency with a global client who wishes to advertise their product in the local market. Before any media product can be released, you must research the social, cultural and political context of the content for the local market. The aim of this project is to explore the cultural considerations that need to be factored when dealing with global media products.

This project assesses the following unit learning outcomes:

  • Analyze global trends and local contexts in various media industries.
  • Conceptualize global media industries by defining key terms, explaining key theories, and using examples of industry cases.

Scenario 2

For this project, you will develop a 1200-word adaptation document. To do this, use the following points to guide you:

Select ONE advertisement from the Project resource: Adaptation advertisements for a product in one country, and consider how it could be changed to cater to the cultural norms of its new target market.

Begin your research into the culture of the target market by using the Additional resources below, along with the learning materials from Weeks 1-5.

Part A: Prepare a 600-word memo to the creative team recommending changes to at least four (4) distinct elements of the advertisement. For each element you will need to identify:

  • What should be changed.
  • Why it should be changed.
  • How it should be changed.

Part B: Explain in 600 words, the justifications to your recommendations using Cultural Schema Theory and Communications Accommodation Theory.
For this part you will need to describe how the theories explain cultural difference, and use them to justify choices you have made. You should dedicate approximately 300 words to each theory.

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