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Get to Know About Importance of Performance Appraisal in an Organization

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A Human Resource manager plays a vital role in retaining good employees. And, the best way to do so is by performance appraisal. Reviewing the performance of the workers regularly makes them feel valued and motivated.

The above context has been extracted from a business magazine. Highlighting the importance of employee appraisal is the theme of your assignment. Below are some of the questions that your HR assignment must answer:

  1.  Why is it important to review the performance of the employees regularly?
  2.  What is the role of HR in performance analysis?
  3.  How performance review helps an organization?

 Below are the guidelines of the paper:

  • Word limit is 1000+ words
  • Use diagrams/charts wherever necessary
  • Follow APA referencing style
  • Deadline of the project is last Monday of the month
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